Black garlic fermentation machine technical characteristics

First, the perfect combination of no added process technology and equipment, no addition (including water) in the whole process of fermentation process;

Second, the black garlic fermentation equipment power is low, the unit fermentation power consumption cost is low;

Third, the black garlic fermentation equipment runs smoothly, almost no wearing parts, no maintenance and maintenance;

Fourth, the black garlic fermentation equipment automation is high, the whole process PLC intelligent system control, no one is the factor product quality impact

5. The product tastes mellow and fragrant, compared with non-water fermentation process and equipment.

Sixth, the materials are all made of stainless steel 304. Because the patented fermentation process does not add water, the sulfur dioxide released during the fermentation of garlic is very corrosive to the equipment, the equipment has a long service life, no maintenance is required, and it is maintenance-free.

Seventh, the equipment circulation is scientific and reasonable, the insulation effect is good, the temperature is uniform, and the temperature difference is controlled within ±2;

8. Due to advanced product technology, the taste and quality of subsequent deep processing products are leading levels;

Nine, the product is fermented evenly, the yield rate reaches 100%, and the taste of the fermented product is highly consistent;

X. The company adopts unique patented technology, which can not only ferment single-head garlic, multi-petal garlic, but also ferment and peel high-value health products such as garlic, rice, onion, ginseng, ginger and apple.

Large sawdust carbon machine equipment

Shuliy machinery pays more attention to the practicality of the society’s own production technology in the manufacture of large-scale sawdust carbon-making equipment. It adopts the process of assembling parts and does not weld the large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment parts and the fuselage. The production process of large sawdust carbon machine equipment is realized to ensure the diversified production of large sawdust carbon machine equipment.

Large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment initial test machine, it is mainly for the detection of new un-produced large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment, the test content is whether the installation of large sawdust carbon machine equipment parts is stable and whether the large sawdust carbon machine equipment accessories run-in Normally; everyone should be aware that the new large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment has never been used for its accessories. If the initial test machine uses normal production voltage, excessive voltage and current will affect the preheating of the motor, and even May cause damage to the running-in of large sawdust machine parts. When the charcoal machine equipment is first tested, it is better to go down in the low voltage environment, because the low voltage is enough to drive the large sawdust carbon machine equipment of the no-load test machine, so that it can check whether the installation of the large sawdust carbon machine equipment parts is stable. It can also be used for preheating the grinding cooperation of large sawdust carbon machine equipment accessories. More importantly, it will not cause damage to the test machine caused by a high voltage current.

In the era of technological success, all the problems can be solved. Shuliy Machinery has launched a number of new energy equipment-environmental carbonization furnaces as the main direction of development of environmentally sound and large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment. One of the obvious characteristics of the traditional carbon-making process is that pollution is extremely serious. In the process of charcoal production, the main pollution comes from the carbonization stage. Because of the limitations of technical processes at that time, the charcoal used is self-built earthen kiln. There are many disadvantages to this method. Shuliy mechanical environmental protection large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment realizes automatic numerical control technology to ensure temperature control, reduce the burden and pressure of workers, completely solve the problem of pollutant smoke emissions generated during the work process, and also generate the reaction A large amount of methane, hexene, and other combustible gases are recovered and can be used for cooking and heating.

Shuliy Machinery’s large-scale sawdust carbon-making machine adopts a brand-new innovative concept to create a new high-tech product that is completely different from the traditional concept. It adopts high-end configuration and vigorously expands its market field. Real strength, good product, of course, sales are good, and it is a good helper in life, really serving the user and solving all problems.

How to choose a large wood powder dryer

With the development of the dryer industry, sawdust and wood powder have become the wooden materials widely used by today’s users. As a product of the development of the dryer industry, large-scale wood powder dryer equipment has become a sought after device for users. For the users, the selection of equipment in the early stage of production can better carry out the later work. How to choose the large wood powder dryer equipment of Suichang?

