Charcoal making machine should have the performance and stability of the whole machine application

Let us first understand the components of the mechanism charcoal making machine. First of all, we must understand that it is not a piece of equipment, it is a general term for a set of equipment, including several production processes such as rod making, drying, and carbonization. In the rod making process, the core components of the rod machine are the propeller and the forming sleeve, as well as the motor, the casting shell, and the bearing. The quality of each of these core components directly affects the efficiency of the rod forming machine. It is very important to master the moisture of the drying materials and to properly dry in the drying process. The core of the carbonization process is the mastery of temperature, that is, the control of the charcoal heat and the control of the finished rod cooling. Do not underestimate these three host devices, any one of the problems will directly affect the next operation, so each device should be qualified.

Mechanism Charcoal making Machine A qualified mechanism charcoal making machine equipment should have the performance and stability of the whole machine application, and secondly, the customer can truly bring profits to the customer when using it. There are many kinds of charcoal production lines, the different carbonization equipment needs different configurations, and the production process is different. Shuliy mechanical station considers the problem in the customer’s profit, so a good configuration can make a good process. Produce more profits.

Shuliy Machinery will strictly select and configure the customers who choose the charcoal production line, and * limit to ensure better and more environmentally friendly work in the entire charcoal production process. We will provide you with a high-quality mechanism for charcoal equipment, and we will also carefully match your configuration. Welcome to consult.
The mechanism charcoal making machine is named after the carbon material. We know that the raw materials used in the sawdust crusher are the remaining sawdust waste in the production process of wood and board manufacturers. These sawdust wastes can be used as charcoal to obtain charcoal density. Mechanism charcoal with high carbon content and long burning time.

The mechanism of finished carbon has a very broad market space. Moreover, the mechanical carbon produced by the mechanism charcoal making machine has higher quality, and has the following characteristics: smokeless, odorless, non-polluting, no residue, burning time is three times that of ordinary charcoal, and the carbon content is as high as 85% or more. It is especially suitable for the food industry night market barbecue, barbecue. Shop and so on.

The production mechanism charcoal is generally four steps:
1. The pulverization-stalk pulverizer pulverizes the raw material into 3-5 mm granules.
2. Drying – The granules after pulverization are dried by a dryer, and the material does not exceed 12% of moisture.
3, the rod – the material after crushing and drying is produced.
4, after entering the carbonization, cooling, and packaging, it becomes the finished charcoal. The sawdust mechanism charcoal making machine will make it easy to smash when using sawdust as raw material.

However, even the best raw materials must also master carbon-making technology. In the process of carbon-making, it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, otherwise, it can not produce high-quality charcoal.

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Production process of charcoal making machine

1. Crushing through a wood crusher

The quality and quality of crushing is an important step to measure the quality of the charcoal produced. After repeated testing and experiment by the British mechanical experts, it is better to crush the raw materials of the small-scale charcoal machine equipment to less than 3 mm. Full smashing, it is recommended to use 2 times of pulverization or 3 times of pulverization. Shuliy mechanical pulverizer blade adopts manganese steel alloy carbon addition blade, which has stable working performance and high pulverization efficiency.

2, dry – fast drying in the case of dryness

Only when the raw materials are dried to a moisture content of 6% to 12%, is the precondition for producing good quality charcoal. Usually, the dryer is used to complete the drying. The drying speed of the dryer is recommended by our recommended configuration. It can reach a speed of 0.6 tons per hour, the temperature control is accurate, it can be adjusted at 190-300 degrees, and the fuel can be used in the drying process, and the dryer saves raw materials.

3, briquette

After pulverization and drying, it enters the key steps of charcoal manufacturing. After this step, charcoal can be produced, usually by sawdust briquette machine. At the same time, sawdust briquette machine is also key equipment in the charcoal production line, Shuliy There are many types of rod making machines, and there are high-quality 50-type rod making machines. The quality is good, the rod making speed is fast, and the forming efficiency is high.

4, carbonization

After the rod forming machine is formed, it can only become mechanism charcoal after carbonization in the carbonization furnace. This step is very important. It is difficult for the operator to control the temperature. Therefore, it must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations and be proficient.

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Sawdust rotary dryer machine for sale

The sawdust rotary dryer machine refers to the powdered wet sawdust, which is continuously added to the drying pipe by a screw conveyor. In the transportation and dispersion of the high-speed hot gas stream, the water in the wet material is evaporated to obtain a powdery or granular dry product. It is mainly composed of direct-fired hot blast stove, feeder, airflow drying pipe, cyclone separator, air locker, and induced draft fan.

