What is the production process of charcoal machine equipment

Charcoal machine equipment is not able to make charcoal by relying on one or two machines. It is a production line, a production line where multiple machines are connected together. In addition, in the true sense, the machine charcoal machine production line is by no means first carbonized and then molded. Only when certain raw materials cannot be directly molded, the supporting process of carbonized molding is selected. Secondly, the mechanism charcoal machine equipment production line is an interlocking production process technology, so the production training of technicians is also critical. The equipment technology can be designed well, and manufacturers will do their best, but some links must be connected. Technician operation control.

1. In the production stage of the pulverizer in the supporting of the charcoal machine equipment, the effect of pulverization is self-evident, but whether the fineness of the raw materials required for making rods can be achieved also requires visual inspection by technical staff. This depends on experience to judge The method is quite reliable.

2. After the material enters the crusher, it is necessary to rely on technical operators to maintain the crusher during production. Once the crushing effect is not good, it must be stopped and inspected immediately. If the inspection is not timely, the failure may be further expanded, leading to the entire production line Decline in production capacity.

3. The crushed material enters the dryer stage. If the user is using a dryer, please pay more attention to the amount of material that is put into the drying inlet. If the amount of material is too large or the moisture content is too large, it will directly cause the Blocking phenomenon.

4. If the humidity of the material after the crusher is too high, the raw material may not be able to advance in the dryer. As long as the moisture is below 40%, the air dryer can solve it. If the moisture is above 40%, it must be used. Tumble dryer for drying.

5. Drying machine can automatically cut and dry the material again, the flue exhaust port does not channel, and the discharge port does not spray material to fall naturally. The material is dried by the dryer to make the moisture content within 12%. Production of four stick machines.

6. The stick-making machine can dispose of granular (length ≤5mm, diameter ≤3mm) waste materials such as bamboo, wood, husk, straw (except rice straw, wheat straw) with a moisture content of <12%, without any binder Under the high temperature and high-pressure process, it is extruded into a solid salary rod with a central hole.

7. Carbonization is divided into three stages: low-temperature exhaust temperature, high-temperature calcination, and cooling. When the salary stick enters the carbonization furnace, it carries about 8% of water, which is the enemy of carbonization. Because the mechanism salary stick is afraid of dampness, water in the salary stick will seriously affect the carbonization quality. Therefore, the ebb tide time is essential. Tide exhaust time is generally 10-15 hours for earth kiln and 2-3.5 hours for the mechanical kiln. Long heating time can prevent moisture stick from cracking and ensure the quality of carbonization.