New wood chip dryer equipment

The new wood chip dryer equipment is a very common drying equipment on the market, which can dry wood chips, sawdust and other materials, so that these wastes are processed into other products after drying, which has the value they deserve, and also saves Eco-energy, promote the rapid development of energy-saving and environmental protection, what problems should be noticed when the new wood chip dryer equipment is drying materials?

1, low-temperature coking:

Reason: It often occurs at the time of ignition. The reason is that the individual bottom layers are not fluidized, and the local heat accumulation cannot be taken away to form coking. Sometimes, because the fine coal particles are blown together by the wind, they quickly burn to form coking.

Solution: Low-temperature cooking is loose and brittle, easy to remove. When the local fire is found, it should be promptly dredged with tweezers and cleaned to prevent future problems.

2, high-temperature coking:

Reason: Due to improper air volume and coal volume during operation, or due to insufficient boiling height, the coal particles are too large, resulting in a large concentration of coal at the bottom, more heat per unit volume, and the temperature exceeds the melting point of coal ash and coking.

Solution: The coke block with high-temperature cooking is solid and often needs to be shut down for treatment. Therefore, observation should be strengthened for prevention during operation. The yellow sand, or overflow slag, or cold slag after spraying water can be quickly added to the cooking area in the furnace, so that the temperature of the coal seam can be quickly lowered, and a small amount of water can be sprinkled on the surface layer, but the water is absolutely not allowed to immerse into the furnace wall. If measures are taken, the fire color cannot be changed, and the material layer is sticky, indicating that coking is inevitable. At this time, coal should be stopped, the wind should be stopped, and the soft coke block should be removed with steel brazing.

3, the raw materials do not dry at one time

Reason: The new wood chip dryer equipment is too small; the wind network wind pressure and flow calculation are incorrect; the rotary dryer is not used properly.

Solution: Increase the temperature of the new wood chip dryer equipment, but this method is easy to cause the fire inside the dryer. A good method is to replace or re-modify the drying equipment; the new wood chip dryer equipment manufacturer is required to recalculate the wind pressure and flow rate. Provide a design change plan according to the actual situation; negotiate with the new wood chip dryer equipment manufacturer to obtain the equipment manual and learn the correct use method.

3, the new wood chip dryer equipment inside the fire

Reason: The new wood chip dryer equipment is not used properly; the dryer equipment is too small to achieve the drying effect and the forced heating causes the fire; the design principle of the dryer equipment is problematic; the raw material does not suck and causes the fire in the dryer.