Carbonization operation method of original charcoal furnace

The original charcoal furnace is a smokeless charcoal production equipment and important equipment in the charcoal machine. It can ensure smokeless environmental protection in the production of charcoal and will not cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, it is also very important to invest in the original charcoal furnace to produce charcoal

The original charcoal furnace is ideal for carbonization of woody materials such as wood chips, rice husks, peanut husks, crop straws, bark, etc. (granules with a volume of less than 15mm) under the high-temperature conditions of the furnace, dry distillation, oxygen-free carbonization, and high carbonization rate The equipment and hoisting carbonization furnace reasonably adopt the advanced technology of recovering, purifying and circulating combustion of combustible gas such as carbon monoxide and oxygen produced during the carbonization process. When carbonizing logs, use a carbonization furnace to pay attention to what carbonization is an important part of the mechanism charcoal.

The charring process of the original charcoal furnace is the core of the mechanism of charcoal production technology. Just like building a building. Good raw materials are the foundation of the building and the underground part. The carbonization technology in the carbonization process is the aerial part of the building. Carbonization is divided into three stages: low-temperature discharge, high-temperature calcination, and cooling.

When entering the carbonization furnace, the salary rod has about 8% moisture, which is the enemy of carbonization. Because the mechanism of the stick is afraid of moisture, the moisture in the stick will seriously affect the carbonization quality. Tide drain time is essential. The time of dehumidification is generally 10-15 hours for clay kilns and 2-3.5 hours for machine-made kilns. The long heating time can prevent moisture stick from cracking and ensure the quality of carbonization. When the furnace temperature rises to 300 degrees, a large amount of combustible gas can be produced in the furnace.

Smokeless charcoal furnaces are getting better and better in the market

The smokeless carbonization furnace is an equipment for environmentally friendly carbonization production. Its carbonization efficiency is high, energy saving and environmental protection are strong. At the same time, the smokeless carbonization furnace is also constantly innovating, using unique advantages and carbon production technology, bringing more demand to users.

The traditional carbon production process not only has a long carbonization time and low carbonization rate, but also is simple and pollutes the environment. It is also environmentally friendly. Our smokeless carbonization furnace can use a variety of wood scraps and straws, rice husks, wood chips, sawdust, coconut shells, and bamboo chips. , Peanut shells, corn cob and other materials to make charcoal. The carbonization equipment uses high-tech purification technology, energy saving and high efficiency, very convenient to operate, and completely eliminate pollution, flue gas, harmful gases and other phenomena, because we have added a flue gas recovery device in the carbonization furnace equipment, generated during the carbonization process The flue gas is cleverly pressed back into the furnace for recycling carbonization through the recovery device, so as to achieve no flue gas discharge, that is, to eliminate pollution and recycle it is very environmentally friendly.

The smokeless carbonization furnace burns the material through the gasification furnace to produce flue gas. After considering the gas impurities such as wood tar smoke through the flue gas purification system, the flue gas is transmitted into the carbonization machine for combustion. When it reaches a certain temperature, the carbonization machine Add the materials that need to be carbonized, and transfer them through the pipeline to make the materials burn in the carbonization machine. The combustion of organic matter needs to meet three points: heat, oxygen, and organic matter. Because the carbonization machine is almost a closed space, it cannot meet the needs of oxygen. At 800 degrees high temperature inside the carbonizing machine, after adjusting the speed of the internal conveying device of the carbonizing machine, it will not burn into ash, but only burn into char. The flue gas generated by the materials burned in the smokeless carbonization furnace is treated by the flue gas purification, and then returned to the smokeless carbonization furnace for combustion, so that the thermal energy of the machine can be continuously operated to achieve a smokeless, environmentally friendly and continuous effect.

Finally, the carbon is transported through the cooling machine to reduce the temperature, so that the temperature of the carbon is only 50-80 degrees when it comes out. During the transportation of the carbon after it comes out, because the carbon fully contacts the air, if the material density is large, it is relatively thick, although there is no open flame on the surface , There may be Mars in the core of the material, or it may spontaneously ignite. It is necessary to install mist spray equipment to cool the charcoal twice to completely eliminate the fire source. All internal components of the smokeless carbonization furnace are made of special high temperature resistant precious metal steel, which is durable, non-deformation, non-oxidation, good thermal insulation performance, simple operation, safe and reliable.

