Disc wood chipper

The disc type wood chipper is divided into two types: ordinary chipper (4-6 knives) and multi-tool chipper (8-6 knives) according to the number of knives on the cutter head. These two chipper feeding methods are oblique feeding and flat feeding (or horizontal feeding). The chips of long logs are generally fed with flat mouth, and the chips of short logs and board can be fed with oblique mouth or flat mouth.

This product has advanced structure, high quality of cutting material, adaptable raw materials, and convenient operation and maintenance. The structure is compact and reasonable, the operation is simple, the production capacity is large, the wood chip qualification rate is high, and the energy consumption per unit of wood chip production is low. It is the ideal equipment for wood chip production. Plants and other industries and manufacturers are recommended to prepare equipment before the preparation section.

The disc type wood chipper is composed of a body, a knife roller, an upper and lower feeding roller, a conveyor belt, a hydraulic system and the like. The body is welded with high-strength steel plates, which is the supporting foundation of the entire machine. Two or three or four flying knives are installed on the knife roller, and the specially made flying knife bolts are used to fix the flying knife on the knife roller through the pressure block. Depending on the thickness of the material being cut, the upper feed roller assembly can float up and down with the help of a hydraulic system. The cut qualified pieces fall through the screen holes and are discharged from the bottom. Large pieces will be cut in the machine. The wood is fed from the feed port. When the wood touches the cutting blade, it is cut with the high-speed rotation of the cutting blade. The resulting high-speed steam flow is sent out.