Airflow dryer equipment drying materials should pay attention to matters

In the process of drying materials in the air dryer equipment, people need to pay attention to many matters, such as different drying methods for different materials, then must choose the appropriate small wood chip baking according to the nature of the material itself. Dry machine equipment, then Dongshan small wood chip dryer equipment drying materials should pay attention to what matters?

The small air dryer equipment is to make full use of the wood waste residue from the processing of these woods. These things are worthless to ordinary people, but the sawdust dryer can convert these inconspicuous things into biomass. Fuel or wood product base material. The use of small wood chip dryer equipment is simple and can be used by both self-employed and enterprises. Sawdust drying is also a good entrepreneurial project, which can not only increase the income of farmers but also reduce environmental pollution to waste. The small wood chip dryer equipment has reasonable planning, high output, low failure rate, and easy operation and protection.

1. The combination of material and moisture is the factor for determining the difficulty of dialysis. Together, it also determines the energy consumption level and the length of time spent in the small wood chip dryer equipment. This condition is related to small wood chip dryer equipment. The selection is inseparable. For example, for some materials that are not easy to be boring, it is mainly necessary to give a longer staying time instead of strengthening the external boring conditions.

2, the shape of the material, the material can exist in a variety of shapes, such as large-scale molded wood, ceramic products or other sheet-like, fiber pile, granular, or even liquid materials, these can As a boring material in the industry, the selection of small wood chip dryer equipment should also be considered according to the shape of the material.

3, the physical properties of the material itself, the physical properties of the material itself generally have density, bulk density, hot melt, and the adhesion of the material, etc., may be the adhesion of the bump, it is baked for small wood chips The operation of the dryer equipment has a direct impact, and when the adhesion is severe, the boring process cannot be performed.

4, the demand to pay attention to the material in the boring process of some matters, these factors mainly have the heat sensitivity of the heat of time, some materials will change some changes when heated, such as discoloration, decomposition and transformation, etc., other materials in the boring process due to Shortening will cause the material to deform or crack, and then the quality of the material will be reduced or even invalidated.