New bamboo charcoal machine equipment

In recent years, bamboo charcoal produced in the market has become more and more popular. It is a new type of environmental protection mechanism charcoal, and bamboo charcoal has very high flammability and combustion resistance. It is a very good charcoal resource, so many users are investing in new types. Bamboo charcoal machine equipment uses bamboo to produce bamboo charcoal.

The new bamboo charcoal machine equipment must be used to produce high-quality charcoal. The equipment has been modified on the basis of the old-fashioned carbonization furnace, adding a lot of carbonization process, so that the carbonization furnace can be quickly carbonized, and the quality of the carbonized material is also very high. High, some manufacturers have no purification system installed in this equipment, can not separate the wood tar wood acetic acid, but the carbonized material is very oily, the smoke is too large in the carbonization process, not environmentally friendly. However, the new bamboo charcoal machine equipment created by Shuliy Machinery is equipped with dust removal and purification system, which can be environmentally friendly and carbonized. The carbonized material is not oily and is very crisp. It is very suitable for bamboo charcoal and can produce high-quality bamboo charcoal. of.

The charcoal produced by the new bamboo charcoal machine has high density, small volume and good flammability, which can replace fuelwood and coal. This product is especially suitable for heating and heating in the autumn and winter in the northern region, warming the greenhouse or making ordinary living fuel. The new bamboo charcoal machine series equipment includes a rod making machine, a carbonization furnace, a dryer, and other equipment.

The selection of bamboo charcoal is generally made by using older bamboo at high temperatures. The good adsorption capacity of bamboo charcoal has been recognized and loved by everyone. With the new bamboo charcoal machine equipment, the charcoal is sold well, and the market is very popular. At present, there is no uniform classification standard for bamboo charcoal in many areas. Generally, it is distinguished from the aspects of gloss, shape, and conductivity. The quality bamboo charcoal has the following characteristics:

1. High-quality bamboo charcoal has a high surface gloss with the naked eye.

2. High-quality bamboo charcoal is made of old bamboo that is more than 5 years old, so the structure is very tight, and it is not easy to break when tapped lightly.

3. The quality of the barrel carbon is 2-6cm in diameter, and the surface is basically free of cracks.

4. Because the conductivity of bamboo charcoal is closely related to the density, refining degree, water content and ash of bamboo charcoal, high-quality bamboo charcoal requires a small resistance value, which can be judged by using a conductivity meter. The smaller the resistance value, the better.