Sawdust rotary dryer machine: including hot blast stove, feed inlet, rotating cylinder, filter cartridge, material conveying pipe, cooling cylinder and discharge port, the rotating cylinder is located on the active roller, and the active roller drives the rotating cylinder to rotate at a low speed by the motor and the reduction drive There is a feeding port between the heating furnace and the rotating cylinder, and the rotating barrel is provided with a stir-fry blade, and a baffle is arranged at the connection between the rotating cylinder and the filter cylinder 4, and a small hole is opened in the baffle, and one end of the filter cylinder is The rotating cylinder is connected, and the other end is connected with the material conveying pipe. The filter cylinder is provided with a stopper. The bottom of the filter cylinder is provided with a slag discharging hole. One end of the cooling cylinder is connected to the material conveying pipe through a blower, and the other end is connected to the discharging port.

Due to the above structure, the sawdust can be fully dried in the rotating cylinder, and the sawdust is fully dispersed again before entering the material conveying pipe so that the water evaporates quickly, and the stopper can block the impurities in the sawdust to ensure the sawdust entering the material conveying pipe. the quality of. The wood chips enter the wood chip dryer and the spray pipe and the rotary cylinder work together. The material is boiled and fluidized in the cylinder, and the hot air and the material are fully contacted to complete the drying.
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The hope of small peanut shell charcoal making machine equipment is just around the corner

Wealth is the tail of hard work. As long as you go forward, you will come quietly to your side. In this diverse society, many people are planning for their future. Entrepreneurship is also the choice of many people. Everyone wants to change themselves. The county magistrate, changing his life, facing entrepreneurship, must have a tenacious spirit, choose the right industry, hope is in sight.

Small peanut shell charcoal making machine equipment production mechanism charcoal material rich and low price: rural rice husk, peanut shell, fruit shell, cotton rod, soybean stick, sesame rod, corn stalk, corn cob core; furniture factory, wood factory, bamboo factory Sawdust, shavings, bamboo wood corner scrap; plywood factory, dust and scrap of fine wood board factory; sugar cane bagasse of sugar mill; mountain grass, twigs, etc. can be used as material for producing charcoal. Small peanut shell charcoal making machine equipment has many kinds of charcoal materials, such as thrown straw, wood chips, branches, and leaves, so that the bark bark is also completely capable of making charcoal. However, it cannot be produced directly, that is to say, only bark is not feasible. Due to the process of forming charcoal, wood fiber is needed, and the bark does not have wood fiber. The content of charcoal in the bark has arrived at the mechanism. The standard of charcoal, but no wood fiber, so the pointed mechanism will be very slack, and it is extremely difficult to form after carbonization. This is not the case when a factory with many bark materials is used. Short wood fiber is completely compensated. Just need to participate in the right amount of wood chips to form smoothly.

There are many materials for small peanut shell charcoal making machines, and some may not produce charcoal directly. Some other things need to be added to assist. From the overall situation, eucalyptus bark can be used for charcoal, so users who invest in small peanut shell charcoal making machine equipment can boldly carry out this intention. The carbonization tank material (such as mechanism rod, log, bark, coconut shell) is heated and carbonized. The flue gas that occurs during the carbonization process is completely recovered, and then the combustion of the combustible gas is re-burned by spraying, cooling, purifying and the like. According to this method, the self-inflicted flammable gas is burned and self-contained, and the effect of energy saving is reached. The smokeless gas is discharged in the whole process of production and reaches the national environmental protection needs.

The development of small peanut shell charcoal making machine equipment has been a development model of energy saving, environmental protection, and high-efficiency manufacturing. It is a typical representative in the machinery industry, and it has also brought profits to many manufacturers. There are competitions in the industry to make progress. Currently many industries There is competition in the market. Under such circumstances, manufacturers can only stabilize their position in the market by continuously innovating and developing better products.

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Small twig charcoal briquette machine equipment breaks through the market with innovative technology

In recent years, China has been vigorously promoting environmental protection and economic undertakings in all aspects. Under the development of the market in the future, the development and production of environmental protection equipment will be quickly integrated into the market. Shuliy Machinery has always used product quality as its requirement and professional technology.

