Wood shaving machine

product description

Wood shaving machine is referred to as a shaving machine. This machine is a new type of woodworking machinery and equipment. It is mainly used for batch production of flake shavings with uniform thickness. The wood shaving machine can process logs such as sticks, branches, tree branches, etc. The wood shavings produced by the wood shaving machine are the same as those produced by the furniture factory. The machine adopts an automatic feeding device, which is much simpler than the traditional operation and also increases the speed of shavings production, saving manpower and time.
Wood shaving machines can be used as particleboard (plywood), paper mills as raw materials for wood pulp paper, transport companies as fragile transport fillings, and used as fillings in small pigs, cattle, sheep and various animal nests Can be used as bioenergy. How much is a wood shaving machine? Please click Zhongcheng Online Customer Service to provide you with the latest answers to the wood shaving machine, small wood shaving machine equipment manufacturers quote.

Outstanding advantages

(1) The belt is easy to bite when the wood shaving shredder is used because the motor rotor and the wood shredder rotor are not concentric. You can move the position of the motor left or right, or add pads under the motor feet to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors degree.
(2) The output of the wood shaving mill is relatively low. Reason: The blade is not sharp or the knife is not adjusted to the proper position. Solution: Remove the knife, grind the blade, and adjust the blade to a proper chip position.
(3) The feeding is difficult, and the knife chip is laborious. Cause: The knife is severely worn, and the gap between the fixed knife is too large or too small. Solution: sharpen the blade to ensure the blade is sharp. Adjust the fixed knife clearance 2-3mm, the blade angle cannot be greater than 30 °.
(4) The machine is feeding too fast. Reason: The feeding speed is uneven, and the blade is not sharp. Solution: Feed evenly to ensure that no material is stored in the crushing bin. Sharpen the blade to speed up the chip cutting speed.
(5) The bearing is hot. Reason: There is no butter in the bearing seat, the bearing seat is not installed flat, and the bearing is damaged. The belt is installed too tightly. Solution: add butter to the bearing, adjust the bearing seat balance, replace the bearing with a new one, adjust the belt tension to make the equipment work normally.

 Wood shaving machine maintenance method:

(1) Adjust the tightness of the belt after use every day, and it is suitable to drop 6-10mm.
(2) Clean the inside of the machine, and do not leave the last crushed material.
(3) The bearing seat should be filled with butter in time, and the grease should be filled once for 3-4 hours of continuous work. Observe the observation.

working principle

The wood shaving machine is manufactured by combining the manufacturing process of the breeding pad shaving machine and the current innovation. The feed port uses an automatic feeding device. The wood is fed into the machine through the feed port, and the blade is sliced inside the machine. Then enter the screen, you can come out of the shavings of uniform size, the thickness of the shaving machine can be adjusted by itself. After years of continuous improvement, the product has reached a mature and stable level. Our company values the feedback from customers. The deficiencies in production and demand are gradually improved, making our products more efficient and stable for you.