Seven characteristics of Shuliy mechanical carbonization furnace

Seven characteristics of Shuliy mechanical carbonization furnace:

First, a wide range of raw materials: daily raw materials do not cost money, urban and rural areas can collect fuel everywhere. All biomass organic matter can be used as fuel, such as: straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, corn stalk, sorghum, rice husk, husk, gluten, twig, sawdust, shavings, weeds; vines of various plants, Stems, leaves, roots; residues of Chinese medicine factories, sugar mills, tobacco factories; disposable lunch boxes, foam, plastic bags, waste paper; various animal manures are good gas raw materials.

Second, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency: absolutely do not add any combustion improver and other ingredients, directly put the plants into the gas production. A match can be ignited, the firepower is fierce, smokeless, and the fire can be started again after the fire is extinguished.

Third, easy to use: the stove has a small footprint, electronic ignition, with the point, the firepower is adjustable, you can understand at a glance.

Fourth, the gas production is fast: the raw materials are put into, the gas is produced in a few minutes, the burning flame is pure blue fire, and the firepower is fierce.

V. Long service life: All stainless steel plate molds are formed, precision machined and manufactured, and the service life is more than ten years.

Six, a wide range of applications: widely used in hotels, restaurants, food stalls, night markets, factories, homes and other places.

7. Internal treatment of tar.

How is charcoal making machine equipment environmentally friendly?

Many countries have increased their efforts in environmental assessment to grasp the environmental impact assessment. On the one hand, we are better at improving our living environment, on the other hand, we are also trying to improve the pollution of various charcoal making machine manufacturers and major industrial production equipment to reduce environmental pollution. Last year, a large number of polluting factories were closed. However, with the continuous expansion of market demand, the use of charcoal has great potential in the market, so environmentally friendly charcoal making machine equipment has become the direction of the current charcoal making machine equipment. That is how to do environmental protection? Shuliy charcoal makers are mainly upgrading from flue gas emissions and motor noise to reduce environmental pollution.

1. The environment-friendly charcoal making machine consists of the grinder, dryer, sawdust briquetting machine, continuous carbonization, and other mechanical equipment. Different from other manufacturers, the shuliy eco-friendly charcoal making machine is an upgraded flue gas recovery device. After the flue gas is recovered, it can be dust-free and smokeless. The recovered flue gas can be ignited like liquefied gas for heating and cooking. Also available for dryers.

Second, the environmentally friendly charcoal making machine is to crush the raw material bamboo sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob, bagasse, cotton stalk, corn stalk, rice husk, miscellaneous branches, etc. into granules within 3-5 mm by wood chip crusher. Then, it is dried by a dryer to have a moisture content of less than 12%, and is put into a rod machine through high temperature, high pressure to form it (without adding any additives), and then placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization to form charcoal.

In the noise production process of the charcoal making machine equipment, since the screening machine, the dryer, the bar making machine, etc. are placed in the workshop for production, the presence of the wall effectively reduces the noise by 10 decibels, and the device is installed with a silencer during installation. The motor base is equipped with a shock absorbing foundation, and this measure can effectively reduce the noise by 25 decibels. The comprehensive calculation, the noise problem of charcoal production equipment production can meet the national noise pollution requirements, that is, 60 decibels in the daytime, 50 decibels in the night, will have no effect on the surrounding, and can be produced normally.

Shuliy charcoal making machine manufacturers are committed to creating new charcoal making machine equipment, constantly improving equipment according to market demand, increasing production while paying attention to environmental protection. If you need to invest in charcoal to make money or upgrade old charcoal making machine equipment, you can contact us shuliy machinery, we can Provide preferential quotation for charcoal making machine equipment and drawings of new charcoal making machine. In addition, you can go to the factory to inspect the production site to ensure your production is safe and efficient.

What are the requirements for raw materials for charcoal making machines?

What are the requirements for raw materials for charcoal making machines? We know that the charcoal making machine is now a popular environmentally friendly machine for making charcoal. How to produce charcoal has already been introduced in the past. Today, we mainly talk about the details of the raw materials of the charcoal making machine.

Firstly, the water content of the raw materials is controlled. Only when the water content of the raw materials reaches a certain standard, the density and hardness of the carbon rods can meet the production requirements. Raw materials, bamboo sawdust, peanut shells, corn cobs, bagasse, cotton stalks, corn stalks, rice grains The moisture content of shells and miscellaneous branches is preferably within 12%. If the moisture is too high and the charcoal quality is not good, some may even have charcoal that cannot be completely charred. So taking my material moisture is an important part of it.