The smokeless carbonization furnace is a device that truly achieves smokeless and environmentally friendly carbonization production in the current market. Its carbonization efficiency is high, energy saving and environmental protection are strong, so the market development of smokeless carbonization furnace is getting better and better.

What are the production advantages of charcoal machine

With the rapid development of industry, people’s living standards have been effectively improved, but the deterioration of the environment has become more and more serious. In the face of increasing waste resources, the production of charcoal machines has played a great role in it. What are the production advantages of charcoal machine?

(1) Utilization of waste: China is a large agricultural production country with abundant resources. According to statistics from relevant departments, the annual residue of crop straws and other wastes is about 10 billion tons, of which only 20-30% of the residue is used, and the rest is treated as garbage. More than one billion tons of tree branches, sawdust, rice husks, and various types of straw for farming have also been thrown away, and hundreds of millions of tons of new energy charcoal are produced based on the 2: 1 ratio of charcoal made from charcoal waste.

⑵ Turning waste into treasure: Charcoal produced by the charcoal machine can replace natural charcoal, which not only saves wood, but also effectively protects forest resources, prevents soil erosion, adjusts the ecological balance, and benefits future generations.

⑶Regeneration of resources: Charcoal is an indispensable raw material and additive in China’s industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, metallurgy and other industries. At the same time as “logging and burning prohibition”, our country has promulgated the tax-free preferential policies for processing and burning waste materials such as sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, straw, fruit shells and other waste materials using wood scraps, which eases The burning of charcoal causes a shortage of charcoal, and it also finds a way out of life for the charcoal-burning charcoal industry who sells charcoal. With the rapid development of China’s economy, it can effectively alleviate the tension of charcoal supply and is conducive to the healthy and stable development of the national economy.

The above are the advantages of charcoal machine in the production of charcoal in three aspects. Through these, I believe that the majority of users have more understanding of it and can operate the equipment to produce charcoal better, ensuring its production efficiency and quality.

Charcoal machine charring furnace operation mode

Carbonization is an important part of charcoal. The carbonization process is the core of charcoal production technology. Just like building a building. Good raw materials are the foundation of the building is the underground part. The carbonization technology in the carbonization process is the above-ground part of the building.

Carbonization is divided into three stages: low-temperature exhaust, high-temperature calcination, and cooling. When entering the carbonization furnace, the salary rod has about 8% moisture, which is the enemy of carbonization. The charcoal machine is most afraid of getting wet because of the salary rod, and the moisture in the salary rod will seriously affect the carbonization quality. Because these tide times are essential. Tide evacuation time is essential.

The moisture discharge time is generally 10-15 hours for the earth kiln and 2-3.5 hours for the kiln. The long heating time can prevent the moisture rod from cracking due to moisture and ensure the carbonization quality. When the furnace temperature rises to 300 degrees, a large amount of combustible gas can be produced in the furnace. Each catty of raw materials can produce three cubic of methane gas. These gases can be used to heat the furnace. It is necessary to seal the anaerobic and close the fire during the heat preservation and calcination stage when the heat source for drying above 400 degrees is discharged. It can be taken from spontaneous combustion or water cooling.

Charcoal must be ventilated and charcoal after exiting the kiln to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. Charcoal leaving the kiln should be placed outdoors for more than 8 hours. To prevent the resurgence of dead ash and fire.

Ceiling type carbonization furnace

The hoisting carbonization furnace includes a furnace body, a furnace cover, a heating chamber, an exhaust pipe, a carbonized liner is set in the furnace chamber of the furnace body, and a cover is installed on the carbonized liner, and the upper edge of the carbonized liner is fixed with The downwardly folded annular flange is matched with the annular sealing ring fixed on the upper part of the inner side of the furnace chamber, and is installed on the side wall of the carbonized liner, the upper cover of the carbonized liner, and the furnace cover Lifting ears are respectively fixed on the top.