The small-branched charcoal briquette machine becomes more efficient, reduces energy consumption, and can be stabilized in the production process. The charcoal produced by the small-density charcoal briquette machine has high-quality charcoal without pollution, and the ecological environment is also very good. Protection, mechanism charcoal can not only protect the environment but also promote the rapid development of social economy, so the state strongly supports the industry of small-twig charcoal briquette machine

The small-branched charcoal briquette machine adopts high-precision production technology to rotate the whole cylinder for production. It can accurately adjust various technical parameters. The machine adopts high-precision roller and cylinder type drum. The rotary technology can eliminate the friction generated in the machine production to the maximum extent, eliminate the error eliminated when the whole machine is rotated, and improve the production technology of the internal space, lifting plate, raft, etc. Research and development provide precision production advantages such as production and processing.

The selection of the whole small-twig charcoal briquette machine is very important. The key is to reasonably match the equipment. For different types of charcoal, such as powder particle size, moisture content, processing capacity, comprehensive consideration should be made to select suitable small-wood charcoal pressure. The block machine uses the functions of the entire device just right, to save money and reduce overall production costs.

Small twig charcoal briquette machine features:

1. In order to make the finished charcoal briquette machine process finished charcoal faster and more efficient, the whole equipment adopts rotary drying technology and sealing device.

2, the cylinder of different specifications and length, the number of the design of the lifting plate and the angle welding method are also different in form, according to different products in different occasions.

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What are the advantages of charcoal produced by charcoal briquette machine?

Charcoal briquette machine is professional equipment for the production of charcoal. It is also an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment that is continuously supported and supported by China. The charcoal produced by it has been recognized and selected by the market, and the sales volume is also constantly increasing. Then the charcoal coal briquette machine What is the characteristics and development of charcoal produced?

The main characteristics of charcoal: high density, high calorific value, smokeless, odorless, non-polluting, non-explosive, flammable, is an internationally recognized green environmental protection product. The quality index of charcoal is: carbon content >85%, calorific value >8 thousand kcal, ash content <5%, volatile content <15%, moisture <4%, no impurities, the smokeless and odorless time when burning>3 Hours, carbon outer diameter 37-40mm intermediate aperture <15mm.

The original charcoal, also known as charcoal, is obtained by burning the stems, stems or roots of various trees in a charcoal kiln. Because of the difference in the size and moisture content of the original material, the quality of the solid material is not stable, and the crop straw is used. The fuel rods produced by the sawdust have different calorific values. As usual, the calorific value of the straw fuel rods is less than one-fourth less than the calorific value of the sawdust fuel rods. Therefore, the straw fuel rods are not suitable for further deep processing. – Carbonization.

In the industry, charcoal can be used to smelt high-quality non-ferrous metals and cast iron; as a carburizing agent for machine parts, to improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel parts; to form explosives with potassium nitrate and sulfur; As a solid lubricant, this is very difficult to use the rotating parts that can not use the lubricating oil, as a graphite electrode; after the activated carbon, the application will become more and more, in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other aspects have applications. For example, purification of chemical agents, purification of drinking water and atmospheric harmful substances, gas masks, etc.; charcoal made from corn stalks and rice straw fuel rods, the iodine content reaches 500mg/g, close to the industrial activated carbon index, used for pollution management, Greatly low cost.

In agriculture, charcoal can improve temperature. After applying charcoal powder in the soil, the black carbon energy can absorb solar heat energy, which can raise the soil temperature by several degrees Celsius and promote seed germination. In addition, it can promote the germination of seeds that are not easy to germinate, and improve the rate of germination. After the charcoal powder is applied to the soil, the root can be naturally grown on the charcoal appearance, thus forming an agricultural soil suitable for plant cultivation, and stopping the so-called “stationary stagnation”; and the growth, brilliance, and taste of charcoal on grains, beans and vegetables. There are improvements.

When the relative humidity is more than 50%, the charcoal can absorb about 20% of the water and can be used to connect the soil moisture. At the same time, it can improve the permeability and drainage of the soil, providing an excellent living space for the microorganisms beneficial to plants. Using the adsorption power of charcoal, the pesticide and organic fertilizer content are linked to a balanced state. The use of this balance can make pesticides or fertilizers release slowly, connect the time, and is not easy to lose with rain. In life, people often use charcoal for heating, grilling, and shabu-shabu. Because of its smokeless taste, high calorific value and long burning time, it is more and more popular.

