Charcoal produced by coconut shell charcoal is an energy efficient resource

The use of charcoal is born for environmental protection. If it is not environmentally friendly during the production process, or if the environmental performance of the obtained product is not enough, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to its own sales and production. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection requirements, many customers who use charcoal to produce charcoal are facing the problem of soil kiln pollution. Therefore, more and more customers choose coconut shell charcoal machine equipment instead of an earthen kiln.

Coconut shell charcoal machine Traditional charcoal is burned by its pollution. With the rapid development of national environmental protection and energy conservation, charcoal is replaced by new environmental protection mechanism charcoal products. Mechanism charcoal brings great benefits to society in many aspects. The mechanism of coconut shell charcoal machine production is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient resource. For the mechanism charcoal produced by the coconut shell charcoal machine, there are two factors that directly affect the quality of the charcoal production mechanism of the coconut shell charcoal machine.

The factors affecting the charcoal quality of coconut shell charcoal machine production are mainly the chemical composition of charcoal itself and the carbon content of charcoal. Let’s talk about how these two factors affect the quality of charcoal in the coconut shell charcoal production mechanism.

1. The higher the carbon content of the mechanism charcoal, the better its quality and quality. It is determined by three factors: raw material, carbon production technology and calorific value, that is, it is determined by the chemical composition of charcoal itself.

2. The quality of the coconut shell charcoal machine itself has no direct impact on its products. The better the quality of the coconut shell charcoal machine, the better the quality of the charcoal produced. The high carbon content of the product not only generates a large amount of heat, but also has a small surface area for contact with charcoal and air. This surface area includes the outer surface and the surface area of the inner pore.

The coconut shell charcoal machine is a machine that pulverizes into a pellet of 10 mm by a wood chip crusher, which is dried by a dryer and then placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization. The charcoal produced by the coconut shell charcoal machine has high density, small volume and good flammability, and can replace fuelwood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating and heating in the autumn and winter in the northern region, warming the greenhouse or making ordinary living fuel. Coconut shell charcoal machine complete equipment including bar machine, carbonization furnace, dryer and other equipment.

How to improve the environmental protection and energy saving of sawdust charcoal machine

In recent years, China’s environmental protection and energy conservation business has become better and better, and it has already achieved considerable results. These are inseparable from the joint efforts of all walks of life. Among them, sawdust charcoal machine is a hero who promotes environmental protection and energy conservation. Why do we say this, let’s analyze it:

One: raw materials

As we all know, China is a big agricultural country. The annual crop waste and agricultural and forestry waste can reach several billion or even hundreds of tons. Farmers have no good treatment methods and can only burn it on the spot, which not only causes serious environmental pollution and fire hazards but also Caused a huge waste of resources. The sawdust charcoal machine just happened to see this drawback, making full use of these crop wastes to open up new energy sources. Sawdust charcoal machine processing all kinds of raw materials of various diameters of charcoal, not only can use industrial boilers, gourmet barbecue, but also widely used in our lives, such as medical, food and so on.

Two: equipment

There are more and more people looking at the business opportunities of charcoal, but the traditional carbonization of the earthen kiln has been banned by the state because of the pollution. The sawdust charcoal machine came into being. A new generation of sawdust charcoal machine has added dust removal system and purification system to solve the big problem of dust pollution and smoke pollution. The design of our dry distillation anthracite furnace is ingeniously recycling the heat generated, reducing the carbonization cost and accelerating the carbonization rate.

Three: new energy

Mechanism charcoal can replace the increasingly poor coal, is new energy, can be used in steel mills, enterprise boilers. The main characteristics of the mechanism charcoal: high density, high calorific value, smokeless, odorless, non-polluting, non-explosive, flammable, is an internationally recognized green environmental protection product. Its density is close to that of coal, with a calorific value of 5,500 to 7,000 kcal/kg, but the ash content is significantly lower than that of coal. At the same time, because the mechanism charcoal is inexhaustible, it has been promoted and has been widely recognized in all walks of life.

New charcoal machine manufacturers win advantages by technological innovation

In today’s economic situation, combined with China’s energy demand, charcoal machine companies also develop their own advantages. Then the charcoal machine manufacturers in the market rely on technological innovation to win the advantage, coupled with the environmental protection, energy-saving and waste advantages of the charcoal machine products, the products themselves have certain needs and users in the market, so it is in the market. It’s not surprising that it’s popular.