The second is the particle size of the raw material, which is pulverized into a granule within 5 mm by a wood chip pulverizer by charcoal making machine. Oversized particles or over-wet particles may cause a blockage of the pipe.

Charcoal general products have an outer diameter of 50-60mm, a hole diameter of 15-20mm, a hollow four-corner or hexagonal column shape, good charcoal burning smokeless, durable, good charcoal raw material selection and feed moisture, shape and good words. I believe that you will also make high-quality charcoal.

Operation of charcoal production line for new charcoal machine production line

Shuliy’s new wood chip charcoal machine production line is made of bamboo, wood, sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob and other woody plants pulverized into wood particles by wood chip crusher into 10mm, dried and dried by a dryer. A machine for charring a carbonization furnace. The charcoal produced by Shuliy’s new wood chip charcoal machine production line has high density, small volume and good flammability. It can replace fuelwood and coal. The charcoal products produced are especially suitable for heating in autumn and winter in the northern region, heating in greenhouses or as ordinary living fuel.

The production process of the new wood chip charcoal machine production line: material crushing, drying, rod forming, carbonization, the main equipment are: crusher, dryer, bar machine, continuous carbonization furnace. It mainly consists of a bar machine and a dryer, and is a special machine for manufacturing charcoal. The dryer can automatically cut the material and dry it once. The exhaust port is not dipped. The discharge port does not spray the material and falls naturally. It can be used for the production of four-rod machines. The automatic temperature control rod making machine can adjust the rod at any time. Compactness, this technology not only guarantees the quality of the stick. Branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural products are used as raw materials. After crushing, they are pressurized and densified. Because they can replace traditional coal, they are called “straw coal”. It is an emerging fuel. Production and processing procedures of the new wood chip charcoal machine production line: the material is cut by a mower or crushed by a pulverizer, and the material grain length and water content are within the specified range: the material is fed by a loading machine (belt conveyor) or manually It is evenly sent to the upper mouth of the molding machine, and the press forming is the finished product.

The process of making charcoal is generally divided into four stages, the pulverization stage, the drying stage, the forming stage and the carbonization stage, each of which has its own considerations in these steps. For example, in the carbonization stage, the old old-fashioned earthen kiln was carbonized, the black smoke was skyrocketing, and the smoke was rolling, which caused great harm to the environment. The national government also banned the method of charcoal burning. But now Shuliy Machinery has developed a new carbonization method, which is an environmentally-friendly continuous carbonization furnace. This major research can help us solve many problems. The effect of continuous carbonization furnace on environmental protection is obvious. With the continuous improvement of production technology, the design of new carbonization machine is more reasonable, the structure is more compact, the production process will be safer and more reliable, and the output of finished products will be further improved.

The continuous carbonization furnace is a charcoal product produced by subjecting crop waste products such as straw, rice husk, sawdust and bamboo chips to a series of physical and chemical changes, and finally carbonization. The product is highly efficient, green and non-polluting, and has a wide range of sales prospects and development prospects. The new continuous carbonization furnace adds a flue gas recovery device based on the traditional equipment. The flue gas generated in the carbonization process is automatically recycled and supplied to the carbonized combustion energy. There is basically no waste discharge, and the energy consumption is small, and it can be produced by itself. The raw materials help them to produce, which greatly helps to reduce the smoke emission during the charcoal manufacturing process. There is no gas emission from the atmosphere during the production process, and the double effect of environmental protection and energy conservation is achieved. The addition of this technology has great benefits for reducing user input, eliminating the need to provide a large amount of heat source in the carbonization process, which is important for improving revenue and for environmental protection.

Sawdust carbonization furnace equipment realizes environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization production

Charcoal making machine equipment is a very popular charcoal production equipment on the market, and its environmentally friendly production will be more favored by the majority of users. The pollution that can be caused in the production of the charcoal production machine is carbonization, so users only need It is possible to achieve environmentally friendly production of charcoal making machines by making environmental protection on shuliy large sawdust carbonization furnace equipment.

