Shuliy wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machines, also known as wood shredders, wood shavings machines, our company’s shaving machines use Turkish processing technology, a new type of wood shaving machines improved according to the needs of China’s national conditions, wood shaving machines (wood shaving machines) can Wood, sticks, branches, branches, scraps and other materials can be processed into wood shavings. The wood shavings are widely used. The wood shavings produced by the wood shaving machine “wood shaving machine” can be large, small, thick, thin and highly adjustable.

Wood shaving machine use:

Particleboard (plywood), raw materials for making wood pulp paper in furniture factories, biomass power plants, farms, and paper mills; in logistics and transportation, some fragile products are added with some shavings as fillers to prevent damage; shavings are commonly used in poultry farms As an animal’s nest filling material, shavings of different sizes and thicknesses can be used for breeding different animals; it can also be used as a source of ignition for bioenergy.