Plastic granulator function and characteristics

Plastic granulator function:

Special screw design and plastic granulator with different configurations, suitable for PE, production of PS, PA, ABS, PVC, PC, POM, PA, PP, LCP, EVA, PMMA, PET and other plastics regeneration and color mixing grain. The gearbox features a high-torque design for noise-free, smooth operation.

Screw, barrel hardening, wear resistance, good mixing performance, high yield characteristics, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port design, in the production process, can discharge water and exhaust gas, so that the discharge is more Stable, the rubber is stronger and ensures product quality.

Plastic granulator features:

1. Crushing, mixing, and coloring can be completed at one time.

2. The machine has a small footprint.

3. The mechanical structure is simple and easy to operate.

4. The blade edge is adjustable and easy to change the tool.

5. High production efficiency and low energy consumption

6. Low-temperature granulation basically does not destroy the molecular structure of the raw material and does not damage the physical properties.