What are the working steps of charcoal machine?

Each production process of charcoal making machine has a direct relationship with the effect of charcoal production. The charcoal process requires four steps: crushing, rod making, drying and carbonization.

Each step requires different equipment and technical requirements. In order to produce high-quality charcoal, every step must be skillfully operated. So what are the requirements of each step of the charcoal machine?

1. In the process of crushing raw materials, the size of the crushed large materials should be kept between 10mm, and do not exceed this particle size, so as to affect the operation;

2. In the process of making rods, the density of the rod body should be reasonably controlled, and the density value to be maintained should be a ratio of 1:1;

3. For drying materials, the humidity of the materials should be controlled at the optimal dryness. Generally, the controlled moisture content is 6%~12%;

4. During the carbonization process, the carbonization temperature should be controlled to the optimal carbonization temperature range. Generally, the carbonization temperature is required to be between 550-600 degrees, which is the optimal carbonization temperature range value.

What is dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning, also known as cold spray, uses compressed air as the power and carrier, and uses dry ice particles as accelerated particles, which are sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by a special spray cleaning machine, using the momentum change and sublimation of solid dry ice particles moving at high speed. Energy conversion such as melting and melting makes the dirt, oil stains and residual impurities on the surface of the object to be frozen quickly frozen, thereby condensing, embrittlement, peeling, and at the same time, it is removed with the air flow. It will not cause any damage to the surface of the object being cleaned, especially the metal surface, nor will it affect the smoothness of the metal surface.

The specific cleaning process includes: low temperature freezing stripping, purge stripping, impact stripping.

Low temperature freeze peeling

When the dry ice particles of -78.5 ℃ act on the surface of the object to be cleaned, the embrittlement dirt is first frozen. The adsorption force on the surface is suddenly reduced, while the surface area is increased, and part of the dirt can be automatically peeled off.

Purge strip

Under the environment of compressed air as the power, it produces shear force on the embrittled dirt, causing mechanical fracture. Due to the large difference in low-temperature shrinkage between the dirt and the surface of the cleaned object, stress concentration occurs at the contact surface. The dirt peels off under the action of shear force.

Impact stripping

When the high-speed dry ice particles collide with the surface of the increased dirt, the above kinetic energy is transferred to the dirt, overcoming the reduced adhesion, and the resulting shear force causes the dirt to roll away with the airflow. The purpose of removing dirt.

What are the advantages of dry ice washing machine compared with other cleaning methods

Dry ice cleaning technology is a relatively new process that removes stubborn dirt residues in a particularly gentle and environmentally friendly manner. So how does it stand out from other cleaning methods? Below Shuliy low temperature dry ice cleaning machine manufacturers to tell you its advantages.

1. Cost saving Because carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere, it is very convenient to use and cheap, and the power consumption equipment only has an air compressor. Dry ice evaporates directly during the cleaning process, and there is no cost for cleaning the cleaning medium.

Sichuan dry ice making machine

2. Dry cleaning process is different from steam and high-pressure water cleaning. Dry ice cleaning has no damage to wires, control elements, and switches. After cleaning, the possibility of equipment rusting is greatly reduced compared with water cleaning. In the food industry, dry ice cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of bacterial growth compared to water cleaning.

3. Environmental safety CO2 is a non-toxic substance that meets the safety requirements of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With dry ice cleaning instead of toxic chemical cleaning, employees can fundamentally avoid the infringement of chemical substances. Because CO2 is heavier than air, ventilation must be ensured when handling dry ice in closed spaces or sinking areas, and pay attention to safety.

4. Extend the service life of the equipment Unlike sand particles, walnut shells, plastic particles and other abrasive media, dry ice particles are not abrasive. It avoids the corrosion and hazards of the chemical cleaning method to the mold, and the mechanical damage and scratching of the mold by the mechanical cleaning method, does not damage the tolerance, and does not damage the bearing and the machine. In addition, online cleaning avoids accidental damage during mold disassembly.

