Sawdust briquette machine must pay attention to the use of skills

Sawdust briquette machine is a new type of tool used in agriculture. It uses materials with good abrasion resistance and impact resistance to ensure the stability of the equipment and make its performance better. The compact has high density, high calorific value, good combustion, low cost, convenient use, cleanliness and sanitation, and is convenient for storage and transportation.


Sawdust briquette machine does not require any additives and binders to compress crushed corn stalks, wheat stalks, peanut husks, peanut husks, rice husks, sawdust, wood chips, tree bark, etc. into a block of modern clean fuel or feed. The materials used are high The quality alloy steel greatly improves the strength of the material based on the willfulness of the material during heat treatment.


Sawdust briquette machine main shaft adopts hexagonal structure, which is connected with bracket with cone sleeve. The reliability of this structure is high, as long as the spindle is constantly, no failure will occur, and it is easy to disassemble during maintenance. The spindles of other manufacturers’ briquetting machines are connected by key pairs. This structure is prone to failure due to the large transmission power. Even if the installation is tight and no failure occurs, due to dust, water vapor generated during work, and temperature, rust will occur, making it impossible to dismantle the equipment for maintenance. Therefore, the structure of the Sawdust briquette machine is more reasonable, so as to achieve a high conversion of kinetic energy and improve the production efficiency of the equipment.


Sawdust briquette produced by Sawdust briquette machine can replace traditional coal and directly apply to new biomass boiler equipment. The briquettes produced by the Sawdust briquetting machine are ideal products for livestock farms, rural biomass boiler heating, and power plants.


Sawdust briquette machine blocks or bundles Sawdust, which facilitates the storage of straw and also improves the utilization rate of straw.