Large branch charcoal machine equipment

Large-scale branch charcoal machine equipment can use raw materials such as bark branches as raw materials and can process raw materials into two different types, namely traditional charcoal and carbon powder. Different processing and production processes are needed for the processing of branches and leaves. Reuse can achieve good waste recycling, improve economic efficiency and create profit margins.

For materials that do not need to be pulverized, users can directly use large-scale wood charcoal machine equipment to produce toner. The large-scale branch charcoal machine production line can directly extrude the material to make the required toner for storage, while the mechanism charcoal needs Processes such as pulverization, drying, rod making, and carbonization, and relative to the pulverizer, dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace, the two production methods, the carbon powder molding is relatively less than the selected equipment type. Investment costs are also relatively low, but the requirements for raw materials are very strict.

The process of making charcoal and toner is slightly different and needs attention. Compared with the production process, the finished charcoal production process is relatively complicated and requires more processes. First of all, it is necessary to put the raw materials such as bark bark into the pulverizer for pulverization. The pulverized granules need to reach about 3-6 mm. After pulverization, the raw materials need to be placed in an air dryer to dry, and the water is dried to 6%. -12% can meet demand. After drying, the bar machine is required to perform the bar forming operation, and the prepared salary bar is put into the carbonization furnace for carbonization so that the final carbonization molding becomes the mechanism charcoal.

The toner molding is relatively simple, and the production process is extremely simple. It is only necessary to put the raw materials such as bark bark into the carbonization furnace for carbonization, and then pulverize the raw materials to complete the toner. operating.

Wood chip dryer equipment drying materials need to pay attention to matters

When the user uses the new rotary dryer equipment, it is necessary to understand the working principle of the dryer equipment. This is inevitable. Only by understanding the working principle of the dryer can you learn the details of the operation of the new rotary dryer equipment. To avoid the failure of the new wood chip dryer equipment to meet the expected drying requirements when drying the materials, then Shuliy Machinery will analyze the problems that need to be paid attention to during the drying process of the new rotary dryer equipment for the majority of users. ?

The new wood chip dryer equipment is specially designed for the drying of wood chips, sawdust, wood powder, wood chips, and other materials. It has the characteristics of large drying output, remarkable energy-saving effect, and low maintenance. The main working principle is: wood chips enter the new wood chip dryer equipment, the composite material plate, and the rotary cylinder work together, the material is boiled and fluidized in the cylinder, and the hot air and the material are fully contacted to complete the drying.

Dry and wet materials: The combination of material and moisture depends on the ease of drying. Then the energy consumption level and the length of time spent inside the new rotary dryer equipment are determined. This situation and the selection of the dryer equipment are significant. Relationships, then for materials that are not easy to dry, it is important to give a longer residence time rather than strengthening the external drying conditions.

Material form: The material can exist in a variety of forms, such as large molded wood, ceramics or another sheet, fibrous, granular or even liquid materials. These can be used as materials that need to be dried industrially. Therefore, the choice of new wood chip dryer equipment should also be considered according to the shape of the material.

Material sticking wall: The material itself has physical properties such as density, bulk density, heat capacity, and material adhesion. In particular, the degree of adhesion has a direct effect on the operation of the drying equipment. When the adhesion is severe, the drying process cannot be carried out.

Material heat: These factors mainly have heat sensitivity when heated, and some materials may change when heated, such as discoloration, decomposition, and deterioration. In addition, the material will be deformed or cracked due to shrinkage during the drying process, resulting in a decrease in material quality or even scrap.

The above is the problem that the new wood chip dryer equipment analyzed by Shuliy Machinery for the majority of users needs to pay attention to in the process of drying the material. The user cannot blindly improve the drying efficiency, and the drying temperature of the equipment should be controlled, and it is clear during the drying process. Know the drying degree of the material, whether the material drying quality is qualified, according to the above analysis to understand the drying state of the material, in order to ensure the drying effect of the new wood chip dryer equipment, in order to create better economic benefits for yourself.

Detailed process for producing charcoal in small charcoal machine equipment

In the current ecological environment is getting more and more serious, the state is paying more and more attention to the protection of the ecological environment. Therefore, the sustainable development and utilization of renewable resources is also a very important thing at present. For many investors, investment The market for an environmentally friendly small-scale charcoal machine is also very large, and the Guangde environmentally-friendly small-character charcoal machine can be supported by a large number of users, and at the same time, it can use the low-cost waste from the society as a raw material for production.