Sida low temperature dry ice washing machine

5. High-efficiency Dry ice cleaning can be cleaned online, greatly reducing the parking time, without the need to lower the temperature to disassemble the mold, and repeated loading and unloading lead to defects such as mold accuracy. It can eliminate the two time-consuming processes of disassembling the mold and waiting for the mold to cool down, which can reduce the strike time by about 80% -95%, so as to have efficient production efficiency and less time consumption.

6. Wide range of use For different cleaning conditions, as long as the different dry ice cleaning nozzles are replaced, the cleaning working distance is improved to meet different needs. The operation is simple, safe, low cost, and the comprehensive benefits are considerable.

Precautions when using dry ice machine

In the market, we can see that the demand for dry ice machines is very large. There are many models of this equipment to meet the needs of different customers. As a manufacturer of dry ice machines, I will share some dry goods with you today. How to extend dry ice What is the service life of the machine?

1. Use a dedicated and stable power supply

No matter what equipment will withstand a high instantaneous voltage when it starts, but the current and voltage will become stable after the operation is stable. If the power supply used by the dry ice machine is not stable, it will not only consume more power but also affect the service life of the dry ice machine. Therefore, in order to extend the adaptive life of the dry ice machine, the dry ice machine manufacturer hopes that the enterprise provides a dedicated And stable power supply, and also has an over-voltage overload protection function.

2. Do daily maintenance

In order to make the dry ice machine work better, daily maintenance is usually necessary. Dry ice machine manufacturers recommend that companies regularly use a soft and clean cotton cloth to wipe the dry ice machine. In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check the important components of the dry ice machine, if abnormal conditions are found, they must be dealt with in time or replaced with new parts.

3. Check before starting the machine

If you want to extend the life of the dry ice machine, the manufacturer of the dry ice machine not only hopes that the enterprise will be operated by professionals but also to make relevant checks before each start-up. It is necessary to check whether the power cord is normal and the water level is normal. If the electric wire breaks or breaks, it should be replaced with a new one in time. If the water level is below the scale, the water source should be added in time.

Although the strength of a high-quality dry ice machine manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the dry ice machine, if the enterprise does not perform maintenance on the dry ice machine, it will also reduce the performance of the dry ice machine and shorten the service life. If you want to extend the dry ice machine Dry ice machine manufacturers hope that companies can use dry ice machines in accordance with the above method.

Introduction of important equipment dryer in the process of charcoal machine

There are two types of dryer equipment in the current charcoal machine process: airflow dryer and tumble dryer. Air dryer can be used to dry materials with moisture below 30%, such as raw materials with moisture above 30%, our Jinhe Machinery recommends the use of tumble dryer to achieve the drying effect. The drum dryer has large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost. The equipment has high-temperature characteristics, and high-temperature hot air can be used for rapid drying of materials.

Scalability, the design takes into account the production margin, even if the production volume increases slightly, there is no need to replace the equipment. The equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, the tug and the rolling ring need to cooperate well, greatly reducing wear and power consumption. The specially designed gear structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the inclined operation of the equipment. Strong anti-overload, stable operation of the cylinder and high reliability.

Scope of dryer:

1. Chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries, such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomaceous earth, kaolin.

2. Agriculture, feed, fertilizer industry, such as straw, grass, leaves, fish meal, distiller’s grains, medicine residue, fruit residue, soy sauce residue, bagasse, peat, organic fertilizer, sludge, fish waste, food waste plant, slaughter plant Waste, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, ammonium sulfate fertilizer.

3. Various crystals of dry powder and granular materials with special requirements, precipitated calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, stone mortar, phosphorous slag, red mud of aluminum plant.

The above are the characteristics and uses of the dryer equipment analyzed by Shuliy Machinery for the majority of users. From these, we can see that in the production of charcoal machines, the dryer equipment is an indispensable equipment. It can continue after the raw materials are dried. Carry out production work to ensure the quality of the mechanism charcoal.

Installation and use of new charcoal machine equipment

The current charcoal machines are basically the principle and experience of using rural charcoal burning, coupled with modern technology and means, after in-depth testing and repeated practice, developed a new type of charcoal machine.

