What are the components of charcoal charcoal equipment?

There are many friends who want to invest in charcoal equipment to make charcoal. They all want to know what are the components of charcoal equipment. Today, Shuliy charcoal machine manufacturers will tell you in detail, what exactly is charcoal equipment?

What are the components of charcoal equipment?

The charcoal equipment production line is also composed of charcoal rod machine, charcoal dryer, charcoal machine carbonizer, and pulverizer equipment. Of course, the indispensable of this equipment is carbonization equipment and rod making equipment. Other equipment is based on the degree of raw materials. Equipped.

If your raw materials are irregular or messy, then we also need to install a drum screen for raw material screening. If your raw material humidity does not meet the technical parameters required by the carbonization equipment, you need to install a drum dryer or air dryer. Carry out the drying operation. If your raw material is large, it must be crushed and shaped by the crushing equipment before it can be carbonized. Therefore, charcoal equipment is not a device, but a combination of the production line equipment.

Carbonization machine charcoal machine equipment raw materials and uses

First of all, we all know that charcoal equipment is used to make charcoal, which is also called machine-made charcoal, fire rod, artificial charcoal, recycled charcoal, and smokeless clean charcoal. It is charcoal extruded from various wood materials containing biomass Quality sticks. China has a history of more than 2,000 years in the history of carbon production.

There are also many raw materials for making machine-made charcoal, such as rice husks, peanut husks, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, beanstalks, sawdust, sawdust, wood shavings, loose grain hulls, coconut shells, palm trees, sugar cane Slag and so on are the raw materials for making machine-made charcoal. But of course, as the highest quality raw materials, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, and rice husks are the best.

Machine-made charcoal is not only used as a supplementary fuel for boilers, its density is similar to coal, and its calorific value is 5500~7000 kcal/kg, but its ash content is significantly lower than coal. It is also used for barbecue, heating, and removing in our modern market Odor activated carbon, and so on.

How does the carbonization machine purchase the machine-made charcoal equipment?

At present, machine-made charcoal equipment technology is relatively mature in the market, and there are only a few real manufacturers. When purchasing mechanism charcoal equipment, users must go to the site to inspect and test the machine. Beware of the fraud of mechanism charcoal equipment. In addition, the price of charcoal machine equipment cannot be lowered blindly. Any commodity has a production cost. Some people use users to be cautious and care about the low price, but they are caught in the scam of buying mechanism charcoal equipment. Some small workshops do not have production strength. After receiving the order, they directly send the shell equipment to cheat. The charcoal machine manufacturer reminds the user again that they must inspect the factory and test the machine.