Small straw charcoal machine promotes environmental protection economy

Shuliy Machinery is a professional charcoal machine manufacturer. In professional practice, small straw charcoal machine equipment is a charcoal machine production line composed of multiple equipments. The choice of the charcoal machine needs customers to choose according to their own needs. Generally, the production line of small straw charcoal machine equipment consists of four kinds of machinery: crusher, dryer, carbonization furnace and rod making machine. Customers can also increase or decrease according to the raw materials used. For example, when sawdust is used as raw material for production, it is not used by sawdust itself. The smashing can reduce the input of the pulverizer, so the user can go to the manufacturer to understand and purchase on the spot according to the needs of the company.

Small straw charcoal machine equipment will produce many different pores when the carbonization temperature changes during operation. Under the influence of these pores, the absorbability will increase with the change of temperature, and the running speed will also increase, which will make the efficiency become higher. Long-term work can also cause different degrees of damage to the shaft head. For these reasons, the Shuliy mechanical charcoal machine summarizes some methods for customer reference.

In the small straw charcoal machine equipment welding, the vulnerable parts are treated and corrected. After the initial grinding correction, the charcoal machine shaft head is inserted into the dried quicklime or grass ash, cooled to below 50 °C for complete grinding, and the grinding is not to the circumferential runout. More than 2mm, and the surface of the circumference has no obvious wetness and convexity. After the repair of the shaft head of the charcoal machine, it is strictly prohibited to knock or collide, so as to avoid damage to other parts of the surface area of the surfacing, and should be carefully stored.

Small straw charcoal machine equipment is the leader in the mechanism of charcoal production. Its emergence is to drive China’s new energy-saving fuel to the high end. The previous raw charcoal firing and use has been eliminated, and replaced by a new environmental protection mechanism charcoal. The charcoal usually made of small straw charcoal machine equipment not only has a high carbon removal rate, but also has a charcoal shape which is quite hollow and has a hexagonal shape, and the profit of charcoal is quite high. In the domestic and international sales market has been occupying the charcoal market, and will not waver in the short term, the future trend will go on, the advantage is leading, the first mechanism charcoal is a green and environmentally friendly fuel in sharp contrast with the previous original charcoal.

Secondly, in the quality mechanism, charcoal is pressed by high temperature pressure to make the compactness high, fuel resistance and heat generation, while the original charcoal is low in compactness after firing, so the durability is far worse than the mechanism charcoal. The small straw charcoal machine is a fully automatic production equipment with strong production capacity and high output, which can easily meet the market demand. This is very important for charcoal producers, so the utilization rate of the mechanism charcoal is also high.