Under normal circumstances, the production process of the small-scale charcoal machine equipment of Guangde is divided into the following four steps. The following explains in detail:

1. Crushing through a pulverizer

The quality and quality of crushing is an important step to measure the quality of the charcoal produced. After repeated testing and experiment by the British mechanical experts, it is better to crush the raw materials of the small-scale charcoal machine equipment to less than 3 mm. For full smashing, it is recommended to use 2 times of pulverization or 3 times of pulverization. The blade of the stalk smasher is made of manganese steel alloy and a carbon-added blade, which has stable working performance and high pulverization efficiency.

2, dry – fast drying in the case of dryness

Only when the raw materials are dried to a moisture content of 6% to 12%, is the precondition for producing good quality charcoal. Usually, the dryer is used to complete the drying. The drying speed of the dryer is recommended by our recommended configuration. It can reach a speed of 0.6 tons per hour, the temperature control is accurate, it can be adjusted at 190-300 degrees, and the fuel can be used in the drying process, and the dryer saves raw materials.

3, the rod

After pulverization and drying, it enters the key steps of charcoal manufacturing. After this step, charcoal can be produced, usually by using a bar machine. At the same time, the bar machine is also key equipment in the charcoal production line. There are many models of the rod making machine, and there are high-quality 50-type rod making machine selection, good quality, fast rod making speed and high molding efficiency.

4, carbonization

After the rod forming machine is formed, it can only become mechanism charcoal after carbonization in the carbonization furnace. This step is very important. It is difficult for the operator to control the temperature, so it must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations and be proficient. .

The above is the detailed process of the charcoal machine equipment production mechanism of Heilongjiang Machinery for the majority of users of Guangde. It is believed that the majority of users of Guangde have more understanding of the production of small-scale charcoal machine equipment and can master the production technology. To ensure the quality of the charcoal produced by the mechanism.

Shuliy fishmeal production machines

Extracted fishmeal

Industrial centrifuges play an important role in fish processing. Corresponding machines and systems can separate oil and solids from the water, as well as separate oil, water and solids. Especially in fishmeal, fish oil and seafood processing, shuriy’s fishmeal makers have been used for fish processing in all major regions of the world for decades. The company conquers customers through the following most important success factors:

Highest performance and separation efficiency

Maximum possible cost efficiency through the continuous automated operation

Machines and systems that are clearly adapted to customer requirements for maximum reliability and effectiveness

Shuliy’s innovations such as planetary drives or adjustable impellers

Fish processing with a three-phase decanter centrifuge

The use of shuliy fishmeal production machines sets the standard for fishmeal and fish oil extraction because the three-phase decanter centrifuge extracts fishmeal and fish oil from whole fish or fish residues (fish heads, fins, fish bones, etc.).

Here, the raw material will first be heated to decomposition, during which the fish oil will be released. After heating, the rotating screen will run the material where it will be separated into a protein-rich solid and liquid phase consisting of oil, water and fine solids. The solid will then be further separated into a liquid phase and a pressed cake by pressing. Finally, the fish oil is extracted from the dried pressed cake.

Special high-speed centrifugal spray dryer for fish meal

Fishmeal material description:

Fishmeal is a high-protein feedstock that has been degreased, dehydrated, and pulverized with one or more fish as raw materials.

Fishmeal process parameters:

Solid content: 50% (initial moisture 50%)

Final moisture: 5%

The working principle of high-speed centrifugal spray dryer for fishmeal:

The air is filtered and heated into the air distributor at the top of the dryer, and the hot air enters the drying chamber in a spiral shape evenly. The liquid is sprayed into a very fine misty liquid droplet through a high-speed centrifugal atomizer at the top of the tower body, and it can be dried into a finished product in a short time by concurrent contact with hot air. The finished product is continuously discharged from the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone, and the exhaust gas is evacuated by the fan.

Fishmeal machine performance characteristics:

The drying speed is fast, the surface area of the liquid is greatly increased after atomization, and in the hot air flow, 95%-98% of the water can be evaporated instantaneously, and the drying time is only a few seconds, which is especially suitable for drying the heat-sensitive material.

The product has good uniformity, fluidity and solubility, and the product has high purity and good quality.

The production process is simplified and the operation control is convenient. For liquids with a moisture content of 40-60% (up to 90% of special materials), it can be dried into a powder product at one time. After drying, no pulverization and screening are required, which reduces the production process and improves the purity of the product. The particle size, bulk density and moisture of the product can be adjusted within a certain range by changing the operating conditions, and the control and management are very convenient.