First, the reason why the new wood powder dryer is favored by many people is that its drying effect is far better than the previous models, and the industry that has demand for wood powder raw materials have increasingly demanded product quality. High, that is to say, these customers are more willing to choose high-quality wood powder when purchasing wood powder raw materials. However, the previous wood powder dryer is prone to paste phenomenon due to design defects. This is a lot of customers. Unwilling to buy;

Second, some users have just begun to use wood powder dryers often appear paste, blockage and other phenomena, in fact, most of them are caused by unskilled handling, and now with the rise of the automation industry, the new wood powder dryer now Most of them are equipped with a special control platform. The operators only need to follow the operation prompts to carry out the corresponding process execution, which greatly reduces the production accidents caused by the improper operation;

Third, it is to see whether the overall function of this wood powder dryer is comprehensive. Generally speaking, it is difficult for current users to process business all the year-round due to the processing of wood powder raw materials. After all, many customers’ orders are seasonal, so the wood powder dryer can be used all year round. If you don’t stop, you must consider the functionality of the wood powder dryer. The new wood powder dryer produced by Heying Machinery takes into account these conditions. It can not only dry wood powder but also has similar properties to wood powder. Can be processed with a wood powder dryer;

Fourth, because many customers who order wood powder raw materials in the market are in great demand, but the time of goods is relatively tight, so the output of wood powder dryer determines whether it is favored by users, and today, a variety of wood powder drying The machine can’t be done too much by the principle of drying machinery, otherwise the drying effect will be greatly reduced. Now the new wood powder dryer produced by Heying Machinery has broken this technical limitation and will be sorted out with the practice data in the future. And the process to improve the size of the wood powder dryer will not be far away;

For everyone, the purchase of large-scale equipment such as wood powder dryer is for long-term investment. I also hope that my business is getting better and better, and the business volume is increasing. Therefore, if a wood powder dryer does not meet the above requirements, The requirements of the four aspects are basically difficult for the user to use for a long time, and even if there is no advantage in competing with other people’s products, the wood powder drying process will be withdrawn early.

New wood chip charcoal machine production line

Shuliy’s new wood chip charcoal machine production line is made of bamboo, wood, sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob and other woody plants pulverized into wood particles by wood chip mill into 10mm, dried in a dryer and then placed in a carbonization furnace. A machine that performs carbonization. The charcoal produced by Shuliy’s new wood chip charcoal machine production line has high density, small volume, and good flammability. It can replace fuelwood and coal. The charcoal products produced are especially suitable for heating in autumn and winter in the northern region, heating in greenhouses or as ordinary living fuel.

The production process of the new wood chip charcoal machine production line: material crushing, drying, rod forming, carbonization, the main equipment are: crusher, dryer, bar machine, carbonization furnace. It mainly consists of a bar machine and a dryer and is a special machine for manufacturing charcoal. The dryer can automatically cut the material and dry it once. The exhaust port is not dipped. The discharge port does not spray the material and falls naturally. It can be used for the production of four-rod machines. The automatic temperature control rod making machine can adjust the rod at any time. Compactness, this technology not only guarantees the quality of the stick. Branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural products are used as raw materials. After crushing, they are pressurized and densified. Because they can replace traditional coal, they are called “straw coal”. It is an emerging fuel. Production and processing procedures of the new wood chip charcoal machine production line: the material is cut by a mower or crushed by a pulverizer, and the material grain length and water content are within the specified range: the material is fed by a loading machine (belt conveyor) or manually It is evenly sent to the upper mouth of the molding machine, and the press forming is the finished product.

The process of making charcoal is generally divided into four stages, the pulverization stage, the drying stage, the forming stage and the carbonization stage, each of which has its own considerations in these steps. For example, in the carbonization stage, the old old-fashioned earthen kiln was carbonized, the black smoke was skyrocketing, and the smoke was rolling, which caused great harm to the environment. The national government also banned the method of charcoal burning. But now Shuliy Machinery has developed a new carbonization method, which is an environmentally friendly carbonization furnace. This major research can help us solve many problems. The effect of carbonization furnace on environmental protection is obvious. With the continuous improvement of production technology, the design of new carbonization machine is more reasonable, the structure is more compact, the production process will be safer and more reliable, and the output of finished products will be further improved.

The carbonization furnace is a charcoal product produced by subjecting crop waste products such as straw, rice husk, sawdust and bamboo chips to a series of physical and chemical changes, and finally carbonization. The product is highly efficient, green and non-polluting, and has a wide range of sales prospects and development prospects. The new carbonization furnace adds a flue gas recovery device based on the traditional equipment. The flue gas generated in the carbonization process is automatically recycled and supplied to the carbonized combustion energy. There is basically no waste discharge, and the energy consumption is small, and the raw materials produced by itself can be used. Helping to produce by yourself, this will greatly help to reduce the emission of smoke in the charcoal manufacturing process. There is no gas emission from the atmosphere during the production process, and the double effect of environmental protection and energy conservation is achieved. The addition of this technology has great benefits for reducing user input, eliminating the need to provide a large amount of heat source in the carbonization process, which is important for improving revenue and for environmental protection.

