What is going on in the carbonized carbon rod of the carbonization furnace?

Ma Laoxi users reflect that many of the charcoal from the charcoal furnace has become powdery. What is going on? This phenomenon is caused by the gas leakage in the carbonization furnace. Once the carbonization furnace is leaking in the process of carbonization, there is no way to control the amount of oxygen in the carbonization furnace. The amount of oxygen in the carbonization furnace is easy to naturally overdos. The temperature of carbonization rises too fast, so that the charcoal that is burned out is loose in texture and easy to break. More seriously, excess oxygen will burn some of the fuel bar into a white powder. Gas leakage from the carbonization furnace will cause serious losses to customers, affecting the revenue of users of charcoal machines.

          Solution: When it is found that the carbonization furnace leaks, first apply the soapy water to the furnace body, then ignite the furnace to see which bubbles are formed. After finding it, it is best to seal the pores with cement (this method is only applicable to earth-rock stoves). Send professional repairs.

How long does the charcoal life last?

Generally, the Charcoal briquette machine equipment is depreciated according to 5 years. The three kinds of charcoal machine equipments such as carbonization furnace, pulverizer and dryer can only be maintained under normal use. The rod making machine is the focus of maintenance, and the purchase of charcoal machine The manufacturer will tell you about the consumable propellers on the charcoal machine equipment. As far as the propeller is mastered, it can be repaired. The propeller is usually repaired once every three days. Overall, the whole set of equipment of the charcoal machine can still be used for a long time.

          Therefore, as long as you pay attention to the operating specifications, love the machine, charcoal machine equipment will not have any problems.

Where is the superiority of bamboo charcoal?

Where is the superiority of bamboo charcoal? With the increasing energy shortage in the world, coal resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the issue of bioenergy development has been put on the agenda; after years of practice, high-quality charcoal is the best choice to replace coal. The ideal raw materials for the production of high-quality charcoal are hardwood or bamboo sawdust and corner scraps, branches, husks, cornstalks and corncobs, cotton rods, etc. Charcoal briquette machine equipment is popular at home and abroad. At present, there are quite a lot of customers who consult bamboo charcoal for high-quality charcoal. Because bamboo is hard wood, it is more suitable for high-quality charcoal than other raw materials. Bamboo charcoal is not only easy to burn, but also widely used.

         1. The surface of bamboo charcoal has a luster.

2. The excellent bamboo charcoal structure is very dense, so it is not easy to break when knocked or dropped.

3. When you hit it, it will make a crisp, crisp metal sound instead of a dull sound.

4. Excellent bamboo charcoal can conduct electricity, so a multimeter can be used to measure whether bamboo charcoal has conductivity and the temperature at which bamboo charcoal is fired.

5. Bamboo charcoal fired from a good charcoal kiln with quality control is more secure.

6. Bamboo charcoal is dense, with large specific gravity, many pores, rich mineral content, and specific surface area of more than 500m2 per gram. Bamboo charcoal is a pure natural product, non-toxic, odorless, no side effects, and can emit a crisp metallic sound when struck. Has good conductivity.

In the high-quality charcoal market, the market price of bamboo charcoal is much higher than that of ordinary high-quality charcoal. The quality of premium charcoal depends mostly on the raw materials. Of course, the quality of charcoal briquette machine and the technical mastery of producing charcoal are also very important. Only the well-qualified charcoal briquette machine equipment, the equipment is hand-built, the quality is good, the output is high and the durability is long. It is the premise of investing in high-quality carbon plants to purchase charcoal equipment.

Seven characteristics of the continuous carbonization furnace:

Seven characteristics of the continuous carbonization furnace

First, a wide range of raw materials: daily raw materials do not cost money, urban and rural areas can collect fuel everywhere. All biomass organic matter can be used as fuel, such as: straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, corn stalk, sorghum, rice husk, husk, gluten, twig, sawdust, shavings, weeds; vines of various plants, Stems, leaves, roots; residues of Chinese medicine factories, sugar mills, tobacco factories; disposable lunch boxes, foam, plastic bags, waste paper; various animal manures are good gas raw materials.

Second, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency: absolutely do not add any combustion improver and other ingredients, directly put the plants into the gas production. A match can be ignited, the firepower is fierce, smokeless, and the fire can be started again after the fire is extinguished.

continuous carbonization furnace

Third, easy to use: stoves occupy a small area, electronic fire, with the point, the firepower is adjustable, women, the elderly will learn, you can understand at a glance.

Fourth, the gas production is fast: the raw materials are put into, the gas is produced in a few minutes, the burning flame is pure blue fire, and the firepower is fierce.