Shuliy Granulator Machinery Factory analyzes plastic granulator for you

Shuliy Granulator Machinery Factory analyzes the four major precautions for the operation of the plastic granulator

1. In order not to damage the granulator, the granules must be pulled before they can be fed into the ration. If the vent hole appears to be out of the material, the filter has been blocked by impurities, and the mesh should be replaced by a quick stop. The 40—60 mesh mesh can be used.

2, pay attention to the water temperature is controlled at 50—60 ° C, low easy to break the strip, beyond the easy adhesion, the granulator is best to add half of the hot water at the beginning of the boot, if there is no condition, the pellet can be used to cut the grain The machine is transported for a period of time. After the water temperature rises, it is automatically pelletized to avoid broken strips. After the water temperature exceeds 60 °C, cold water needs to be added to the inner circulation to maintain the temperature.

3, when the granulator filler, pay attention to optimistic, do not let the debris into the material, the temperature is well mastered.

4. If the temperature of the die is too high, the granulator will not appear as a sticking die when it is turned on. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to stop the machine, and it will be normal after a while.

Plastic granulator function and characteristics

Plastic granulator function:

Special screw design and plastic granulator with different configurations, suitable for PE, production of PS, PA, ABS, PVC, PC, POM, PA, PP, LCP, EVA, PMMA, PET and other plastics regeneration and color mixing grain. The gearbox features a high-torque design for noise-free, smooth operation.

Screw, barrel hardening, wear resistance, good mixing performance, high yield characteristics, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port design, in the production process, can discharge water and exhaust gas, so that the discharge is more Stable, the rubber is stronger and ensures product quality.

Plastic granulator features:

1. Crushing, mixing, and coloring can be completed at one time.

2. The machine has a small footprint.

3. The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate.

4. The blade edge is adjustable and easy to change the tool.

5. High production efficiency and low energy consumption

6. Low-temperature granulation basically does not destroy the molecular structure of the raw material and does not damage the physical properties.

Airflow dryer equipment drying materials should pay attention to matters

In the process of drying materials in the air dryer equipment, people need to pay attention to many matters, such as different drying methods for different materials, then must choose the appropriate small wood chip baking according to the nature of the material itself. Dry machine equipment, then Dongshan small wood chip dryer equipment drying materials should pay attention to what matters?

The small air dryer equipment is to make full use of the wood waste residue from the processing of these woods. These things are worthless to ordinary people, but the sawdust dryer can convert these inconspicuous things into biomass. Fuel or wood product base material. The use of small wood chip dryer equipment is simple and can be used by both self-employed and enterprises. Sawdust drying is also a good entrepreneurial project, which can not only increase the income of farmers but also reduce environmental pollution to waste. The small wood chip dryer equipment has reasonable planning, high output, low failure rate, and easy operation and protection.

1. The combination of material and moisture is the factor for determining the difficulty of dialysis. Together, it also determines the energy consumption level and the length of time spent in the small wood chip dryer equipment. This condition is related to small wood chip dryer equipment. The selection is inseparable. For example, for some materials that are not easy to be boring, it is mainly necessary to give a longer staying time instead of strengthening the external boring conditions.

2, the shape of the material, the material can exist in a variety of shapes, such as large-scale molded wood, ceramic products or other sheet-like, fiber pile, granular, or even liquid materials, these can As a boring material in the industry, the selection of small wood chip dryer equipment should also be considered according to the shape of the material.

3, the physical properties of the material itself, the physical properties of the material itself generally have density, bulk density, hot melt, and the adhesion of the material, etc., may be the adhesion of the bump, it is baked for small wood chips The operation of the dryer equipment has a direct impact, and when the adhesion is severe, the boring process cannot be performed.

4, the demand to pay attention to the material in the boring process of some matters, these factors mainly have the heat sensitivity of the heat of time, some materials will change some changes when heated, such as discoloration, decomposition and transformation, etc., other materials in the boring process due to Shortening will cause the material to deform or crack, and then the quality of the material will be reduced or even invalidated.

Large sawdust carbon machine equipment

Large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment initial test machine, it is mainly for the detection of new un-produced large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment, the test content is whether the installation of large sawdust carbon machine equipment parts is stable and whether the large sawdust carbon machine equipment accessories run-in Normally; everyone should be aware that the new large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment has never been used for its accessories. If the initial test machine uses normal production voltage, excessive voltage and current will affect the preheating of the motor, and even May cause damage to the running-in of large sawdust machine parts.

