What faults are prone to charcoal production machine

With the vigorous support of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, more and more energy conservation and environmental protection equipment on the market have been selling well. Among them, charcoal production machines have been recognized and favored by the majority of users. They can handle agricultural and forestry wastes well and brings people Generous income, and there is user feedback in the recent period, the charcoal production machine always fails, and asks how to solve it, so shuliy machinery analyzed several solutions to the charcoal production machine for the majority of users.

1. The power indicator of the operating table of the charcoal production machine does not light

Reasons: 1. The power of the charcoal production machine is not connected; 2. The fuse is blown; 3. The indicator light is broken.

Corrective measures: 1. Connect the power cord of the charcoal production machine; 2. Replace the fuse; 3. Replace the indicator bulb.

Second, charcoal production machine charcoal forming machine motor does not start

Reasons: 1. The control button of the charcoal production machine is damaged; 2. One phase is missing; 3. The voltage and frequency do not match.

Corrective measures: 1. Replace the control button of the charcoal production machine; 2. Connect the power cord; 3. Check the voltage frequency.

Third, the heating temperature of the charcoal production machine rises slowly to less than 350 degrees

Reasons: 1. The power supply voltage of the charcoal production machine equipment is low; 2. The resistance heating coil of the charcoal production machine equipment is damaged; 3. The type of charcoal production machine equipment is incorrect when replacing the heating coil wire.

Corrective measures: 1. Check the voltage of the charcoal production machine equipment; 2. Replace the resistance heating coil of the charcoal production machine equipment; 3. Replace the charcoal production equipment wire as required.

Can charcoal machine achieve environmental protection production?

According to the current situation, the whole world is vigorously promoting energy saving and environmental protection. It is true that the earth on which people rely on production has been severely damaged with the development of industry, and resources are still too limited for humans. However, people’s development and progress are inseparable from the development of the industry. The industry is the ladder of the progress of human civilization, so the current is to ensure energy conservation and environmental protection while allowing industry and the environment to develop benignly. This is very important for people now. problem.

The machine-made charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is a carbon rod made by extruding wood chips through the charcoal machine equipment. The source of raw materials is very wide. For example; rice husks, peanut husks, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, beanstalks, sawdust, sawdust, wood shavings, wood shavings, loose grain hulls, coconut hulls, etc. can all be used to produce machine-made charcoal. The charcoal machine equipment manufactured by Shuliy Machinery has high charcoal density, high calorific value, no smoke, no pollution, and flammability. It is an internationally recognized green and environmentally friendly product.

The charcoal machine equipment is born in such a big atmosphere, and it also finds hope for entrepreneurs who want to wear clothes. The charcoal machine protects the ecological environment and uses resources reasonably. Nowadays, society develops at a fast pace. The charcoal machine equipment manufacturers continue to grow, and the amount of industrial charcoal in China is increasing. Charcoal is a raw material product, and many charcoal manufacturers are in a state of suspension or semi-stop production. Mankind can only get rid of its dependence on natural fossil fuels as soon as possible, develop and utilize renewable energy sources reasonably, and turn waste into treasure is a major issue that we can protect the environment without affecting the rapid development of our economy, but also an inevitable trend in the development of science and technology today. .

The raw materials required for charcoal machine equipment are not harsh. As long as the charcoal machine manufacturer’s technology can reach the standard, the raw materials of the charcoal machine carbon can be targeted at almost all plant raw materials. At present, the market demand is not worrying about the sales of environmentally friendly carbon. Some charcoal manufacturers can make a short supply by advertising a little, and even some users have established the sales direction when they have not enough equipment to buy. At present, the price of the steel market is in a downturn, and the price of charcoal machine equipment has dropped. It is hoped that colleagues with entrepreneurial intentions will seize the opportunity and strive to enter the market as soon as possible.

How to determine whether a charcoal machine is qualified?

There are many manufacturers of charcoal machines, but not so many can meet the qualification standards. Some manufacturers have all the conditions for their products, while some manufacturers only meet a few of them. Such products can produce charcoal. But the finished product is not so good. If the pre-produced charcoal customers buy unqualified products, the impact is still very obvious. The waste of investment is not to say, the direct impact is that qualified charcoal cannot be produced.

So when we buy a charcoal machine, what standards are there to judge what a qualified product is? And when the charcoal machine manufacturer produces a new type of charcoal machine production line, what conditions are used to judge the machine to be qualified? When our factory produces products, it will first verify that each device is guaranteed to pass. We mainly follow the following judgment methods.

1. The moisture content of produced charcoal

After the charcoal is produced by the charcoal machine, it undergoes anaerobic combustion to evaporate most of the water. When we use charcoal, when evaluating the grade of charcoal, the moisture content is also a factor to consider first. That is, the lower the water content, the better, and the water content of the charcoal produced by a qualified charcoal machine should be controlled below 3%.

