The significance and use of charcoal machine in the agricultural field

In recent years, many large and medium-sized enterprises have put their investment hobbies on charcoal machines. They are very popular with everyone. Shuliy charcoal making machines have gradually developed and expanded, and the business is booming, becoming a shining new star in the industry. Since the charcoal machine industry has achieved such development, what special meaning and use does charcoal have in the agricultural field?

1. Improve field soil: Charcoal powder and slag are added to the roots of wheat, corn, etc., which has good water permeability and enhances the aeration of the soil. Once the aeration of the soil is good, the oxygen will be fully supplied and the water will be good. Under the condition of nutrients, there are many new crops and crops, which can effectively solve the damage of pests to the heels.

2. Maintain soil moisture: Charcoal has the function of absorbing moisture. In the soil with a humidity of about 50%, it can absorb 20% of the moisture. When the weather is dry, charcoal absorbs the moisture of the surrounding soil and supplies crops to absorb and promote crops. Healthy growth.

3. Raise the soil temperature: During the growth of the crop, sprinkle some carbon powder on the roots and surface of the crop. The black carbon particles absorb solar thermal energy, which can increase the temperature of the land.

4. Slow-release agent of pesticides and compound fertilizers: The adsorption function of charcoal is used to keep the pesticides and compound fertilizers in a balanced state. Using this state to slowly release pesticides and waste materials and supply them for normal absorption of crops, thereby reducing the loss of pesticides and compound fertilizers.

The charcoal machine has brought a lot of help to the agricultural field and has confirmed the significance of its existence. The production of charcoal does not require the felling of trees. Straw, sawdust, leaves, and crop waste everywhere can be used as raw materials. This is its biggest charm. It is also the reason why many investors choose. Such rich conditions are inevitable.