There are countless holes in the charcoal. These holes have the effect of absorbing the total contents of the forest and releasing the adsorbed substances so that people use it as a dehumidifying agent. When wet, charcoal will absorb moisture, and during the dry time, it will release the most moisture, which will play a wonderful role in regulating humidity. In addition, charcoal can also eliminate the smell and harmful substances in the room. The porosity of charcoal can not only retain the water required by the roots of the plants but also improve the permeability and drainage of the soil, providing a good living space for the microbes that benefit the plants. Therefore, the planting of potting soil is mixed with 5 percent. The charcoal of 10 beans can provide healthy growth for plants, while the patio trees strengthen the ability to resist pests and diseases.

According to the above analysis, it can be seen that the charcoal produced by the charcoal briquette machine has more advantages than the traditional charcoal and coal resources, and it can make good use of the agricultural and forestry waste to produce charcoal, and the charcoal produced at the same time has a wide range of use, energy saving, and environmental protection. It also contributes a lot to China’s energy conservation and environmental protection.

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Operation of continuous carbonization furnace equipment

The continuous carbonization furnace equipment can realize the smokeless environmental carbonization, and it is equipped with a flue gas treatment system. When the carbonization is used, the flue gas is recycled and reused, so no flue gas is generated, so the continuous carbonization furnace equipment is obtained. Environmentally friendly production, favored by the majority of users.

The environmentally-friendly smokeless continuous carbonization furnace equipment is characterized in that carbonaceous wood materials such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, plant straws, and bark (particles having a volume of 15 mm or less) are subjected to dry distillation and oxygen-free carbonization under high-temperature conditions in the furnace. Ideal for high carbonization rates. The sawdust carbonization machine rationally adopts the advanced technology of recycling, purifying and circulating combustion of carbon gas, methane, oxygen and other gas bodies generated during the carbonization process. That is to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the thick smoke generated by the ordinary carbonization furnace in the carbonization project, and solve the thermal energy problem required by the equipment, fully self-sufficiency, improve the continuity and economy of the equipment, and fully utilize the surplus of agriculture and forestry Things, turning them into waste, alleviating the contradiction between the supply and demand of forestry resources in China, and contributing to the greening environment.

Continuous carbonization furnace equipment is also an environmentally-friendly renewable energy product machinery, mainly using sawdust, rice husks, bamboo chips, peanut skin, sunflower seed shells, sugar grains, wine residue, fruit shells, palm shells, pecan shells, etc. Use resources to make high-quality carbon powder through environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization. The advantages of this kind of carbon powder are high efficiency, clean and non-toxic, and good market sales. The raw material of the continuous carbonization furnace equipment can directly enter the carbonization machine to produce carbon powder, and does not need to be dried. It can also produce normal temperature carbon powder after cooling by water-cooled auger.

The combustible gas produced by the biomass feedstock during charring of the sawdust carbonization machine serves as a heat source for drying so that external energy is not required for drying. Compared with the traditional carbonization technology, the sawdust carbonization machine system overcomes its shortcomings. The sawing carbonization cost is low, the carbonization time is short, the operation is convenient and fast, the carbon quality is good, and there is no loss; the traditional brick kiln construction cost is high, and the gas leakage is solved. Seriously, it takes time and effort to install the kiln, the carbonization cycle is long, the loss is too large, the fire does not turn off, the trouble of relocation and so on!

The continuous carbonization furnace equipment is developed and manufactured for the maintenance of the province’s energy saving. The carbonization equipment will generate smoke during the production process, and our equipment is equipped with a flue gas recovery configuration during the planning, and the flue gas can be reached after receiving. It is dust-free and smoke-free at the time of production so that no gas is produced in all steps, and no pollution is caused. The smoke after receiving can be burned like liquefied gas for heating, cooking, and drying.

The above is the operation mode of the continuous carbonization furnace equipment to realize the smokeless environmental carbonization, which can well carbonize the biomass waste, improve the carbonization efficiency and effect of the continuous carbonization furnace equipment, and bring a better economy for itself. benefit.

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How to produce high quality mechanical charcoal by charcoal machine

Different industries have different requirements on the quality of charcoal, but for the charcoal plants, they prefer to use the charcoal making machine to produce mechanism charcoal of better quality compared with other charcoals. How to produce high-quality mechanical charcoal by charcoal machine?

If you want to use the charcoal making machine to produce high-quality mechanical charcoal, you should first know the factors that affect the quality of mechanism charcoal. The main factors that affect the quality of mechanism charcoal are mainly included: raw material, quality of charcoal machine and operation of the charcoal machine, who have a certain impact on working of the charcoal making machine.