The new type carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber. The movable installation of the carbonization liner can be used for continuous operation. A furnace body can be equipped with multiple carbonization liners. When the carbonization liner is replaced, there is no need for pre-heat treatment. The cooling of the inner tank is completely separated from the furnace body, which greatly improves the carbonization work efficiency, saves the number of equipment, saves labor and expenditure, has a good sealing effect, the overall structure is simple and novel, the operation is simple and safe, and it is easy to manufacture, which is very conducive to promotion and implementation.

Equipment name: Carbonization furnace (charcoal machine carbonization furnace) The new environmental protection carbonization furnace adds a flue gas recovery device on the basis of the original carbonization furnace. After the flue gas is recovered, it can achieve dust-free and smoke-free. The recovered flue gas can be ignited like liquefied gas for It can also be used for heating, cooking and drying machine.

The new mechanism carbonization furnace has the effect of one machine and two uses. The material can also be directly carbonized, or it can be made first and then carbonized. The charcoal of the charcoal furnace mechanism charcoal is as follows: Compared with the ordinary clay charcoal, the mechanism charcoal has the characteristics of long burning time, high carbon content, high calorific value, large calorific value, small ash content, smokeless, odorless, non-toxic and so on.

Characteristics of air flow carbonization furnace

The airflow carbonization furnace adopts a mobile steel plate structure carbonization process. The advanced cycle short output high carbonization furnace includes a furnace body, a cooling elbow, a fan, and a tar collector. An exhaust port is provided in the lower part of the furnace body. The exhaust port is connected to one end of the n-shaped cooling elbow through a pipe, the other end of the cooling elbow is connected to the inlet of the fan, and the outlet of the fan is connected to the inlet of the tar collector. A valve is provided on the cooling elbow.

A furnace door, a thermometer, and an observation window are provided on the side of the furnace body, and an ignition window is provided on the top of the furnace body. The utility model has the advantages that: the fan cooling elbow and the tar collector are used to cool the flue gas discharged from the furnace body, thereby recovering the tar in the flue gas, reducing the pollution to the air, and also recycling the tar for reuse, reducing the waste.

The carbonization furnace is the last step of making charcoal. The quality of carbonization directly affects the price of charcoal. The carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment for the carbonization of anoxic dry distillation. It has a reasonable structure and saves heating energy consumption. It uses a superheated steam cooling system, which has a fast cooling rate and high charcoal quality, which greatly shortens the production cycle.

Market demand for continuous carbonization machine

Charcoal is an indispensable environmentally friendly fuel product in our daily life and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food barbecue, heating and other aspects of national life that are indispensable. With the rapid development of the times, the demand for charcoal at home and abroad is increasing. machine-made charcoal can now replace natural charcoal in function, and the development and use of machine-made charcoal reduce the natural charcoal’s demand for wood.

Therefore, our Venus continuous carbonization machine manufacturer comprehensively uses plant waste such as agricultural waste straw, waste wood or tree branches as raw materials for the production machine-made charcoal, conforms to the trend of building a conservation-minded society and developing circular economy, and creates a better tomorrow for the country Contribute.

Continuous carbonization machine is made of waste straw, wood, tree branches and other raw materials, extruded into rod shape by extruder, and carbonized by continuous carbonization furnace. The machine-made charcoal produced by this carbonization machine has the advantages of regular shape, good thermal conductivity and high heating value, especially smokeless and odorless when burned, compared with traditional charcoal. Responded to the national call to strengthen environmental pollution. In summary, the continuous carbonization machine has a great demand for the market.

The new continuous carbonizer has reliable quality

When people have bought a lot of products of poor quality, they can feel how their hearts collapse. It takes a long time to pick something that has been broken for a day or two, just like buying clothes and wearing it once, it will affect your mood, so buying things of poor quality is a time-consuming and expensive thing. When modern people buy continuous carbonization machines, they are always pursuing good quality products. High-quality continuous carbonization equipment is more durable and more efficient, which saves time for selection and saves the buyer’s cost.

