Large sawdust carbon machine equipment

Large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment initial test machine, it is mainly for the detection of new un-produced large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment, the test content is whether the installation of large sawdust carbon machine equipment parts is stable and whether the large sawdust carbon machine equipment accessories run-in Normally; everyone should be aware that the new large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment has never been used for its accessories. If the initial test machine uses normal production voltage, excessive voltage and current will affect the preheating of the motor, and even May cause damage to the running-in of large sawdust machine parts.

When the charcoal machine equipment is first tested, it is better to go down in the low voltage environment, because the low voltage is enough to drive the large sawdust carbon machine equipment of the no-load test machine, so that it can check whether the installation of the large sawdust carbon machine equipment parts is stable. It can also be used for preheating the grinding cooperation of large sawdust carbon machine equipment accessories. More importantly, it will not cause damage to the test machine caused by a high voltage current.

In the era of technological success, all the problems can be solved. Shuliy Machinery has launched a number of new energy equipment-environmental carbonization furnaces as the main direction of development of environmentally sound and large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment. One of the obvious characteristics of the traditional carbon-making process is that pollution is extremely serious. In the process of charcoal production, the main pollution comes from the carbonization stage. Because of the limitations of technical processes at that time, the charcoal used is self-built earthen kiln. There are many disadvantages to this method. Shuliy mechanical environmental protection large-scale sawdust carbon machine equipment realizes automatic numerical control technology to ensure temperature control, reduce the burden and pressure of workers, completely solve the problem of pollutant smoke emissions generated during the work process, and also generate the reaction A large amount of methane, hexene and other combustible gases are recovered and can be used for cooking and heating.

Shuliy Machinery’s large-scale sawdust carbon-making machine adopts a brand-new innovative concept to create a new high-tech product that is completely different from the traditional concept. It adopts high-end configuration and vigorously expands its market field. Real strength, good product, of course, sales are good, and it is a good helper in life, really serving the user and solving all problems.

The design of large-scale sawdust carbon-making machine equipment is more novel, more environmentally friendly, and intelligently developed in the market, and the quality is also very good. The carbonized processed machine-made charcoal has good quality, high price and high sales volume. It has brought very good benefits to the majority of users, which is inseparable from the long-term pursuit of innovative user needs.