Good mechanical charcoal is made of good materials, this raw material is very important, which can directly determine the quality of the finished products. Sawdust is an ideal raw material for making high-quality mechanical charcoal.

There is an old saying that good horse deserve good saddle, that means that to choose a qualified charcoal making machine is also very important, charcoal making machine invented and developed by Shuliy, is of easy operation, ideal output quality, if you choose the inferior charcoal making machine, the mechanical charcoal it produced will not only fail to achieve the requirements, but they may also make you waste a lot of time to troubleshooting. Meanwhile, if you have good raw materials and good charcoal making machine, but you don’t have a complete operation manual, the ideal output rate would not be reached, either. It is also difficult to produce high-quality charcoal machines. To produce qualified mechanical charcoal needs to acquaint the key details of the mechanical charcoal rod manufacturing process and the carbonization process. Also note that different raw materials shall be processed by different methods, so make sure you choose raw material according to your actual situation.

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High quality charcoal briquette machine produces good charcoal

Many countries have become stricter in the management of environmental protection. Under such requirement, the demand for mechanical charcoal is increasing thus more and more businessmen are investing in the mechanical charcoal industry for they all want to create better profits by seizing the opportunity. How should manufacturers stand out? Good equipment, good raw materials for producing qualified products is the only way for entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in the market.

With highly skilled designing and development team, Shuliy machinery has developed and released series of products including the automatic controller, the electric heating device designed for mechanism charcoal briquette machine, which can randomly adjust the humidity of materials ensuring stable output with low energy consumption and high production efficiency. The main part of the charcoal briquette machine is made of wear-resisting material manufactured by special treatment, thus it is of continuous production, durable use, and long service life are ensured. It is an automatic machine, which is easy to operate, saving time and labor. The charcoal briquette machine made by Shuliy can greatly improve your profits.

Good equipment is supported by advanced production technology. If you want to get qualified charcoal, the temperature control during carbonization is the key. During carbonizing, the fuel shall be filled in at a constant speed, so that it will not cause the unstable working temperature in carbonization if the feeding speed unstable, the temperature in carbonization furnace will also vibrate violently thus affecting the proper white smoke emission. the charcoal furnace must be sealed before starting, make sure there is no leakage, which will lead to internal oxygen leaking, or external oxygen to seep in. When there is air leakage will result in unstable carbonization temperature, then causing the cooling section fails to work, thus the ultra-high speed combustion will cause white powder appears that affect the quality of charcoal.

We shall not choose the unqualified machine for coveting bargain for it is known to us that one always got what one pays off. Though high-quality charcoal briquette machine is of the relatively high price, the inferior equipment costs much more for its malfunctions costing larger energy and manpower consumption.

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How to improve production efficiency

The high-efficiency and fast-paced social life is the main sign of the current era. The high-quality mechanical charcoal briquette machine is the fuel of the development of Shuliy machinery. Through the continuous improvement and update of mechanical charcoal briquette machine, its good reputation has remained. High production efficiency and good quality are the avenues to the success of long – term hot selling of mechanism charcoal briquette machine in the market.

But if the enterprise stops improving, it will be eliminated and exceed by their competitor. As a charcoal briquette machine manufacturer, innovation is an important method for one to leverage its company profile. Once an enterprise is considered as the leader, it is necessary for it to continue making progress in innovation, or it will be eliminated and disappear in history. Only by constantly innovating more high-quality and practical equipment can it be recognized and accepted by customers. Mechanical charcoal briquette machine is a new kind of eco-friendly machinery, which has established its position for its innovation and its marketing methods.

Efficiency leads the industry to succeed, and the thought “time is money” affects the development of society nowadays. In order to meet the requirements of people in the new era, the market of the mechanical charcoal briquette machine has been enlarged a lot. Under the constant efforts made by l scientific research team, the potential of mechanism charcoal briquette machine has been developed to a considerable extent.

Because we understand that only when the efficiency of mechanism charcoal briquette machine equipment improved can it achieve better and higher value for users with the cost reduced accordingly, so as to maximize customer’s benefits. Shuliy machinery since its establishment, insist on innovation and scientific researches and development, adopting opinions of the masses of its customers, thus making equipment constantly improved from the aspects of skill, the enterprise destination has also been sublimated–to guarantee advantages of mechanical charcoal briquette machine of low energy consumption and environmental protection, high quality of reasonable price to open a broader market, and make our business improved constantly.

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