V. Long service life: All stainless steel plate molds are formed, precision machined and manufactured, and the service life is more than ten years.

Six, a wide range of applications: widely used in hotels, restaurants, food stalls, night markets, factories, homes and other places.

7. Internal treatment of tar.

Automated wood shredder

The wood pulverizer is a device for pulverizing blocks or rods. The characteristics of the wood pulverizer are: wide range of fineness of finished products, high yield, high comprehensive performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, and unlimited raw materials. .

The emergence of automated wood shredders will turn a large amount of green garbage that was difficult to dissipate into waste, creating new economic value. At the same time, the volume of the branches will be one-tenth of the original, which can save a lot of transportation costs and reduce roads. The upper branches store space, clean the environment, reduce pollution, and create good social benefits.

Principle and characteristics of carbonization furnace

The carbonization furnace is equipped with an advanced filter to quickly decompose the moisture and tar from the smoke to achieve a smoke-free and environmentally friendly effect. The working principle of the carbonization furnace is to use the self-produced gas furnace as the heat source, and the methane gas is used to pass through the cyclone, and the air is introduced into the burner. The outlet temperature of the burner can reach 800 ° C to 1200 ° C, and the flow rate can reach 3 to 5 meters per second. The generated high-temperature airflow is heated in the periphery of the combustion chamber. It should be noted that when heating, the furnace temperature is between 100 ° C and 150 ° C, which is the maximum moisture in the furnace. When the raw material rod is put into the kiln, 4 to 8% of water is brought into the furnace. 1700kg of raw materials can bring more than 100 kilograms of water. These waters are the enemy of carbonization. Because the mechanism carbon rods are most afraid of moisture, the water is pulverized into powder, which seriously affects the quality of carbonization. Therefore, the moisture removal system is essential. The key is that the tidal time is 1 to 1.5 hours. When the temperature in the carbonization chamber rises to 300 °C, a large amount of flammable gas is generated in the furnace. Each kilogram of raw material theoretically produces three cubic methane gas, which can be carbonized. Heating, drying heat source, the temperature of the furnace can be adjusted at will, low temperature carbon is generally above 400 ° C, 8 hours can be completed; high temperature carbon is more than 600 ° C, 10 hours to complete.

Tray screen for charcoal machine equipment

Drum screen is one of the essential supporting tools for charcoal machine in the production mechanism of charcoal. Its main function is to classify stone and stone in stone yard and separate soil and stone powder. Separation from sand and gravel in sand field .; coal industry for the separation of lump coal and coal powder and coal washing (component of coal washing machinery; chemical industry, mineral processing industry for the classification of large and small blocks and separation of powder. In the process of making charcoal, the screen of the drum The main function is to filter out the impurities in the sawdust or other mechanism charcoal raw materials. The drum screen is not only easy to operate, but also one of the supporting equipments for the charcoal machine production mechanism.

Advantages and production process of automatic charcoal machine production line

The automatic charcoal machine production line refers to the production line configuration with a daily output of more than 3 tons. Due to the large output, it cannot be completely completed by hand. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a fully automatic production line, which also increases the production capacity and reduces the labor force.

The advantages and production process of the automatic charcoal machine production line:

sawdust charcoal briquette machine assembly line features:

First, the equipment can fully realize the pipeline operation of the mechanism carbon, and complete automation from raw material cleaning, drying, discharging, cooling, conveying, distributing, making rods, breaking rods and losing rods. Reduce the original single-machine operation of 12 people to 3-4 people, the hourly salary bar output can reach 1.2-1.5 tons, reduce the input of manpower and material resources, increase the output and expand the benefits!

Second, the equipment is equipped with 18.5-2 type straight pull rotary incremental large diameter drying system, with good effect and high output. Due to the display function of the drying temperature, different temperatures can be used for different raw materials, so even the water-soaked raw materials can be dried at one time, and the yield is not reduced. It laid the foundation for the normal operation of all the bar machines.

Third, the unique drying material cooling system is currently the first in the country. Its advantage is to let the dried raw materials cool quickly, do not make high temperature rods, Mars stick. It can reduce the generation of smoke and increase the density of salary bars.

Fourth, the whole part of the transmission part of the motor we used MB, JWB series of infinitely variable speed motor. This kind of motor can be speed-controlled, that is to say, the conveying speed and quantity of raw materials can be adjusted according to different raw materials and different dry humidity.

Fifth, the comprehensive protection function of the motor, this function can effectively protect the high-power motor from tripping in the absence of phase and overload, reducing the risk of motor burnout and realizing automatic flow operation.

Sixth, the starter configuration of the main fan motor of the dryer, this we have done the most perfect safe starter distribution box for the Star Triangle, in full accordance with national standards.