New charcoal machines As the country’s requirements for sustainable development become higher and higher, only environmentally-friendly equipment can be put into production. At the same time, environmentally-friendly equipment is also a national support project, and there are no worries about the use and sales of finished products. So what are the advantages of charcoal machine, so that it will become a national support project? The traditional charcoal production has seriously damaged the forest resources in our country. From the perspective of sustainable development, we have formulated a number of policies and regulations to protect and improve the ecological environment. We have completely banned the deforestation of natural forests and strictly restricted the use of natural forest kiln. Charcoal burning, support the use of agricultural and forestry waste to produce high-quality charcoal, and successively issue policy documents and give policy support.

1. Profit and loss: China is a large agricultural production country. According to statistics from relevant departments, the annual surplus of crop straw and other crops is 7 billion tons, and its utilization rate is only 20%. The rest is treated like garbage, and hundreds of millions of tons of branches and sawdust are thrown away. The charcoal machine can convert 1,000 tons of waste into a new energy source of about 500 tons per year – machine-made charcoal.

2. Material: machine-made charcoal can replace natural charcoal, which not only saves wood but also effectively protects forestry resources.

3. It can alleviate the pressure of industrial charcoal demand. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for industrial charcoal has increased sharply. In order to protect forestry resources and greening environment, wood charcoal is prohibited. The factories with charcoal as raw materials are in a state of suspension of production and semi-discontinuation due to a shortage of supply. The development and utilization of charcoal machines can effectively alleviate the tight supply of charcoal and contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the national economy.

Process for producing charcoal from large rice husk charcoal machine equipment

Large-scale rice husk charcoal machine equipment is a very popular charcoal production equipment on the market. It uses low-cost biomass waste in production and does not generate harmful gases in the production process, so it is favored by users. However, the production of high-quality charcoal by large-scale rice-shell charcoal machine equipment is expected by the majority of users, so how to produce high-quality charcoal?

Large rice husk charcoal machine equipment

Large-scale rice husk charcoal machine equipment is not a simple one. It is the general term for the production mechanism of charcoal equipment. It generally includes several basic types of equipment such as wood pulverizer, airflow dryer, charcoal rod machine, and environmental carbonization furnace. The configuration of large rice husk charcoal machine equipment is different. According to different raw materials and different production quantities, the configuration of the charcoal machine is also different. The different uses of charcoal also determine the configuration of charcoal machine equipment, such as Some manufacturers that need to do activated carbon, the charcoal made is mainly used to purify water and air. At this time, it is necessary to reverse the production process. It is necessary to first make a rod after carbonization. The temperature at the time of carbonization is higher than that of carbonization. Some of the binders are made into activated carbon, which is also relatively expensive to produce and is not suitable for fuel combustion.

First of all, the raw materials for the production of charcoal should be good, hardwood, pine sawdust (or broken branches) or bamboo, most of which can be mixed with softwood sawdust such as fir. The burning degree of high-temperature carbon is higher than that of medium-temperature carbon, and the density is large. The charcoal produced by sawdust is better than the straw. Therefore, the hardness and density of raw materials are selected as much as possible. Second, the more critical is the carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the better the quality of charcoal, which has a lot to do with the carbonization process. Under normal circumstances, the mechanism charcoal is divided into three steps in carbonization, low-temperature dry distillation, high-temperature calcination, cooling and cooling three steps. It is also very important to choose carbonization equipment. The new environmentally friendly smokeless carbonization furnace newly developed by Heying Machinery adopts new environmental protection technology. Energy-saving and environmental protection, smoke-free carbonization, more importantly, the operation is simple and convenient. During the working process, no external leakage of smoke is generated. At a certain temperature, flammable gas is generated in the furnace, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and broke. In the past, intermittent production has formed a new type of carbonization furnace with continuous work, which has increased the production capacity of the equipment and simplified the operation process.

People in the large rice husk charcoal machine industry know that the mechanism charcoal is generally divided into high-temperature carbon, medium temperature carbon, and low-temperature carbon. The high-temperature charcoal is high-quality charcoal, high-temperature charcoal: 800 °C or more under carbon-making conditions, the surface is smooth and white, heavy hand feel, steel tone, fewer cracks, good shrinkage, low carbon yield, and electrical conductivity at the exit Good performance.

Straw charcoal machine has made great contributions to the energy industry

Under the rapid promotion of the society, the straw charcoal making machine has entered the peak period of development and has greatly improved from the scale of production to the development. It has played a leading role in the new market and led more enterprises to develop together. Progress, strong functions, and remarkable production results have occupied a favorable market development position for the blue sky machinery manufacturers.

