Black garlic fermentation machine technical characteristics

First, the perfect combination of no added process technology and equipment, no addition (including water) in the whole process of fermentation process;

Second, the black garlic fermentation equipment power is low, the unit fermentation power consumption cost is low;

Third, the black garlic fermentation equipment runs smoothly, almost no wearing parts, no maintenance and maintenance;

Fourth, the black garlic fermentation equipment automation is high, the whole process PLC intelligent system control, no one is the factor product quality impact

5. The product tastes mellow and fragrant, compared with non-water fermentation process and equipment.

Sixth, the materials are all made of stainless steel 304. Because the patented fermentation process does not add water, the sulfur dioxide released during the fermentation of garlic is very corrosive to the equipment, the equipment has a long service life, no maintenance is required, and it is maintenance-free.

Seventh, the equipment circulation is scientific and reasonable, the insulation effect is good, the temperature is uniform, and the temperature difference is controlled within ±2;

8. Due to advanced product technology, the taste and quality of subsequent deep processing products are leading levels;

Nine, the product is fermented evenly, the yield rate reaches 100%, and the taste of the fermented product is highly consistent;

X. The company adopts unique patented technology, which can not only ferment single-head garlic, multi-petal garlic, but also ferment and peel high-value health products such as garlic, rice, onion, ginseng, ginger and apple.