This equipment is a replacement product of the old equipment on the market, adopting advanced technology of carbonization first and then molding. Its raw materials are wide: wood chips, bamboo chips, straw, straw, chaff, roots, bark, leaves and other plants with high carbon content are available.

One step: The charcoal machine equipment should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.

The second step: when installing the device, you must pay attention to the vertical of the main body and the horizontal.

Step 3: After installation, check all parts for loose bolts and whether the main engine compartment door is tightened. If so, please tighten it.

Step 4: Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device.

The fifth step, after the charcoal machine installation and inspection is completed, carry out an empty load test run, and the test run is normal and production can be carried out.

Only when the installation is correct, the charcoal machine equipment can serve the enterprise for a longer period of time.

A brief introduction to the process flow of charcoal machine equipment

The demand for charcoal is increasing, and the production of machine-made charcoal for charcoal machine equipment is more and more recognized by customers. So what are the methods and steps of producing machine-made charcoal?

1. Crushing procedure In the crushing procedure, it is necessary to crush the collected raw materials into granules of suitable size through the crusher;

2. Drying procedure After being crushed by the crusher equipment, the particles are dried by the dryer equipment, so that the material reaches a certain degree of drying;

3. Rod making process Raw materials with a certain degree of dryness are made into rods by high-pressure pressing in a rod making machine;

4. Carbonization process After it is made into rods, it is machine-made charcoal after carbonization and cooling of the carbonization furnace. The same procedures can only be completed with the help of certain equipment, generally with the help of grinder equipment, dryer equipment, rod making equipment, carbonization furnace equipment, etc.

Charcoal machine overview

Many friends who are new to the charcoal industry do not know much about the equipment. Here is a brief introduction to the Shuliy Charcoal Machine Factory. As for the equipment configuration in the above figure, the charcoal machine production line includes four stages, which are the crushing stage. Drying stage-molding stage-carbonization stage. In other words, from raw materials to finished products, it is necessary to use pulverizers, dryers, rod making machines, and carbonization furnaces. This is a small and medium-sized configuration plan, which can meet the production of 1-2 tons of charcoal products per day.

Next, the Tongli Shuliy charcoal machine manufacturer will introduce to you why the various devices are so configured:

Let’s talk about the grinder first. According to different materials, different production processes are used. Most of our common materials are straws, branches, scraps from furniture factories, fruit trees, tree stems, and bamboo. When choosing a grinder, it should be selected according to the raw material. Fine, small, and soft materials should be used in the hammer blade grinder. For coarse materials such as logs and fruit trees, a knife disc grinder (sawdust machine) should be selected. . After selecting the model, select the model according to the output.

Let’s talk about the dryer. Generally, the small and medium-sized output is equipped with an air dryer. Of course, it also depends on the moisture content of the raw material. If the moisture exceeds 40%, you need to replace the tumble dryer or lengthen the air duct. That is, it needs to be customized. No matter what model you choose, you need to communicate well with the manufacturer to avoid the impact of future production.

The rod making machine is also the core equipment in the entire production of charcoal. If the charcoal has a high density and is resistant to burning, the rod making machine plays a decisive role. A good rod making machine not only has a large output, but also adds wooden rods. Another important point is that the maintenance rate should be reduced. The maintenance rate mentioned here is the number of repair welding of the screw propeller. Anyone who has done charcoal knows that at present, no one can solve the repair welding of the propeller at home or even abroad. Since this problem cannot be changed, then we can extend its wear resistance and reduce the maintenance rate is also a major breakthrough.

The last is carbonization. Carbonization is a hot topic in another group besides making rods. From ancient times to the present, from clay kilns to carbonization furnaces, there has been controversy. Local actual conditions, if you can build earthen kilns or pit kilns with conditions, build them. If you ca n’t build them because of factory buildings or other conditions, you can use a charring furnace to burn qualified high-quality charcoal.