The straw charcoal making machine uses corn stalks, corn cobs, branches, leaves, sawdust, and other agricultural materials as raw materials. After crushing, it is pressed and densified to form a carbon rod finished product. The straw charcoal making machine is suitable for press forming of various biomass raw materials, with low energy consumption and high production efficiency. The straw charcoal machine adopts a fully automatic control electric heating device, which can randomly adjust the dry humidity of the material to ensure stable discharge molding, which not only improves the work efficiency but also brings the profit growth to the enterprise.

For its own survival and development, Shuliy Machinery constantly updates its consciousness and improves product quality. It motivates itself with its high-quality and personalized product research and development purposes. It also gives back to its customers with unique products. The straw charcoal making machine has been quickly developed since its development and design. Entering the market, using agricultural waste, forestry waste and other materials, processing and production recycling and production into charcoal products, not only protects the ecological environment but also made a huge contribution to the energy industry.

Charcoal machine equipment production process reduces smoke emissions

As a mainstream wood deep processing machine, the charcoal machine has made great contributions to the production of clean fuel. At present, all walks of life put environmental protection first. The charcoal machine produced by Shuliy reduces the flue gas emissions during the processing and production of charcoal machine equipment. So how does our charcoal machine reduce smoke emissions during production? First of all, we should understand that in the production and use of charcoal machine equipment, there is smoke emission is inevitable, what we have to do is to reduce to a certain extent instead of disappearing smoke.

The following are some of the ways that are used empirically during production and use.

1. Condensation recovery method. This method uses a condensation tower and a separation tank. Through the work of this two auxiliary equipment, the wood tar and wood vinegar in the flue gas can be recovered. However, the price of this equipment is relatively high, and most users will not choose this way to reduce the smoke emissions of charcoal machines.

2. Water immersion method. As the name implies, the water immersion method we often say is to let the flue gas pass through the pool and then precipitate. It is only necessary for the user to build a suitable size pool next to the charcoal machine equipment, and then pass the flue gas inside the carbonization furnace through the fan and the pipeline. Introduced into the pool, and then through the difference between the two than the heat, the wood tar and wood vinegar in the flue gas is fully coagulated and precipitated, which has achieved a good effect of reducing the smoke exhaust of the charcoal machine. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the wood tar and wood vinegar deposited at the bottom of the pool needs to be cleaned regularly.

3. The chimney is connected in series, and the smoke is concentrated. This method is the simplest compared to the previous two. We can introduce the flue gas from the charcoal furnace of the charcoal equipment into the concentrated chimney of the charcoal machine through the public flue and then discharge the high-altitude flue gas. This method can not reduce the emission of flue gas, but because the emission height of the flue gas is increased, the pollution and damage of the flue gas to the surrounding environment are reduced and alleviated, which is the method adopted by most charcoal machine manufacturers. It is also a way to reduce the smoke exhaust only for some charcoal machine equipment in areas where environmental protection requirements are relatively loose.

By comparison, we can sum up, in common, have the effect of reducing smoke emissions, of course, the price and effect are also in contrast. If we are a sustainable view of the development of the manufacturer, we still recommend that customers can invest a little more in this area. Nature is the homeland on which we depend. Protecting the environment is a responsibility, not just a slogan. As a manufacturer of charcoal machine equipment, we still hope that users can minimize the emission of flue gas generated during the production of the charcoal machine according to the actual production background.

Sawdust dryer equipment drying materials should pay attention to matters

The small wood chip dryer equipment is to make full use of the wood waste residue from the processing of these woods. These things are not worth anything in the eyes of ordinary people, but the sawdust dryer can convert these inconspicuous things into biomass. Fuel or wood product base material. The use of small wood chip dryer equipment is simple and can be used by both self-employed and enterprises. Sawdust drying is also a good entrepreneurial project, which can not only increase the income of farmers but also reduce environmental pollution to waste. The small wood chip dryer equipment has reasonable planning, high output, low failure rate, and easy operation and protection.

1. The combination of material and moisture is the factor for determining the difficulty of dialysis. Together, it also determines the energy consumption level and the length of time spent in the small wood chip dryer equipment. This condition is related to small wood chip dryer equipment. The selection is inseparable. For example, for some materials that are not easy to be boring, it is mainly necessary to give a longer staying time instead of strengthening the external boring conditions.

