Shuliy Granulator Machinery Factory analyzes plastic granulator for you

Shuliy Granulator Machinery Factory analyzes the four major precautions for the operation of the plastic granulator

1. In order not to damage the granulator, the granules must be pulled before they can be fed into the ration. If the vent hole appears to be out of the material, the filter has been blocked by impurities, and the mesh should be replaced by a quick stop. The 40—60 mesh mesh can be used.

2, pay attention to the water temperature is controlled at 50—60 ° C, low easy to break the strip, beyond the easy adhesion, the granulator is best to add half of the hot water at the beginning of the boot, if there is no condition, the pellet can be used to cut the grain The machine is transported for a period of time. After the water temperature rises, it is automatically pelletized to avoid broken strips. After the water temperature exceeds 60 °C, cold water needs to be added to the inner circulation to maintain the temperature.

3, when the granulator filler, pay attention to optimistic, do not let the debris into the material, the temperature is well mastered.

4. If the temperature of the die is too high, the granulator will not appear as a sticking die when it is turned on. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to stop the machine, and it will be normal after a while.