The shuliy environmentally-friendly large-scale sawdust carbonization furnace equipment is used for carbonization of woody materials such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut shells, plant straws, and bark (volumes of less than 15 mm in size) under high-temperature conditions in the furnace, and without oxygen and carbonization. Ideal for high carbonization rates. The shuliy large-scale sawdust carbonization furnace equipment adopts the advanced technology of recovering, purifying and circulating combustion of flammable gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, and oxygen in the process of carbonization. That is to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by the thick smoke generated by the ordinary carbonization furnace in the carbonization project, and solve the thermal energy problem required by the equipment, fully self-sufficiency, improve the continuity and economy of the equipment, and fully utilize the surplus of agriculture and forestry Things, turning them into waste, alleviating the contradiction between the supply and demand of forestry resources in China, and contributing to the greening environment. The large sawdust carbonization furnace production line is equipped with: biomass gasifier, flue gas purifier, fan, self-dispensing gas burner, carbonization furnace, and other equipment.

The shuliy large-scale sawdust carbonization furnace equipment adopts the dry distillation carbonization method, which fully utilizes the flammable gas such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen generated by the gasification furnace in the carbonization process, and separates the wood tar and the wood acid solution through the flue gas purification system to obtain the pure combustible gas. Then, it is fully burned by the self-matching burner to heat the high-temperature carbonization pipe (the temperature is generally controlled at about 600 °C). The large sawdust carbonization furnace equipment has four layers of pipes from top to bottom, the second layer is preheated drying pipeline, the third layer is low-temperature carbonization pipeline, and the fourth layer is high-temperature carbonization pipeline. The second floor is provided with a separate exhaust pipe that mainly discharges water vapor, and the pipe uses the residual heat in the furnace to dry the material, and the water vapor is discharged from the exhaust pipe. The third and fourth floors are also provided with independent combustible gas recovery pipes. The carbonization pipes carbonize the materials at a high temperature to decompose flammable gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen and heat the pipes through the recovery pipes, the flue gas purification system and the burner combustion. The effect of reciprocating cycle heating carbonization is achieved. The initial carbonization ignition gas source is supplied by a biomass gasifier.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the shuliy large-scale sawdust carbonization furnace equipment can truly achieve environmentally-friendly production in carbonization. The carbonization waste gas can be recycled and reused, which can not only achieve environmentally friendly production, but also save heat. Therefore, large-scale sawdust carbonization furnace equipment manufactured by Heying Machinery is worth buying, and shuliy large-scale sawdust carbonization furnace equipment is also more effective in utilizing biomass waste to achieve energy-saving emission reduction production.

High performance wood crusher

Wood crusher instructions
1. Turn on the power and see if the steering is correct.
2. When replacing the tool, the knife edge extends 2 to 4 mm from the plane of the cutter, and then tighten the bolt. If the pressure bolt thread is found to be worn, it should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the cutter nut.
3, change the degree of expansion of the knife, the length of the extension knife is consistent.

4, by adjusting the length of the knife, when the particles do not reach the ideal, change the sieve with different pore sizes.
5. It is strictly forbidden to put wood with stones and nails into the machine to prevent the knife and internal parts from being damaged.
6. Pay attention to the hammer bolts and find that they are loose and immediately tightened. When the hammers and bolts are worn out, they should be replaced.
7. The sharpening angle is 28-30°, which is strictly prohibited to be ground into a convex surface. The convex surface will cause the steel blade to detach or partially uncover the steel.
8. Machines that are frequently used should check if the bearing butter is missing. The butter should be added once every 3-4 hours. It is not easy to add butter.
Lubrication and maintenance of wood crushers
1, the bearing housing should be added with butter, replaced once a month, continuous work should be added 2 more times, pay more attention to observation.
2. After using the V-belt for a period of time, the tightness should be re-adjusted. Press the middle of the belt with your finger and lower it by 6-10mm.
3. After working every day, the machine should be cleaned to check whether the parts are loose, in order to extend the service life, and the power part is maintained according to the power instruction manual.
The maintenance of the equipment is mainly because each maintenance personnel regularly checks the usage status of the machine to see if the machine has oil leakage or loose screws.
Precautions for the use of wood crusher equipment:
The feeding precautions of the machine should be uniformly fed. Do not feed in large quantities at one time to avoid some hard materials such as metal and stone from entering the crusher. Read the instruction manual completely before use.

