Reasons for the occurrence of charcoal during the work of the charcoal making machine

In the process of using charcoal making machine, the ash content of charcoal is caused by various reasons. The use of the charcoal making machine in the production process will reveal that the charcoal ash has three key reasons:

1. The ash content of the raw materials is slightly higher;

2. The raw materials are not clean and have impurities;

3. The temperature during carbonization is too high;

These are the reasons that interfere with the charcoal making machine in the process of making charcoal ash. According to the reasons we have analyzed, we will investigate the relative treatment measures: the ash content of the raw materials itself is slightly higher. For example, the charcoal made from these raw materials such as straw, rice husks, weeds, etc., has a relatively high ash content. The barbecue industry can be used in the industry.

The uncleanness of the raw materials is slightly more convenient. When storing, do not stack everything together as much as possible. Control the premise of storage and interfere with the contamination of the sand and soil. Then use a sieve to select the raw materials before making them ensure the quality Clean. It is because the temperature of carbonization is too high, the carbon element will escape with hydrogen and oxygen so that the carbon will be relatively small, and the ash content will not escape, which means that the ash content of carbon will increase correspondingly. Already. Therefore, it is also critical to properly control the carbonization temperature.