How to preserve the finished charcoal made by charcoal machine

Recently, a friend called to inquire that there are a lot of fruit trees in his hometown, and many fruit branches are cut off every year. It is a pity that the garbage is thrown away, and it is very troublesome to throw it on the ground. Equipment can be used.

We also have customer responses to this situation he responded to. This situation is most suitable for making charcoal. The raw materials can be said to be free. This will greatly improve the profit margin. If there are many small branches, we recommend making charcoal. The equipment needed for carbon is a pulverizer, a rod making machine, a dryer and a carbonization furnace. If it is a large branch, it is recommended to use the original charcoaling machine to directly carbonize the charcoal (fruit charcoal).

At present, the price of fruit charcoal on the market is still very good. Good quality charcoal, using fruitwood or hard mixed wood, will have a higher carbon heating value than rice husk charcoal.

The lost branches can be reasonably used to be solved, and the next problem comes again. The prepared charcoal sometimes cannot be sold in time and needs to be stored, but what should be paid attention to when storing? How should it be stored?

The charcoal machine completes the production process of charcoal. Raw materials can be produced after the four processes of crushing, drying, making rods, and carbonization. For some users, the produced charcoal is not sold directly, it needs to be packed and stored, and the storage time cannot be guaranteed. Wait until some charcoal is damaged and corroded. It cannot be used normally. This makes users question whether the charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is not effective, or what causes it. In fact, the key point is that the charcoal produced by the charcoal machine needs anticorrosive treatment.

The ingenious anticorrosive treatment of charcoal produced by the charcoal machine is natural air-drying. Natural air-drying requires the finished charcoal machine to be air-dried at the test machine. This process is mainly aimed at the change of the structure of the charcoal cell caused by changes in the external environment, so that it can be fully fixed during the gradual change process, thereby avoiding Changes during storage.