2. Ash content

The ash content of charcoal is an effective expression of the quality of charcoal. The lower the ash content, the wider the use. Generally, the use of finished charcoal with a large ash content is relatively restricted. However, the main influencing factor of ash content is raw materials. When straw is used as a raw material for charcoal production, the ash content is relatively large. When we judge whether a charcoal machine is qualified, it is produced using the same raw materials. Whether the ash meets the requirements of finished charcoal.

3. Carbon content

The carbon content produced by the charcoal machine has a great relationship with the raw materials and temperature. Under the same raw materials, the higher the carbonization temperature, the higher the carbon content of the finished carbon. When the temperature reaches 600 ~ 700 ℃, The amount of carbon can be higher than 90%, so the temperature given by the charcoal machine is a standard for the quality and qualification of a piece of equipment. When buying a charcoal machine, everyone must pay attention to the parameter of carbonization temperature. It has a lot to do with getting your ideal charcoal.

4. Amount of volatile matter

The content of volatile matter is related to the temperature of carbonization. This is the same as the relationship between the carbon content and temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the carbon content, and the less volatile matter. For example, low temperature carbonization is between 10% and 20% of volatile matter. %, And the volatile matter at high temperature is less than 5%, which is several times less, which is very helpful for improving environmental protection.

How to choose machine-made charcoal reasonable carbonization method

The production of machine-made charcoal is a complicated process, and the most important thing is to carbonize the raw materials, that is, the carbonization process of machine-made charcoal. Only in this way can the rods of the manufactured material be “turned” into machine-made charcoal. There are currently two methods of carbonization. One is to use the earth kiln for carbonization, and the other is to use the charcoal machine equipment carbonization furnace for carbonization.

So how to choose two different carbonization methods, and how to choose more reasonable? Shuliy Machinery will analyze it for you now.

The original earthen kiln carbonization was the soil method that people used to make charcoal at first. The raw materials produced a large amount of smoke during the carbonization process for a long time. Because people ’s environmental awareness was still poor at that time, the technology was relatively backward. Relevant environmental protection policies have been issued, so this method can only be used to produce charcoal at the expense of environmental costs.

Now, with the advancement of science and technology and the importance of environmental protection, coupled with the national call for the prohibition of burning raw charcoal to reduce the damage of forest vegetation, Kaibang Machinery R & D team has carefully designed an environmentally friendly smokeless charcoal furnace. The equipment can replace the earth kiln to burn charcoal. The environmentally friendly smokeless charring furnace not only covers a small area but also adds environmental protection smoke removal devices to the equipment. It not only reduces the air pollution during carbonization but also can recycle the wood tar and other flue gas generated during carbonization at one time, which is both environmentally friendly and increasing revenue. It is a reasonable charcoal production equipment.

Charcoal machine equipment-carbonization furnace requires certain ignition raw materials during carbonization: branches, straw, straw, etc. can all be used as ignition raw materials for the carbonization furnace.

Production steps of charcoal machine equipment

Charcoal machine equipment is not able to produce charcoal by one or two machines, it is a production line, a production line where multiple machines are connected together. In addition, the true mechanism charcoal machine production line is by no means carbonized and then formed. Only when certain raw materials cannot be directly formed will the matching process after carbonization be selected.

Secondly, the mechanism charcoal machine equipment production line is an interlocking production process technology, so the production training of technical personnel is also crucial. The equipment technology can be designed well. The manufacturer will try to do well, but some links must be connected Technician operation control.

1. In the crusher production stage of the charcoal machine equipment, the effect of crushing is self-evident, but whether it can really achieve the fineness of raw materials required for rod making, it also requires technical personnel to carry out visual inspection. This kind of judgment depends on experience The method is relatively reliable.

2. After the material enters the pulverizer, rely on technical operators to maintain the pulverizer in production. Once the pulverizing effect is poor, it must be shut down for inspection immediately. If the inspection is not timely, the failure may be further expanded, resulting in the entire production line Production capacity has dropped.

3. After crushing, the material enters the dryer stage. If the user is using a dryer, please pay attention to observe the feed amount of the material into the drying inlet. If the feed amount is too large or the moisture is too large, it will directly lead to a Blocking phenomenon.

4. If the humidity of the material after the crusher is too high, it may also lead to the phenomenon that the raw materials cannot advance in the dryer. As long as the moisture is below 40%, the air dryer can solve it. If the moisture is above 40%, it must be used. Drum dryer drying.

