Common faults in the work of wood crusher

At present, many wood shredders appear on the market, which can not only break branches and leaves, but also scraps and small pieces of wood. It is a commonly used shredding machine on the market. With the prolonged use of the machine, the following faults often occur:

1. Weak work when crushing;

2. The pulverizer does not start or power on;

3. The output of the pulverizer has dropped significantly.

Under normal circumstances, it can be repaired by itself. First, check the power socket, plug, and power cord for oxygen drop and breakage. If not, you can plug in the power supply to test the machine. During the normal production process, if you feel that the output of the equipment is significantly reduced, you need to stop and open the upper cover of the equipment to check whether the screen of the grinder is loose. If not, you should check whether the hammer of the grinder is badly worn, if it is obviously worn .

If the distance between the hammer and the screen exceeds 10mm, the hammer should be replaced in reverse. After re-use, after replacing the hammer twice, if a similar situation occurs again, a new hammer should be replaced.