Seven, all the auger blades of the conveying equipment, we are using cold-rolled continuous blades, the rigidity is very strong, no distortion and bending occur.

Eight, the powder system of the equipment is designed by double twisted dragons, the raw materials are evenly distributed, and it has a unique anti-overfill function.

Nine, all material separators are auger discharge design, which minimizes the presence of dust and Mars, improves the production environment and eliminates safety hazards.

Method for controlling flue gas emissions by charcoal machine equipment

carbonization furnace2

As the current haze climate is getting more and more serious, the state has also been banned from gas pollution in various manufacturers. How to reduce flue gas emissions during the production of charcoal machines and achieve environmentally friendly production? Charcoal machine equipment in the production mechanism of charcoal In the process, the occurrence of flue gas is inevitable, but if the excessive emissions of flue gas will have a certain impact on our living environment, so the charcoal machine manufacturers must take certain measures to control the production in the charcoal machine. The amount of smoke emitted during the mechanism of charcoal.

The first method is the condensation recovery method. This is a relatively high capital cost method. It requires the use of a condensation tower and a separate tank. After the operation of these two kinds of equipment, the wood tar and wood vinegar in the flue gas can be recovered. However, the high capital cost makes it difficult to get a wide range of implementation and use.

The second method is the water immersion method. The so-called water immersion method is to let the flue gas deposit through the pool. This requires the user to build a pool around the charcoal machine equipment, introduce the flue gas inside the carbonization furnace into the pool through the fan and the pipeline, and then pass the specific heat. In order to coagulate and deposit the wood tar and wood vinegar in the flue gas, it is pointed out that the demand for wood tar and wood vinegar deposited at the bottom of the pool is regularly scheduled.

The third method is to connect the chimneys in series and collect the emission method. This is a very simple way to introduce the flue gas from the charcoal furnace into the gathering chimney through the public flue and then discharge it at high altitude. Although this method can not reduce the emission of flue gas, but because it increases the emission level of flue gas, it can still reduce the degree of influence of flue gas on the surrounding environment. This is the method chosen by the manufacturers of most charcoal machines.

Despite the above three methods of controlling the emission of flue gas during the production of charcoal machines, these require users to have a nominal contribution, which may exceed the user’s starting budget. But for our co-existing homes, for our children and grandchildren, mechanism charcoal production At the request of the state, the manufacturer must minimize the emission of flue gas generated during the production of charcoal machines.

Charcoal machine equipment has good investment potential in the environmental protection market

At present, air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the protection of the environment cannot be ignored. With the development of people, the pollution of the air is becoming more and more serious, and the deforestation of forest resources is very rare for us. The protection of forest resources is very important and urgent. China is also constantly introducing policies on deforestation and afforestation, in order to maintain the balance of the ecological environment that has benefited our children and grandchildren.

The charcoal machine equipment generates charcoal, the main factor is because the original ash content of the material is slightly higher; the material is not clean and has impurities; the temperature of carbonization is too high; these are the charcoal that occurs in the process of manufacturing the charcoal machine. s reason. According to the reasons we analyzed, we asked about the relative treatment measures: the raw materials such as straw, rice husk, weeds, etc., which have a slightly higher ash content, the charcoal is relatively higher in ash content, so charcoal is not desirable. The profession of making barbecues can be used in industry.

Today’s mechanism of charcoal making machine is more environmentally friendly than the old type of charcoal briquette machine. In terms of environmental protection, the current mechanism of charcoal machine has been broken. Because of the environmental changes, the prospect of charcoal making machine will be more and more. wide.

Secondly, more attention has been paid to the waste-to-waste projects. The charcoal machines in the early stage used charcoal to produce charcoal. Nowadays, rice husks, sawdust, even straw and hard nutshells can be used. The charcoal materials are widely used, and the business opportunities are self-igniting. Big profits, those that are not necessary, the waste that was originally disposed of has become a charcoal material. So it is really waste to become gold, not a fake.

From the social utility of the mechanism charcoal analysis mechanism of the charcoal machine equipment funding potential. Charcoal is a kind of black empty material obtained by wood under the condition of incomplete burning or anaerobic carbonization. Long ago, the weapons of Chinese Shang Dynasty and Warring States were all exercised with charcoal. They can also use charcoal to extract. The humidity in the air to observe the change of climate, in today’s social mechanism charcoal can not only be used as fuel in the day, but also as the use of metal exercise, food and light industry, and often used in the chemical industry as difluidized carbon and activated carbon.

From the above, we can see the practicality of the mechanism of charcoal machine production and the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, investment in charcoal machine equipment is very promising, and the future development prospect of charcoal machine equipment is still very hot.