Precautions in the drying of rotary dryer equipment

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the Shuliy rotary dryer equipment, the phenomenon of sticking and clogging is avoided when the material is dried. Operators of small sand dryer equipment should always observe the operating state of the equipment. Once an abnormality occurs, the problem can be quickly solved. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences that cannot be compensated.

Shuliy rotary dryer equipment leakage will cause the tail flue gas temperature to below, especially in winter, the flue gas temperature of the dust collector is sometimes only 70 ° C, not only easy to dew but also the corrosiveness of the flue gas (mainly alkali Sulfate electrochemical corrosion); when the condensation is serious, the mud of the dust collector appears mud. The leakage problem of small sand dryer equipment must not be ignored. In fact, the solution is very simple, and the installation of the sealing device can solve it.

Shuliy rotary dryer equipment should avoid high-load operation as much as possible, which will make the thickness of the small sand dryer equipment cylinder thinner due to the corrosion of the flue gas and the wear of the material, especially the corrosion of the cylinder near the end of the hot air furnace. more serious. Must be produced according to the output specified by the dryer manufacturer, do not make your own ideas to change the production time of the dryer, this will not be worth the candle.

Shuliy rotary dryer equipment in the production of continuous conveying of raw materials into the drying machine barrel, the belt conveyor is the * road to be closed, to avoid material falling into the end of the belt roller, causing the belt to “run” . It is important to remember that the user cannot change the equipment provided by the manufacturer at will so that the production capacity does not match the belt conveyor. Before we transport the sand into the dryer, we must remove the debris before it can be dried. Otherwise, the feeding tray will be blocked and the material will be broken.

The initial moisture of the sand raw material may sometimes be different, which will cause the output of the small sand dryer equipment to rise or fall during drying, and the coal consumption and power consumption will increase or decrease significantly. This is normal, we don’t make a fuss in the production process.

Shuliy’s new mechanism for the quality of finished charcoal machine equipment

Raw materials determine the quality of the machine-made charcoal. Shuliy machinery new machine-made charcoal machine equipment manufacturers have always believed that it is suitable for the machine-made charcoal industry. Many users of Shuliy are very concerned about the quality when consulting the new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment. Shuliy users also hope to buy To the qualified new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment, Shuliy Machinery analyzes the quality of the new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment for the majority of users.

Shuliy’s new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment is fully in line with the production standards, so in the case of other factors are qualified, it will inevitably produce high-quality good charcoal. However, the quality of raw materials also plays a certain role in whether it can produce high-quality charcoal. Because of the composition of the raw materials, there are two factors that determine the quality of the carbon, that is, the amount of raw material lignin and the composition of the fiber. The former determines the carbon content of the finished product, while the former directly affects the density and strength of the finished product. This shows the importance of the two contents of raw materials.

In addition to the above two points, in addition to the size of the raw materials on the machine-made of the new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment production charcoal should also be taken into account. Excessively large raw materials need to be crushed before they can be used, such as wood shavings. Raw materials with too small volume need to be mixed with raw materials with slightly larger particle size and higher density, such as hibiscus, sanding powder, etc. Since these raw materials are very fluffy and light in weight, it is difficult to automatically fall into the molding zone, so it is necessary to mix Other raw materials are produced together. The standard for measuring the volume of raw materials is to see if they can continue into the forming zone continuously, evenly and sufficiently.

The indicator light of the power supply may not be bright. It may be that the power supply of the new machine-made charcoal machine equipment is not connected well, or the fuse of the equipment may be blown, or the indicator light of the new machine-made charcoal machine equipment may be damaged. If the above three situations occur, you can judge according to the situation at the time and make corresponding repairs.

If the motor does not start normally, there may be damage to the control button of the new machine-made charcoal machine equipment. It may also be that the three-phase power is connected to the two-phase power. It may also be that the local voltage frequency does not conform to the new machine-made charcoal. Required for machine equipment. When the above faults occur in the equipment, it is necessary to make corresponding repairs as soon as possible.

Shuliy’s new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment is also likely to be the temperature of about four Baidu required to produce, which can not be achieved anyway. When this happens, there are only three aspects that we can consider, such as the power supply voltage used by the device is too low, or the resistance heating coil of the device is damaged, or the heating coil wire that you replaced the device. However, the selected model does not match the wire. In these cases, it is possible that the heating temperature will not be reached. In this case, you need to make judgments and repairs according to the situation at the time.

The raw materials affect the quality of the machine-made of the new machine-made of charcoal machine equipment production, so the user needs to choose the right raw materials, and the long-term production of Shuliy’s new machine-made charcoal machine equipment will have certain failures, so Shuliy users need to repair in time, so It can guarantee the production efficiency and effect of the new machine-made charcoal machine equipment.