Description of the production process of carbonization furnace equipment

At present, it is an era of environmental protection. The machinery industry must follow the trend and develop and produce environmentally friendly carbonization equipment. The carbonization equipment of carbonization furnace equipment is very extensive. It can carbonize more biomass waste, and charcoal can be directly sold. Bring better economic benefits to yourself.

The carbonization furnace equipment is a project to turn the comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry waste into waste and improve energy conservation and utilization resources.
1. The raw material with water content of about 50% enters the dryer through the belt conveyor, and after drying, it reaches about 20% of moisture. The heat source of the dryer uses the waste heat of the carbonizer to dry the sawdust;
2. Using gasification in the early stage of gasification, the carbonization machine is heated in the early stage, that is, the biomass raw materials in the gasification furnace are introduced, and the flue gas generated by the smoldering is subjected to dry dust removal (solving the problem of water spray sewage discharge) After cooling, purification, etc., it is converted into pure flammable gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, etc.), which is heated as a heat source for the previous carbonization. At about 600 °C, the carbonization is started, and the carbonization temperature is controlled by the control cabinet. Material speed, carbonization speed;
3. The carbonization main equipment of the carbonization furnace equipment starts to feed after reaching the set temperature. First, it enters the preheating zone to dry the residual moisture of the raw material, and then enters the carbonization zone for carbonization. The carbonization temperature is controlled at about 600 °C, and the flue gas generated during the carbonization process is generated. Returning to the purification system, after purification, it is converted into flammable gas cycle combustion, so that the flue gas generated by the body is burned by itself, and the heat energy required for carbonization of the carbonization machine is continuously produced, thereby achieving the effect of environmental protection and energy saving;
4. After the carbonization of the raw material in the carbonization machine is completed, the carbon powder directly enters the cooling box and is output through the cooling conveyor;
5. The carbon powder produced by the carbonization furnace equipment and the gasifier and the dry dust collector can be directly sold. The wood vinegar and the wood tar are recovered by a separator to prevent the carbon powder and the wood tar from clogging the pipeline. The collected wood vinegar can be sold to the pesticide factory as a pesticide raw material, and the wood tar can be directly sold to the anticorrosive material factory;
6. The raw materials used in the whole set of equipment have passed the national quality certification to ensure the service life of the equipment. The carbonized main machine is sealed with ceramic high-temperature resistant asbestos materials, and the smokeless sewage discharge meets environmental protection requirements.
The above is the analysis of the carbonization process of the carbonization furnace equipment. It is believed that the users have more understanding of it and can better operate the carbonization furnace equipment to charcoal production mechanism charcoal, so the users can safely choose the carbonization furnace equipment to carbonize. Mechanism charcoal contributes to China’s energy conservation and environmental protection cause.

Carbonization furnace is the main equipment for the production of smokeless carbonization

The carbonization furnace equipment is mainly based on environmentally friendly carbonization production. In the process of carbonization, there is no smoke emission, no sewage discharge, and it can also recover the flue gas. After purification, it is burned to ensure that the carbonization furnace equipment is more resistant to the mechanism charcoal. Good production.

The carbonization furnace equipment is composed of gasification furnace, flue gas purification system, carbonization machine, and cooling machine. All internal parts are made of special high temperature resistant to precious metal steel. It is durable, non-deformable, non-oxidizing, and has good thermal insulation performance. Simple, safe and reliable. The carbonization furnace equipment firstly burns the material through the gasification furnace to generate flue gas. After filtering the wood tar and other impurities through the flue gas purification system, the flue gas is transported into the carbonization furnace equipment for combustion, and when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the carbonization furnace equipment is added. The material that needs to be carbonized is transported through the pipeline to burn the material in the carbonization machine. The burning of organic matter requires three points, heat, oxygen and organic matter. Because the carbonization furnace equipment is almost confined, it can not meet the demand for oxygen, and the material is carbonized. At 800 °C inside the furnace equipment, the adjustment of the internal conveying device of the carbonization furnace equipment will not burn to ash, and will only burn into charcoal.

The flue gas generated by the material burned in the carbonization furnace equipment is treated by the flue gas purification and then returned to the carbonization furnace equipment for combustion. Keep the heat of the machine running continuously. To achieve smokeless, environmentally friendly, continuous effect, and finally, the carbon is only 50-80 degrees when the charcoal is delivered through the cooling machine. The process of conveying carbon after it is out, because the carbon is in full contact with the air, if the material density is large, it is relatively thick. Although there is no open flame on the surface, there may be Mars in the core of the material, and there may be spontaneous combustion. It is necessary to install a spray device. The carbon is cooled down twice to completely eliminate the fire.