2, the shape of the material, the material can exist in a variety of shapes, such as large-scale molded wood, ceramic products or other sheet-like, fiber pile, granular, or even liquid materials, these can As a boring material in the industry, the selection of small wood chip dryer equipment should also be considered according to the shape of the material.

3, the physical properties of the material itself, the physical properties of the material itself generally have density, bulk density, hot melt, and the adhesion of the material, etc., may be the adhesion of the bump, it is baked for small wood chips The operation of the dryer equipment has a direct impact, and when the adhesion is severe, the boring process cannot be performed.

4, the demand to pay attention to the material in the boring process of some matters, these factors mainly have the heat sensitivity of the heat of time, some materials will change some changes when heated, such as discoloration, decomposition, and transformation, etc., other materials in the boring process due to Shortening will cause the material to deform or crack, and then the quality of the material will be reduced or even invalidated.

What are the operating procedures of the new tumble dryer equipment?

Now many users of Shuliy have a certain understanding of the new rotary dryer equipment. The skilled operation of the new Shuliy rotary dryer equipment can ensure the drying efficiency of the dryer, and also pay attention to the precautions of the new rotary dryer equipment. This will ensure the normal operation of the dryer, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble, then what are the operating procedures of the new Shuliy rotary dryer equipment?

In the center of the new rotary dryer equipment, it is possible to avoid adding a dispersing mechanism, and the wet material entering the drying cylinder is repeatedly picked up and thrown by the copy board on the wall of the rotating drum, and is broken into small by the dispensing device during the falling process. The particles have a large increase in a specific area and are in full contact with the hot air and dry. The new rotary dryer equipment has a reliable operation, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability, and large processing capacity. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal washing, fertilizer, ore, sand, clay, kaolin, sugar, etc. Diameter: Φ1000- Φ4000, the length is determined according to the drying requirements.

New rotary dryer equipment

1. For the new rotary dryer equipment, the lifting plate and the rotation speed will make the dryer achieve better heat exchange, and the working effect is better, which can make the new tumble dryer equipment reach high quality, high output and low consumption. Then it is to improve the social and economic benefits of cement production enterprises.

2. This is convenient for the production of machine fertilizer. The whole drying process is carried out in a closed system, which can reduce environmental pollution during the drying process.

3. This can be greater than the centrifugal force of several thousand times in neutral, which can achieve the effect of solid-liquid separation.

4, such dust collection can be used for dust particles in the exhaust gas and relatively thick, and the moisture content is too large, the material is dry to collect dust, are high efficiency and high-temperature resistance and anti-blocking, etc. Characteristic.

5. First of all, it is necessary to select a suitable new type of rotary dryer equipment according to the characteristics of the material. When determining the type of the dryer, a small amount of material is required.

6. When the new rotary dryer equipment is in operation, do not put the handle or other things in the bearing and the gear cover for inspection and cleaning work. It is impossible to remove the safety protection facilities.

7. The drying rate of the new rotary dryer equipment is not high.

8. Therefore, in order to limit the flow speed of the material in the exit direction, only the rotational speed of the drum is limited to 99.

The above is the operation of the new tulip rotary dryer equipment, which requires the users of shuliy to understand and learn, so as to operate the new rotary dryer equipment correctly, ensure the drying efficiency and effect of the dryer, and create better for themselves. Economic benefits.

The working principle of the new machine-made carbonization furnace equipment

Shuliy’s new machine-made carbonization furnace equipment is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production equipment. It produces fumes in its production. If it can’t be processed, it will pollute the environment. Therefore, users need to configure flue gas treatment equipment and shuliy new machine-made carbonization furnace equipment carbonization. In the process of mechanical charcoal, the correct operation and temperature control can guarantee the quality of the machine-made charcoal, so the user will analyze the production of the new machine-made carbonization furnace equipment and the production requirements of each temperature section.

The new machine-made of carbonized furnace equipment manufactured by Shuliy Machinery uses a self-produced gas furnace as a heat source, uses methane gas through a cyclone, and distributes air into the burner. The outlet temperature of the burner can reach 800 ° C ~ 1200 ° C, and its flow rate can reach 3 ~ per second. 5 meters, the generated high-temperature airflow is heated in the periphery of the combustion chamber. It should be noted that when heating, the furnace temperature is between 100 °C and 150 °C, which is a greater value of moisture in the furnace. When the raw material rod is inserted into the kiln, it is brought into 4~8 % water, 1700kg of raw materials can bring more than 100 kilograms of water, these waters are the enemy of carbonization, because the machine-made of carbon raw material rods are very afraid of moisture, the moisture is pulverized into powder, seriously affecting the quality of carbonization, therefore, the moisture system It is an indispensable key. The tidal time is 1 to 1.5 hours. When the temperature in the carbonization chamber rises to 300 °C, a large amount of combustible gas is generated in the furnace. Each kilogram of raw material theoretically produces three cubic methane gas. The gas can be heated and carbonized, and the drying heat source can be used. The temperature of the furnace can be adjusted at will. The low-temperature carbon is generally above 400 ° C (8 hours can be completed), and the high-temperature carbon is above 600 ° C (10 hours).