5. The dryer can automatically feed the material and dry it again. The smoke exhaust port does not channel the material and the discharge port does not spray the material naturally. The material is dried by the dryer so that the moisture content is within 12%. Production of four rod-making machines.
6. The rod-making machine can discard the waste materials such as bamboo, wood, fruit shells, straw (except rice straw, wheat straw) with a moisture content of less than 12% (length ≤ 5mm, diameter ≤ 3mm) without any binder. Under the high temperature and high-pressure process, it is extruded into a solid salary rod with a central hole.

7. The carbonization is divided into three stages: low-temperature discharge, high-temperature calcination, cooling, and cooling. When entering the carbonization furnace, the salary rod has about 8% moisture, which is the enemy of carbonization. Because the mechanism of the stick is afraid of getting wet, the moisture in the stick will seriously affect the carbonization quality. Therefore, the tide drain time is essential. The time of dehumidification is generally 10-15 hours for clay kilns and 2-3.5 hours for machine kilns. The long heating time can prevent moisture stick from cracking and ensure the quality of carbonization.

Film granulators are increasingly updated

In order to provide better and better film granulators, Shuliy Machinery strictly abides by the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, takes market demand as the basis for development, and uses high-tech achievements as the driving force to gradually improve its own deficiencies so as to reach the international level and lead domestic machinery The industry is stepping towards high-end. This shows that innovation plays a very important role in the development of the film granulator itself.

At the same time, the improved film granulator will bring many unexpected surprises to the majority of users, such as achieving rapid production while ensuring quality, reducing labor and production costs, and providing conditions for the stable development of the enterprise’s economy. It is precise because the film granulator can effectively help users to achieve greater benefits so that it can win market user recognition, quickly occupy the market, and move towards a broad development path.

Shuliy film granulator has provided the market with many excellent types of equipment for many years and has provided considerable help for the development and progress of society. The film granulator is independently developed by the manufacturer. It incorporates the current advanced technology and sophisticated components to ensure the overall strength of the equipment.

Although with the strong support of high technology, the film granulator has more confidence in the overall machinery market, but we still carefully examine the market demand, and formulate the corresponding R & D program based on the analysis results, so that the film granulator After being integrated into the production of the enterprise, it will meet any requirements of users with its powerful functions, solve all problems, and become a powerful assistant for users to succeed.

Innovation is the product of this era, and its participation makes the film granulator more full of fighting spirit, and makes our life more relaxed and happy. In addition, through repeated innovations, the design of the film granulator is compact and reasonable, the appearance is simple and beautiful, and the equipment is easier to adjust. It shows a unique charm in the market and leads the domestic machinery industry to a bright future.

The value of plastic granulators

With the increase of waste plastics, it has caused a great impact on the environment. Due to the low price of plastics, they are widely used in product packaging and most of the disposables that are discarded after use cause the well-known white pollution. For example, the use of agricultural film and mulch film has brought great development to agriculture, but the litter after use has caused film fragments to block the soil travel barrier, hinder root development and the absorption of water and nutrients, and poison the soil.

The hazards of waste plastics are not only this but many. Therefore, the recycling of waste plastics has become very important. Therefore, the country is also actively promoting waste plastic recycling technology, and waste plastic recycling granulator is also one of the choices, making waste plastic into waste.

shuliy machinery manufactures and supplies plastic granulators, twin-screw extruders, single screw extruders, waste plastic recycling granulators, agricultural film/mulch film/greenhouse film granulators, waste weaved bag granulators, single-stage / double Stage granulator, plastic cleaning and recycling equipment, PET bottle flake cleaning equipment, etc.

Plastic granulator-waste plastics are automated from raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to granulation. The new plastic granulator is high-pressure friction uninterrupted continuous heating system that automatically heats and plasticizes and prevents continuous heating. Power saving, energy saving, electromechanical separation, simpler operation, and safer operation. Its screw and barrel are made of high-strength and high-quality carbon structure steel, which is not only durable but also beautiful in appearance.

Plastic cleaning and recycling equipment

Plastic film recycling and washing line is mainly used to recycle waste plastic packaging film, agricultural mulch film, greenhouse film, mulch film and other films. The recycling and washing line integrates film screening, crushing, cleaning and drying, and is an essential equipment for recycling of waste plastic . At the same time, the granulation unit can be configured according to customer requirements, which can directly granulate and recover the washed film.

PE, PP waste plastic film recycling cleaning wool production line is mainly used for recycling plastic packaging film, agricultural mulch film, greenhouse film PE / PP plastic, PE / PP plastic garbage mixture, waste PP woven bag, plastic bag, household waste plastic, waste agricultural Membrane mulch. The entire production line can be easily cleaned from the beginning of the operation to the finished product. Waste plastic films, waste packaging materials or hard plastics are processed step by step here. The design of the entire production line is simple and effective, and it is very popular at home and abroad. .