The carbonization furnace equipment will automatically separate and discharge wood tar and wood vinegar. The wood tar contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements. It is an important chemical raw material and waterproof. It is an excellent material for the shipbuilding industry paint industry as high temperature. It can be used in the chemical industry. The medicinal raw materials and plant nutrients regulate the growth hormone, which has a growth effect on plants and is excellent in insecticidal activity.

The carbonization furnace equipment is an environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization production equipment. Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the flue gas generated by the carbonization of the carbonization furnace equipment can be well reused, and the carbonization furnace equipment can also be carbonized to produce wood tar and wood vinegar. By-products, bring additional revenue to users.

Charcoal making machine is a real solution to energy saving and environmental protection issues

As the current environmental pollution problem has become more and more serious, it has caused widespread concern. Some environmentally polluting equipment has gradually been eliminated by society. Only environmentally friendly equipment can have better market development prospects. The charcoal making machine not only has a good market prospect. It is able to use waste, and its environmentally friendly charcoal can also replace the environmental problems caused by traditional coal and other fuels.

How to make charcoal from charcoal making machine

The charcoal making machine fills the raw materials containing biomass fibers which can produce charcoal, such as branches, straw, straw, peanut shells, trunks, cotton straw, tea seed husks, husks, weeds, leaves, etc. and pulverizes into 10 mm by a pulverizer. The powder inside is dried by a dryer to make the moisture content within 12%. After being put into the rod machine through high temperature and high pressure, it is formed (without any additives) and then put into a carbonization furnace for carbonization. charcoal. It is also possible to carbonize the material powder directly into a carbon powder using a continuous carbonization furnace at a high temperature.

The production process of charcoal production machine is fundamentally an environmental protection industry. For the re-processing and utilization of waste materials, environmentally-friendly charcoal is produced to meet new development needs. How to make charcoal production equipment production line more environmentally friendly, it is necessary to pay attention to charcoal. The production process of the production machine equipment ensures that the charcoal production machine equipment maintains high environmental protection during the production process, and the charcoal making machine can be made more and more environmentally friendly.

The charcoal making machine can not only solve the waste disposal problem well but also bring good benefits. It can also achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. It also has a very positive effect on reducing smog and can promote the health of environmental protection. development of.

The charcoal making machine can truly solve the problem of energy saving and environmental protection. It can make good use of agricultural and forestry waste to produce charcoal. Many users are investing in charcoal making machines to produce charcoal. The production of charcoal making machine has played a role in the rapid development of energy saving and environmental protection. Great role.


Charcoal making machine equipment is a new generation of environmental protection equipment

Shuliy Machinery has been developing new energy sources and utilizing them. The future use of new energy sources in the market will be a highlight of the future economy of the world. The first is to expand the market consumption of new energy products, which is the development and utilization of new energy products and equipment. Since the beginning of this year, the world has entered new economic normality from the high-speed growth period to the medium-high-speed growth period. To improve the quality of economic growth and make the economy healthy and sustainable, it is necessary to find new economic growth points and vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction. The development of the circular economy is not only the only way for the world to achieve sustainable economic development but also a new bright spot to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the world economy in the future.

Shuliy is the production base of new energy equipment. The company’s qualifications have not only been recognized by the state, but also the new product launched by the charcoal production machine has been widely recognized in the market. Why is the charcoal making machine a new energy device? The charcoal making machine is produced by using agricultural waste such as straw and branches. The function of this waste utilization is a highlight. In addition, the charcoal making machine utilizes the mechanism of charcoal produced by crops. The mechanism charcoal belongs to a new type of clean charcoal. The charcoal has high density, high carbon content, large calorific value, low volatility, long burning time, and burning. It is smokeless and tasteless. The charcoal production machine produces charcoal, which greatly improves its combustion performance and can replace fuelwood and coal for production and daily use.

As a new generation of environmentally friendly equipment, charcoal making machine equipment is very effective. In the face of serious pollution, our Shuliy provides high-quality charcoal making machine equipment for the users, so that more users can appreciate the infinite charm brought by the charcoal making machine equipment.

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