New bamboo charcoal machine equipment

In recent years, bamboo charcoal produced on the market has become more and more popular. It is a new type of environmental protection mechanism charcoal, and bamboo charcoal has very high flammability and combustion resistance. It is a very good charcoal resource, so many users of Shuliy are investing. The new bamboo charcoal machine uses bamboo to produce bamboo charcoal.

Shuliy’s new bamboo charcoal machine equipment must be used to produce high-quality charcoal. This equipment has been modified on the basis of the old-fashioned carbonization furnace, adding a lot of carbonization process, allowing the carbonization furnace to be quickly carbonized and the quality of the carbonized material. Very high, some manufacturers do not have a purification system installed in the equipment, can not separate the wood tar wood acetic acid, but the carbonized material is very oily, the smoke is too large in the carbonization process, not environmentally friendly. However, the new bamboo charcoal machine equipment built by Heying Machinery is equipped with dust removal and purification system. It can be environmentally friendly and carbonized. The carbonized material is not oily and very crisp. It is very suitable for bamboo charcoal and can produce high quality. Bamboo charcoal.

The charcoal produced by the new bamboo charcoal machine has high density, small volume and good flammability, which can replace fuelwood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating and heating in the autumn and winter in the northern region, warming the greenhouse or making ordinary living fuel. The new bamboo charcoal machine series equipment includes a rod making machine, a carbonization furnace, a dryer, and other equipment.

The choice of bamboo charcoal is generally made by using older bamboo at high temperature. The good adsorption capacity of bamboo charcoal has been recognized and loved by everyone. The market is very popular with the charcoal bamboo charcoal sold in the new bamboo charcoal machine equipment of Shuliy. At present, there is no uniform classification standard for bamboo charcoal in China, which is generally distinguished from the aspects of gloss, shape, and conductivity. The quality bamboo charcoal has the following characteristics:

1. High-quality bamboo charcoal has a high surface gloss with the naked eye.

2. High-quality bamboo charcoal is made of old bamboo that is more than 5 years old, so the structure is very tight, and it is not easy to break when tapped lightly.

3. The quality of the barrel carbon is 2-6cm in diameter, and the surface is basically free of cracks.

4. Because the conductivity of bamboo charcoal is closely related to the density, refining degree, water content and ash of bamboo charcoal, high-quality bamboo charcoal requires a small resistance value, which can be judged by using a conductivity meter. The smaller the resistance value, the better.

Small sawdust charcoal machine equipment

In recent years, the business of the timber industry has become more and more depressed. Many wood manufacturers have also changed the original timber sales and used waste wood to produce charcoal through the small sawdust charcoal equipment of Shuliy so that the price of wood will continue. The improvement, while sawdust, sawdust, etc. will also have the value it deserves. The production of small sawdust charcoal machine equipment in Shuliy will turn sawdust into waste and produce mechanism charcoal.

With the development of society, the market demand for mechanism charcoal has gradually increased, and wood producers are more inclined to low-cost and high-yield mechanism charcoal. The process of making charcoal is: firstly, the waste wood branches are crushed by a pulverizer, then sieved into a drum sieve, and then dried by an airflow dryer, and then the rods are carbonized by a carbonization furnace.

In order to better develop, seek the true concept and value of charcoal machine equipment. Shuliy Small Sawdust Charcoal Machine has many years of successful experience in the development and manufacture of mechanical charcoal machines. Our technicians constantly inspect new technologies from other provinces and abroad, develop and produce new equipment, from the overall performance and output of the equipment. Both have been greatly improved, and the small sawdust charcoal machine made by Shuliy Machinery has been widely praised by many customers.

The small sawdust charcoal machine made by Shuliy Machinery has become an indispensable mechanical device in industrial, agricultural and human life. It produces and processes machined charcoal, which is widely used in life.

1. People in Shuliy use charcoal for heating, barbecue, and shabu-shabu. Because of its smokeless taste, large calorific value and long burning time, they are more and more popular.

2, charcoal has a number of vertical and horizontal holes, these holes have the function of adsorbing a variety of substances and releasing adsorbed substances, so people use it as a desiccant. When it is wet, charcoal absorbs moisture. When it is dry, it will release the absorbed moisture, which can effectively adjust the humidity. In addition, charcoal can also eliminate odors and harmful substances in the room.

