Construction and briquetting process of Sawdust briquette machine

The raw material stick is completed in the Sawdust briquette machine. The Sawdust briquette machine has a heating ring outside the forming sleeve that raises the temperature of the forming sleeve to around 350 °C. In order to ensure that the surface of the rod is smooth, dense and crack-free, we can choose the appropriate molding temperature according to the type of raw materials and moisture content.

Its level must be determined through field tests. Generally speaking, we assume that the auger is qualified, and the water content of the raw material is between 6 and 10%. The drying temperature varies according to the shape of the material and the type of the heater, generally between 140 ° C and 500 ° C. Temperature: The length of the drying pipeline and the air volume can be adjusted to control the temperature of the material, generally not exceeding 55 °C ~ 70 °C.