Precautions in the drying of rotary dryer equipment

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the Shuliy rotary dryer equipment, the phenomenon of sticking and clogging is avoided when the material is dried. Operators of small sand dryer equipment should always observe the operating state of the equipment. Once an abnormality occurs, the problem can be quickly solved. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences that cannot be compensated.

Shuliy rotary dryer equipment leakage will cause the tail flue gas temperature to below, especially in winter, the flue gas temperature of the dust collector is sometimes only 70 ° C, not only easy to dew but also the corrosiveness of the flue gas (mainly alkali Sulfate electrochemical corrosion); when the condensation is serious, the mud of the dust collector appears mud. The leakage problem of small sand dryer equipment must not be ignored. In fact, the solution is very simple, and the installation of the sealing device can solve it.

Shuliy rotary dryer equipment should avoid high-load operation as much as possible, which will make the thickness of the small sand dryer equipment cylinder thinner due to the corrosion of the flue gas and the wear of the material, especially the corrosion of the cylinder near the end of the hot air furnace. more serious. Must be produced according to the output specified by the dryer manufacturer, do not make your own ideas to change the production time of the dryer, this will not be worth the candle.

Shuliy rotary dryer equipment in the production of continuous conveying of raw materials into the drying machine barrel, the belt conveyor is the * road to be closed, to avoid material falling into the end of the belt roller, causing the belt to “run” . It is important to remember that the user cannot change the equipment provided by the manufacturer at will so that the production capacity does not match the belt conveyor. Before we transport the sand into the dryer, we must remove the debris before it can be dried. Otherwise, the feeding tray will be blocked and the material will be broken.

The initial moisture of the sand raw material may sometimes be different, which will cause the output of the small sand dryer equipment to rise or fall during drying, and the coal consumption and power consumption will increase or decrease significantly. This is normal, we don’t make a fuss in the production process.