Waste plastic film recycling and washing line

The entire plastic cleaning and recycling equipment is independently developed, designed, and manufactured by our company. It integrates the production technology of the same industry in Europe and America. This production equipment truly realizes the professional manufacture of high-quality plastic recycling machinery. It has high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, and film moisture after drying. The content is less than 5%. In order to make our company’s product quality reach the world-class level, the entire production equipment is refined on each part. Each part is made of stainless steel on the connection of important parts, and the parts are continuously improved Use effects on raw materials.

Plastic cleaning and recycling equipment is mainly composed of: conveyor belt, crusher, friction cleaning machine, sedimentation rinsing tank, screw elevator, dehydrator, pipeline drying system, silo, control electric box, etc.

Plastic cleaning and recycling equipment is developed through the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced concepts and technologies from the same industry in the world, combined with the needs of today’s development and the characteristics of secondary applications of waste plastics. It can meet the environmental protection requirements for waste plastic recycling at home and abroad.

Features and uses of plastic cleaning and recycling equipment:

This set of equipment is suitable for cleaning, dust removal and drying of PP \ PE and other plastic products. The production line is safe and reliable, and the material processing performance is stable. After the material processing, all the indicators have reached the standard and the qualification rate is high. One of the devices.

Precautions for installing charcoal dryer

When you buy a wood dryer home, the technician’s wood dryer company will return to your home and install it for free. The following are the precautions for installing the wood dryer:

Wood dryer

1. Foundation acceptance, mainly check the foundation concrete pouring quality and size position deviation. Its appearance requires that the foundation surface is clean, free of oil stains, dust, debris, no exposed steel bars, no crack angles, and no casting defects such as residual shell plates in the expected holes. The deviation of the size and position of the foundation should meet the following requirements: For the shape, size and position of the basic coordinates, the error of the vertical axis and the horizontal axis is less than 20 mm. The elevation error of different planes is less than 20 mm, only Xu and Negative are not allowed to be positive, the total length of slope error is less than 20 mm, whether the discharge end is allowed to be positive, the unevenness of the upper plane is less than 5m, and the total length is less than 10 mm.

2. Wood drying equipment inspection, packaging wood drying equipment, parts, components, standard parts, inventory and other random documents supplied by the anti-skid control device, sent to the wrong check for missing parts, deformation and damage, etc., and used for good records, so install Before that, purchase or prepare. When packaging transparent protective coatings and coatings of dust, grease, rust spots, etc., as well as handling caused damage during transportation, the received dressing is deformed. The key fitting part is pre-detected and pre-arranged to avoid rework of the installation work and ensure the progress of the installation quality of the installation.

three. Prepare the installation process, including basic installation procedures, basic installation procedures, installation process methods and safety technical requirements. Then set the bottom plate, determine the reasonable layout of the bottom plate, and pay attention to the bottom plate should be as close as possible to the anchor rod, placed at the center of gravity of the load, to prevent uneven load on the bottom plate. The number of base plates in each group shall not exceed 5 pieces. Thicker pads should be placed up and down, thinner pads should be placed in the middle, and stacked pads should be in good contact. When the adjustments cannot overlap completely, the contact area should be greater than 80%. The bottom plate and the foundation should have sufficient contact accuracy, so that the foundation is tightly contacted, placed stably, and there is no hollow angle sloshing phenomenon, ensuring that the bottom plate is tilted up and down the same as the foundation in the longitudinal direction; it should be basically horizontal in the horizontal direction. The base line marking adopts the optical theodolite, laser collimator or the wire drawing method with poor precision to horizontally level and align the roller base, and repeat the vertical alignment several times until the coordinate position, horizontal horizontal and vertical inclination angle meet the requirements.

Sawdust dryer main structure and characteristics

The main structure and characteristics of the dust collector of the wood chip dryer. The wood chip dryer is a mechanical device designed and manufactured for the drying of sawdust, small wood chips, wood veneers, and wood chips. The main principle is to apply the principle of thermal communication. There is plenty of contact in the barrel to complete the purpose of evaporating water, drying, and dehydration under the action of high temperature.

Feeding installation: Wet wood chips are fed into the wood chip dryer barrel. The built-in “rotary rake crushing” installation belt in the first drying stage breaks up and crushes the wet materials, and converts the wet materials into loose particles that are easy to dry Under the action of the board, it is fully contacted with hot air, dried countercurrently, and quickly evaporates most of the water. In order to remove the biological water in the wet material, the wood chips are transferred to the second drying stage of the wood chip dryer.

At this time, the material and the hot air stop counter-current drying, and the material is repeatedly lifted in the middle layer from time to time, which not only fully absorbs the heat distributed by the inner drum, but also absorbs the heat of the middle drum to reach a better dry state. The material moves to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. The material travels in a multi-loop way in the outer drum, and the two-step and one-step backward travel mode make the material that reaches the dry effect quickly travel out of the drum.