Which charcoal processing equipment is more suitable for environmental charcoal?

Which charcoal processing equipment is more suitable for environmental charcoal? If you want to invest in a charcoal project, you need to understand the charcoal machine equipment. If you choose the wrong equipment, you can not only start production, but also fail to make charcoal. Therefore, to make environmentally friendly charcoal, you must choose the right equipment. Shuliy charcoal machine today The manufacturer will talk to you about environmental protection charcoal equipment.

What is environmentally friendly charcoal?

Environmentally friendly charcoal is man-made charcoal made from the residues of agriculture and forestry (agriculture and forestry product waste) as raw materials, extruded, desulfurized, and decarbonized by charcoal machine production line equipment. It has the advantages of long burning time, strong firepower, no smoke, no smell, and no bursting during the combustion process. After testing by authoritative departments, the physical and chemical indicators of environmental protection charcoal are better than ordinary charcoal, machine-made charcoal is a kind of environmental protection charcoal.

The difference between environmental charcoal and ordinary charcoal

Compared with ordinary charcoal, environmental charcoal has the characteristics of smokeless, non-toxic and long burning time. Compared with traditional charcoal, it has greater fire resistance and environmental protection performance.

How to choose charcoal processing equipment?

Environmental protection charcoal is the general trend of the development of the charcoal market, and environmental protection charcoal equipment is a new type of mechanical equipment for this application. First of all, the prerequisite for making environmentally friendly charcoal is that you have raw materials, wood raw materials for charcoal, a large number of sufficient and cheap raw materials. This is the first condition for joining environmental charcoal.

Secondly, choose the machine. We should choose the appropriate charcoal machine equipment according to the type of raw materials. If you are sawdust, branches, bark, then Shuliy Machinery recommends that you use a continuous carbonization furnace automatic carbon powder production line. This equipment is smoke-free, Environmental protection, labor saving, fully automatic PLC electronic control system, automatic control of carbonization according to temperature, suitable for mass production.

Environmental protection charcoal machine equipment can only be produced in an environmentally friendly way. The main reason is that Shuliy Machinery is the first to upgrade the flue gas recovery device of the charcoal machine, which really improves the problem of charcoal machine smoke. Of course, if you have a small amount of charcoal, the usage is not large, and you are self-sufficient, we recommend that you use a small charcoal machine. The small charcoal machine is relatively cheap and has a small investment. It is also equipped with a grinder, 50 rod making machine, and carbon powder. Complete the charcoal machine production line equipment such as molding machine.