When the charcoal machine equipment is first tested, it is better to go down in the low voltage environment, because the low voltage is enough to drive the large sawdust carbon machine equipment of the no-load test machine, so that it can check whether the installation of the large sawdust carbon machine equipment parts is stable. It can also be used for preheating the grinding cooperation of large sawdust carbon machine equipment accessories. More importantly, it will not cause damage to the test machine caused by a high voltage current.

In the era of technological success, all the problems can be solved. Shuliy Machinery has launched a number of new energy equipment-environmental carbonization furnaces as the main direction of development of environmentally sound and large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment. One of the obvious characteristics of the traditional carbon-making process is that pollution is extremely serious. In the process of charcoal production, the main pollution comes from the carbonization stage. Because of the limitations of technical processes at that time, the charcoal used is self-built earthen kiln. There are many disadvantages to this method. Shuliy mechanical environmental protection large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment realizes automatic numerical control technology to ensure temperature control, reduce the burden and pressure of workers, completely solve the problem of pollutant smoke emissions generated during the work process, and also generate the reaction A large amount of methane, hexene and other combustible gases are recovered and can be used for cooking and heating.

Shuliy Machinery’s large-scale sawdust carbon-making machine adopts a brand-new innovative concept to create a new high-tech product that is completely different from the traditional concept. It adopts high-end configuration and vigorously expands its market field. Real strength, good product, of course, sales are good, and it is a good helper in life, really serving the user and solving all problems.

The design of large-scale sawdust carbon-making machine equipment is more novel, more environmentally friendly, and intelligently developed in the market, and the quality is also very good. The carbonized processed machine-made charcoal has good quality, high price and high sales volume. It has brought very good benefits to the majority of users, which is inseparable from the long-term pursuit of innovative user needs.

Machine-made charcoal produced by new charcoal machine equipment

There are more and more users investing in new charcoal machine equipment, but how to store the charcoal produced by the new charcoal machine equipment is a problem that users need to think about. If it is not well stored, charcoal can not be used, and even a safety hazard will occur. Therefore, the storage of charcoal must be done well.

The first is the cooling of charcoal. The wood charcoal that has just been produced should not be packed immediately. It should be placed for 8 to 12 hours until it is completely cooled before it can be packaged. If it is not packaged, there will still be Mars in the charcoal that has just been released, which is easy to re-ignite and cause a fire.

Followed by the storage warehouse. Warehouses can use brick, concrete or steel houses, must have good ventilation, and in the event of a fire, each side can be opened for quick and easy access to the fire scene. There should be no intermediate pillars between the spans of the roof. The roof should be better covered with galvanized sheets or covered with asbestos. The ground can be bricks, stones, coagulation, or even tight soil. Water hoses should be prepared in different places. In the event of a fire, it is better to use a tractor with a shovel to pull unburned charcoal out of the warehouse.

The transit warehouse must be large enough to store large amounts of charcoal during normal weather or insufficient rail transport capacity. The storage warehouses should be separated by walls, and the volume per question is about 2000 rn3. Each room must be covered, and enough equipment must be kept to load and unload charcoal easily and quickly. The charcoal is discharged into the warehouse through wooden or metal chutes outside the house. The charcoal is loaded onto railway wagons and trucks by hand-operated wooden or gold filings. Trucks are not allowed to enter the warehouse due to the truck’s built-in engine and the driver’s smoking is prone to fire. Conveyor belts can also be used, but the degree of mechanization must be kept low to avoid increased costs.

To avoid spontaneous combustion, the stacking height of charcoal should be less than 6m. The smaller the distance of the newly arrived charcoal, the better (less than 2m), to avoid the increase of charcoal particles. The charcoal should be removed from the naturally formed charcoal slope, and the amount of charcoal produced should be reduced to a lower level each time it is installed.

The chemical nature of carbon is very stable. After the charcoal machine has been processed by the new charcoal machine for 2 days, it can be covered indefinitely. This makes it possible to preserve charcoal to balance seasonal demand. A wholesaler is better able to maintain a minimum of 2 months of charcoal sales. Storage should generally begin before the rainy season and sell them after the rainy season. Assuming that the charcoal inventory is sufficient for most retail markets, the retail price will stabilize. Sometimes charcoal production workers who are idle during the rainy season can carry out charcoal retail packaging. The type of packaging depends on the type of retail market and the number of intermediate sales links between wholesalers and consumers.