Which industries are suitable for industrial dry ice cleaning?

Cleaning door covers, roofs, compartments, and oil stains on the bottom of the car without water stains, which will not cause water pollution; cleaning car carburetor and removing paint on the car surface; removing carbon deposits from the engine. If the carbon deposits are treated, it takes a long time to treat them with chemical agents, and it takes at least 48 hours, and the agents are harmful to the human body. Dry ice cleaning can completely solve the carbon deposition problem within 10 minutes, which saves time and reduces costs, and the descaling rate reaches 100%.


electronics industry:

Clean the internal grease and dirt of robots and automation equipment; remove integrated circuit boards, post-soldering flux, pollution coatings, resins, solvent-based coatings, protective coatings, and photosensitive anticorrosives on printed circuit boards.

Printing Industry:

Removing ink is difficult, and ink buildup on gears and guides can lead to poor print quality. Dry ice cleaning can remove various oil-based, water-based inks and varnishes, clean up oil stains, ink buildup and dyes on gears, guide rails and nozzles, to avoid the discharge of hazardous waste and solutions, and personal injury caused by hazardous solvents.