The carbonization process of the new machine-made carbonization furnace equipment can generally be divided into the following three temperature zones:

First, the drying stage.

From the start of ignition to the temperature of the furnace rising to 160 ° C, the moisture contained in the machine-made rod is mainly evaporated by the amount of external heating and the heat generated by the combustion itself. The chemical composition of the machine-made rod has hardly changed.

Second, the initial stage of carbonization.

At this stage, the heat is generated by the burning of the rod itself, so that the temperature of the furnace rises to between 160 and 280 °C. At this time, the wood material undergoes a thermal decomposition reaction, and its composition begins to change. Among them, the unstable composition, such as hemicellulose, decomposes to form CO2, CO and a small amount of acetic acid.

Third, the comprehensive carbonization stage

The temperature at this stage is 300 to 650 °C.

At this stage, the wood material undergoes thermal decomposition abruptly, and at the same time, a large number of liquid products such as acetic acid, methanol, and wood tar are produced. In addition, flammable gases such as methane and ethylene are generated, and these flammable gases are burned in the furnace. Thermal decomposition and gas combustion generate a large amount of heat, which raises the temperature of the furnace, and the wood material is dry-distilled to char at high temperatures.

In order to calcine high-temperature carbon, in addition to the above three stages, we need to increase the heat so that the temperature in the furnace continues to rise to about 800 ° C ~ 1000 ° C, so that the volatile substances remaining in the charcoal can be discharged and the charcoal can be raised. The carbon content of the carbon increases the graphite structure of the carbon and enhances the electrical conductivity.

Shuliy large branch charcoal making machine equipment

Shuliy’s large-scale wood charcoal making machine can not only use sawdust and sawdust as raw materials but also use bark branches as raw materials for production. The use of raw materials has made the rapid development of large-scale branch charcoal equipment in the market. The development prospects of large-scale branch charcoal machine equipment, then what is the difference between the production of charcoal and toner by Shuliy large-twig charcoal machine equipment?

When Shuliy large-twig charcoal making machine equipment uses bark branches as raw materials, the raw materials can be processed into two different types, namely traditional charcoal and carbon powder, which need different processing techniques for branches and leaves. Processing and reuse can achieve good waste recycling, improve economic efficiency and create profit margins.

For materials that do not need to be pulverized, users can directly use large-scale wood charcoal making machine equipment to produce toner. The large-scale branch charcoal machine production line can directly extrude the material to make the required toner for storage, while the mechanism charcoal needs Processes such as pulverization, drying, rod making, and carbonization, and relative to the pulverizer, dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace, the two production methods, the carbon powder molding is relatively less than the selected equipment type. Investment costs are also relatively low, but the requirements for raw materials are very strict.

The process of making charcoal and toner is slightly different and needs attention. Compared with the production process, the finished charcoal production process is relatively complicated and requires more processes. First of all, it is necessary to put the raw materials such as bark bark into the pulverizer for pulverization. The pulverized granules need to reach about 3-6 mm. After pulverization, the raw materials need to be placed in an air dryer to dry, and the water is dried to 6%. -12% can meet demand. After drying, the bar machine is required to perform the bar forming operation, and the prepared salary bar is put into the carbonization furnace for carbonization so that the final carbonization molding becomes the mechanism charcoal.

The toner molding is relatively simple, and the production process is extremely simple. It is only necessary to put the raw materials such as bark bark into the carbonization furnace for carbonization, and then pulverize the raw materials to complete the toner. operating.

Shuliy large-twig charcoal making machine equipment can produce charcoal and can also produce carbon powder. It only needs different configuration equipment and production process and investment cost. Users need to invest in large-scale wood charcoal machine equipment to produce toner according to their own needs and sales. It is mechanism charcoal, so as to save investment costs more effectively and to better operate the production of Shuliy large-twig charcoal machine equipment, and create considerable economic benefits for itself.