3. The porosity of charcoal can not only retain the water needed for plant roots, but also improve the permeability and drainage of the soil, and provide a good living space for plant-friendly microorganisms. Therefore, it is blended with 5% in flower-potted soil. 10% of bean-sized charcoal provides a healthy environment for plants, while garden trees enhance pest and disease resistance.

4. Today’s decoration concept has begun to pay attention to the characteristics of environmental protection, nature, health, and humanity. Decorative charcoal, using a small space of pores, a bonsai is bred in bauxite.

5, charcoal can help preserve food, use it as a deodorant on the refrigerator.

Shuliy small sawdust charcoal machine production mechanism charcoal promotes the development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and the mechanism charcoal is also widely used in various industries. It is indispensable mechanical equipment in the market, and it also promotes the rapid development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and also for Shuliy. Many entrepreneurs and farmers bring very good economic benefits.

Small wood chip dryer equipment

Shuliy small wood chip dryer equipment in the use of the parts, the spare parts are very important, the problem of the spare parts of the Shuliy small wood chip dryer equipment how to extend the life of the equipment, the user is operating the small wood chip dryer equipment Attention should be paid to spare parts, not only the important parts of Shuliy small wood chip dryer equipment, but also the use of other equipment is very important, people should pay more attention to these aspects, to achieve greater efficiency.

Many times we need to make some of our Shuliy small wood chip dryer equipment parts work well, but it is not so easy. There are many problems to be aware of during use, more we need to Make our small wood chip dryer equipment accessories well, good accessories can bring us more efficiency, I hope we all pay attention to these, in addition, we also need to install small wood chip dryer equipment accessories Attention, we need to install it, the link parts must be locked, so as to ensure the better development of our small wood chip dryer equipment, in fact, these are all we need to carefully check and develop step by step, whether it is In our development of small wood chip dryer equipment or in our development process, we all need to do it step by step, so that our small wood chip dryer equipment accessories can be better utilized with our dryers. Above, it can promote the development of our dryers.

Shuliy small wood chip dryer equipment is composed of welded parts, flat plates, and cylinders. Therefore, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment for drying equipment is also a crucial part in the manufacture of dryers. Electrostatic powder coating, in small wood chips The application of traditional paint coatings in the manufacture of dryer equipment is liquid. It contains a large number of organic solvents such as ester ketones and hydrocarbons, which brings a series of troubles to production, storage, transportation, and construction. It is flammable, explosive and very unsafe. This condition can be perfectly improved by electrostatic powder coating. The phosphating-passivation process is a one-time treatment through electrical and electrochemical reactions, which can make the surface of the steel workpiece full of rust and the surface of the metal present. At the same time, a dense anti-rust film layer is formed on the metal surface.

Peanut skin charcoal machine equipment strives for environmental protection, low carbon and no pollution

In order to promote the rational use of resources and environmental protection, the machinery industry is also striving to be environmentally friendly and low-carbon. In the use of a large amount of waste to do the recycling of resources, of which straw, fellwood pine is one of the better raw materials.

Green environmental protection and pollution-free is the highlight of the peanut skin charcoal machine becoming a green energy-saving product. No need to add any adhesives or harmful chemicals, as long as the raw material humidity is within 8-12%, adopt advanced hot air drying system and final carbonization. Become smoke-free mechanism charcoal. The appearance of peanut skin charcoal machine has played a role in boosting China’s ecological environment and energy fuel. Fully economical utilization and rational and effective development of energy are the themes of the times.

Large peanut skin charcoal machine Because the raw material needed for peanut skin charcoal machine comes from rural areas, and the equipment investment is not big, the economic benefit is good. It is suitable for friends who go out to work to start a business at home. With the shortage of domestic coal resources, our factory produces Peanut skin charcoal machine equipment, specializing in the use of crop waste, straw, corn cob, peanut shell, wood chips and other raw materials have been processed to produce indispensable mechanism charcoal in people’s lives.

Mechanism charcoal is a new type of biomass recycling energy. The processing cost is low, the profit margin is large, and it is far lower than the price of raw coal. More importantly, farmers can apply crop straw waste to their own land. Increase income and invent wealth.

Peanut skin charcoal machine is also commonly known as carbon machine, peanut skin charcoal machine equipment. Peanut skin charcoal machine is not a high-tech product, nor a fine instrument. It is just a set of equipment for making peanut skin charcoal machine, but you should not underestimate it. The demand for mechanical charcoal is increasing in the market, so it is said that Peanut skin charcoal machine is also a tool to drive the country to get rich. The peanut skin charcoal machine uses waste, discarded, and mixed carbonaceous materials to make charcoal.