Garri Processing Machinery

1: Introduction of garri processing machinery garri fryer machine:

Our frying pan is a stirred tank. Its heating method can be electric/gas.

2) This fryer is stirred with a “scraping” type. The heat transfer oil is its medium, so it is not sticky. Evenly mixed, no dead ends, make the material more fully mixed.

3) Two independent heating control systems, adjustable heating temperature, and automatic control.

4) There is no danger of open flames, explosions, and fires.

5) Easy to install and easy to operate.

6) The handwheel is shaken and discharged. It is efficient and practical.

2. Details:

Garri processing machinery garri fryer machine

Pot: T his product is a flat stainless steel pot, the overall roundness error is small, with a stirrer heightening to avoid paste pot phenomenon.

Heating System: Uses a variety of heat and other options available to customers in the form of gas, electricity and heating oil.

Electricity: Large heating area, temperature control, and even heat.

Gas: The gas is easy to use and the heating speed is fast, which meets some high-temperature requirements and is not limited by the factory voltage.

Electromagnetic: rapid heating, can consider the color, flavor, save 20% of similar products, environmental pollution.

Hybrid system: The mixing method uses a special tilting rotation to make the earth full contact between the agitator and the pot, realizing the auto transmission of the non-rotating and rotating integer ratio, so that the pot does not mix and die, more uniform material mixing, scraping the bottom more, thoroughly, It is not easy to paste the pot.