It is not enough to rely on only one technical staff for the reliable quality of the charcoal machine. It is necessary for people involved in all production links to jointly supervise the efforts. Promote the concept of creating qualified products in production, and strive to improve the quality of equipment. Friends who are interested in purchasing a machine charcoal machine, please contact us at any time, Jinxing Heavy Industry, our company specializes in the production of energy-saving and environmental protection machine-made charcoal machines, continuous carbonization machine and other charcoal machine equipment.

Our Venus Continuous Carbonization Machine Factory takes science and environmental protection as its own responsibility, integrating science, industry, and trade, with complete varieties and specifications, perfect testing methods, novel design, stable performance, and easy operation, and can design and process charcoal equipment according to customer needs. The products are sold all over the country and exported to overseas. Environmental protection equipment, one machine for two purposes. The rod-making machine can produce machined wood rods, and the carbon powder can be produced by replacing the carbon powder in the forming cylinder; the carbonization furnace can burn the original charcoal or the machined carbon, and the raw materials can also be carbonized by the carbonization furnace to produce carbon powder.

How to solve the failure of sawdust briquetting machine?

How to solve the failure of the sawdust briquetting machine? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish what kind of failure occurred and what factors caused the failure. Only by treating the symptoms can the problem be better solved. The importance of the sawdust briquetting machine in the charcoal machine production line is self-evident, it is a very important production link, because the production raw materials of the charcoal machine production line are different

Therefore, during the processing of different materials, the sawdust briquetting machine will inevitably have the phenomenon of cracks in the carbon rod, and the occurrence of cracks will have a great impact on the quality of the charcoal, so it needs to be resolved in time when making the rod In order to prevent the expansion of production problems, the quality of production and processing can be guaranteed.

Analysis of factors prone to cracks in the process of sawdust briquetting mechanism:

1. If the moisture of the raw material is too small, it will cause the occurrence of longitudinal cracks;

2. When the moisture of the raw material is too large, it will cause the occurrence of lateral cracks;

3. If the heating temperature of the sawdust briquetting machine is too high, it will also make the raw material too soft, which will lead to insufficient supply, which will lead to cracks. Under normal circumstances, when the supply is insufficient, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the screw appropriately. Polish the spiral wall and increase the distance between the spirals to prevent excessive soft talk

How does charcoal machine produce charcoal

After investing in the charcoal machine, the majority of users must not only master the process of each link but also analyze the raw materials used. Only good raw materials can produce good machine-made charcoal, which is hot in the market and has better economic benefits.

The charcoal can only be discharged when the charcoal machine cools. You can touch the outer surface of the charcoal machine kiln to feel whether the temperature reaches the appropriate temperature and open the kiln door. Direct sunlight may make it difficult to tell the temperature, but you can touch the area on the bottom surface of the charcoal machine that is not exposed to sunlight so that it is easier to estimate the temperature inside.

Then estimate the temperature of the rest of the bottom to determine whether there are “hot spots”. If the interior of the charcoal machine is still hot after 24 hours of cooling, it means that it is not completely isolated from the outside air, and we must continue to work hard to solve this. In addition, if the charcoal machine kiln is opened, it is found that some charcoal is still burning. Then it must be resealed so that its lack of oxygen is extinguished naturally, thereby further cooling.

If the sealing system of the charcoal machine is damaged, even if the charcoal seems to have completely cooled, the charcoal must be removed immediately. Any delay may cause the charcoal in the kiln to burn, and in addition to this loss, it may cause severe damage to the kiln.

After the carbonization of wood, its volume will be reduced to about half of its original volume. Therefore, after removing the upper part of the kiln and the cover, it is likely that the charcoal is at the bottom. Just lift one end of the cover from the support frame, then insert one end of a long branch or wooden board through the gap, and tilt them into a slope, and finally slide the cover slowly to the ground. This makes it easy to remove the cover. The same method can also remove the upper part of the kiln.

Before removing the bottom, first, use a lever to open the air inlet and outlet holes from the side of the charcoal machine kiln. Then use the lever on the opposite side, so that the bottom will be raised at one end, and the produced charcoal needs to be placed aside to continue cooling before it can be put into the sack. When the charcoal machine is unloaded from the kiln, you need to prepare a bucket of water, some sand or fine soil, so that the charcoal machine can extinguish the fire at any time in the event of a fire.