Can the new charcoal machine achieve environmentally friendly production?

Shuliy Machinery’s new environmentally friendly smokeless charcoal machine is developed in accordance with market demand and environmental protection policies. Through continuous technological innovation, it has achieved environmentally friendly production. The new charcoal machine production mechanism charcoal can meet environmental standards and is recognized by the market. From the previous non-environment-friendly equipment to the current environmentally-friendly smoke-free new type charcoal machine, many users know that the more pollution that occurs in the production of charcoal using the new charcoal machine is the carbonization link, so the carbonization in the new environmentally friendly charcoal machine The furnace uses the principle of carbonization of dry distillation. The flue gas generated during the carbonization is recovered and recycled into a combustible heat source, and the carbonization furnace is reheated, which not only achieves environmental protection but also saves energy.

Users’ investment in environmentally friendly smoke-free new charcoal machines has also dispelled concerns about whether the establishment of a charcoal plant will be supervised by the environmental protection department or will stop production. However, Shuliy Machinery advises customers to ask whether they are environmentally friendly equipment when choosing a new charcoal machine. You cannot buy unfriendly environmental charcoal equipment because the map is cheap. After all, China’s current environmental protection policy requirements are very strict. Investing in a charcoal plant does not want to fail to produce because of environmental protection standards.

The new charcoal machine is an update of the old equipment on the market. It has been innovated and improved in manufacturing, and advanced technology has been introduced. The new charcoal machine production mechanism uses a wide range of raw materials. Then the production of new charcoal machines What are the advantages?

1. The carbonization speed of the new charcoal machine is fast. The carbonization technology of the non-fired kiln is used, which can achieve continuous carbonization production for 24 hours, and can also freely transfer the production site.

2. The quality of the charcoal produced by the new charcoal machine is high, and the whole set of new charcoal machines has production lines with a daily output of one ton, two tons, six tons, etc. The user must choose according to their own needs.

3. The maintenance rate of the new charcoal machine is low. The new charcoal machine manufactured by Shuliy Machinery is designed and developed by professional technicians. It only needs to be repaired once or twice a year.

4. The new charcoal machine can achieve low environmental protection power consumption. The new charcoal machine can achieve environmentally friendly production in production, and it is also very energy efficient. The average power consumption is 3.5 kilowatts per hour.

5. The operation of the new charcoal machine is simple and convenient. As long as the user can seriously study and master the operation technology of the new charcoal machine when the manufacturer is training, then the new charcoal machine can be used well. After the equipment is installed, it can be operated within three days. Can produce charcoal normally.

6. The quality of the new charcoal machine is good, and the quality of the produced charcoal is also high, so the profit generated will be high.

When purchasing a new type of charcoal machine, users should conduct various inspections, and it is better to test the machine, so as to ensure that a suitable new type of charcoal machine is selected, and at the same time, an environmentally friendly new type of charcoal machine is selected, so as to ensure environmentally friendly production and meet environmental protection. Standards while creating better economic benefits.