Safety inspection of charcoal machine equipment

Before the start-up processing of the charcoal machine equipment, so as to make sure the security of production, it must be carefully and punctiliously inspected. During the inspection, it must be carefully inspected. First of all, it’s necessary to see and tighten all the connecting bolts, whether or not they are firmly fixed. The three top wires inside the heating barrel are connected to the cooling hookah, connected to electrical appliances and power lines.

Another point to notice is that within the charcoal machine assembly line, all the lubrication parts are included. you would like to concentrate as to if the lubrication is normal and therefore the operation is normal. If the operation doesn’t squeak, you would like to feature lubricant to the bearing part as soon as possible. lubricating. After checking the lubrication, it’s also necessary to see the facility supply voltage of the charcoal machine equipment, especially the working voltage and dealing current of the generator set.

After the inspection is completed, during the traditional operation of the charcoal machine equipment, you would like to watch carefully. If an abnormality is found, you would like to right away stop the inspection and determine the rationale before you’ll continue the traditional start-up production. Stable operation of charcoal machine equipment.