How to guarantee the yield of charcoal machine

Palm husk is a good high-calorie, flame-resistant fuel. The heat ratio of palm husk during burning time is much greater than that of general biomass raw materials, and it can release special gases to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The charcoal machine can well meet people’s demand for machine charcoal.

The special advantage of palm husk has promoted the increasing demand for charcoal machines in the market. From its own perspective, the value of palm husk is not high, and it has been discarded in the past, but with the development of the times, people’s demand for environmental charcoal protection, this special raw material is also widely used.

So some people took advantage of palm husk to invest in the production of charcoal machines. However, some problems will be encountered more or less in the production process. Guaranteeing the yield is the purpose of all production links. We will make a simple analysis of the problems such as the fracture of the finished charcoal proposed by some users.

1. During the carbonization process, the density of the semi-finished product’s salary rods must meet the standard. The higher the density, the higher the completion rate of the carbonized product.

2. It is necessary to ensure the tightness of the internal environment of the carbonization furnace to avoid the possibility of air leakage and unburnt charcoal and kiln.

3. It is easy to ensure the carbonization environment is large enough, and a reasonable spatial pattern also has an impact on the carbonization effect.

4. The operator should be familiar with the details of the entire carbonization process and be good at making timely and appropriate adjustments based on factors such as the color and smell of semi-finished products. To ensure the normal operation of the charcoal machine production machine will not bring accidents.

5. In the process of reproduction, one cannot blindly pursue fast speed. The carbonization curve is a problem that cannot be ignored. In the process of work, the moisture must be eliminated in time.

6. Another is the backwardness of carbonization tools. Users should purchase new charcoal machine equipment, keep pace with the times, and improve product competitiveness.