How to ensure the vulnerable parts of the wood crusher?

The wood crusher is a crushing type of mechanical equipment, so many of its internal parts are wearing parts. If you do not pay attention to it during use, it is very easy to cause wear or damage of these parts, so we must always Maintenance and maintenance of the wood crusher equipment to extend the service life of the vulnerable parts inside the wood crusher to ensure that it can be used for normal production operations. Of course, this can effectively guarantee the output and crushing efficiency of the wood crusher equipment. Even extending the overall service life, what do you need to maintain and maintain the wood crusher equipment?

First of all, we must first understand the vulnerable parts before carrying out the maintenance and maintenance work of the wood crusher. The blade is the one that is responsible for processing the waste wood in the crushing chamber, so we have to do it every time after the production operation. Check the use of the blade. If it is found to be worn, it should be sanded or replaced in time. When replacing it, make sure that it is the same as the other blade length, weight, material, etc. on the cutterhead, and ensure the overall cutterhead to a greater extent. The stability is secondly that the bearing is injected once every 300 hours, which not only reduces the wear of the bearing, but also ensures that the temperature of the bearing does not appear too high. If the lubricant is not injected, the bearing will be caused. The service life is greatly reduced, and the temperature is often too high or even deformed.