How does the charcoal machine equipment production process operate?

The complete set of equipment of the charcoal machine realizes the assembly line operation of the mechanism charcoal stick production. It is equipped with a better rod making machine and a better dryer system. The equipment comes with raw material cleaning and screening, closed auger feeding, and main fan oil immersion in water. Cold design, cooling raw material cooling, crushing, conveying as a whole design, double spiral circulation feeding, automatic breaking rod, automatic smoke exhaust design.

The charcoal machine equipment was introduced according to market demand, making full use of waste biomass raw materials. The principle of making charcoal still depends on the method of burning raw materials, but it is improved on the original basis.

The charcoal machine equipment has less investment, quick results, and turning waste into treasure. It is suitable for the tertiary industry deep processing of the vast countryside, forest areas and agricultural and forestry product processing plants. The automation of the equipment fully reflects the people-oriented design concept, expanding production capacity and increasing efficiency. Save labor and labor intensity, because the entire process is sealed and dust-proof, there is no smoke, dust, and the working environment is excellent.

The charcoal machine has advanced technology, reasonable process flow, short production cycle, good product quality, and high yield. The raw materials can be processed into high-quality charcoal and fuel rods through multiple processes such as screening, drying, forming, carbonization, cooling, and packaging. .

Charcoal machine equipment is a new type of equipment for charcoal making. It is popular because of its large output, good effect, small investment, large income. In the actual production process of charcoal machine equipment, there will be strong vibration of the fuselage. How to solve the strong vibration of the fuselage?

1. Hammer blade is incorrectly installed during maintenance. When the hammer blades are turned and used, in order to prevent the rotor weight from being out of balance, all the hammers in the crusher must be turned and turned around together, otherwise strong vibration will occur during operation.

2. The difference between the weights of the two sets of hammers exceeds 5 grams. The method of elimination is to adjust the weight of the hammer so that the difference between the two sets of weights is less than 5 grams.

3. Individual hammers are stuck too tightly and they are not thrown off during operation. You can observe by hand after stopping, and find a way to make the hammer rotate flexibly.

4. The weight of other parts on the rotor is unbalanced. At this time, you need to carefully check and adjust the balance.

5. The main shaft is bent and deformed. The solution is to straighten or replace.

6. Bearing clearance exceeds the limit or is damaged. Replacement of new bearings is usually used to solve the problem.

7. The fixing nut at the bottom corner of the charcoal machine is not fastened or loose during operation. The solution is fastening.