Charcoal machine equipment should be selected according to the production raw materials

The raw materials used to produce charcoal are mainly sawdust, branches, wood chips, rice husks, fruit trees, etc. The raw materials are very diverse. The variety of charcoal machine raw materials determines the diversification of process equipment, so choose the appropriate one according to your own production raw materials Mechanism charcoal machine equipment is particularly important. Our factory, as a professional charcoal machine manufacturer, will choose the mechanical equipment you need for you when you choose to invest in this project and we become a partner. Provide suggestions for building a factory, so that you can easily and confidently invest. The following is how to classify charcoal machine equipment based on different raw materials? You can make a reasonable choice according to your needs:

1. The charcoal machine equipment adopts different production equipment and production technology to suppress the pressure according to the different raw material products. It can be divided into the propeller, hydraulic, rolling, stamping, and extrusion carbon production equipment.

2. Charcoal carbonization equipment has different production equipment and forms according to different raw materials, which can be divided into rod-shaped carbonization furnace, carbon powder carbonization furnace, white carbon furnace, continuous carbonization furnace, high, medium and low-temperature carbonization furnace.

3. The mechanism charcoal machine is composed of the carbonization furnace of the rod making machine. If the raw material is large, a grinder is needed. If the moisture of the raw material is too large, a dryer is needed. After drying, the moisture content is less than 12%, such as a rod making machine formed at high temperature and high pressure (without additives), and then put into a carbonization furnace for the carbon production, which becomes artificial carbon.

If you have mastered the above points, you can choose a mechanism charcoal machine equipment suitable for you. I hope it will help you invest. Our factory has always been providing customers with good charcoal machine equipment and full service. Committed to the research and development and production of charcoal machine equipment, the produced mechanism charcoal machine has advanced technology and is a good choice for your investment in equipment!

Precautions for making charcoal with charcoal machine

Charcoal machine making charcoal is simple to say, and there are many tricks. It is difficult to make charcoal without mastering technology. First of all, the first process is crushing. The crusher is the simplest, which is to put the materials into the crusher and crush it. It should be noted that when installing the pulverizer, it is necessary to hit the base and fix it with screws, otherwise, the speed of the pulverizer motor is fast, and the vibration of the pulverizer will affect the production.

The second step is drying. Many people think that sawdust or sawdust is very dry, and there is no need to dry it. In fact, the sawdust that ordinary people seem to be very dry can not meet the requirements for rod making. They must also be dried. The sawdust that really meets the requirements is dark yellow. Even when it reaches brown color, it is grabbed by the hand and feels crisp and crisp. Hold it firmly. Spreading the hand sawdust will naturally loosen and will not make a lump, you can make sticks. Pay attention to the size of the fire during the drying process. If the fire is too strong, the sawdust in the pipeline may be burned. If the fire is too small, the drying effect may not be achieved. This experience should be accumulated slowly.

The third step is to make rods. The technique of making rods is much more difficult. First of all, the temperature must be adjusted. Generally, the temperature should be adjusted to 280 to 300 degrees when starting to do it. Adjust the temperature to about 260 degrees. The reason why the temperature needs to be raised is that when the production starts, the temperature of the feed hopper will drop tens of degrees, and the lowered temperature is just right for production. At this time, the front end of the thruster must be pressed manually with a wooden stick. To make it back to the material, it can be produced naturally after normal production without hands-on. There is a wearing part of the rod making machine, which is the thruster. The front end of the thruster is at high temperature and high-pressure position. Long-term feeding and forming will cause the front end to wear out. At this time, the welding and grinding must be re-welded before production. The welding rod, the angle of the welding mill, and the thickness are all tricks. These first require a technician such as  Charcoal Machine to send welding technicians to teach the welding mill technology. Second, it requires the charcoal plant personnel to work for a long time and slowly explore the experience.

The last step is carbonization. There are several key points of carbonization. First, when closing the fire, the furnace door and the near fire port must be completely closed, and no trace of air can pass through, otherwise, the carbon will be burned into ashes. The second is to turn on the condenser at an appropriate time to purify the black smoke produced during the conversation and extract the wood tar. This also requires experience.