How to guarantee the yield of charcoal machine

Palm husk is a good high-calorie, flame-resistant fuel. The heat ratio of palm husk during burning time is much greater than that of general biomass raw materials, and it can release special gases to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The charcoal machine can well meet people’s demand for machine charcoal.

The special advantage of palm husk has promoted the increasing demand for charcoal machines in the market. From its own perspective, the value of palm husk is not high, and it has been discarded in the past, but with the development of the times, people’s demand for environmental charcoal protection, this special raw material is also widely used.

So some people took advantage of palm husk to invest in the production of charcoal machines. However, some problems will be encountered more or less in the production process. Guaranteeing the yield is the purpose of all production links. We will make a simple analysis of the problems such as the fracture of the finished charcoal proposed by some users.

1. During the carbonization process, the density of the semi-finished product’s salary rods must meet the standard. The higher the density, the higher the completion rate of the carbonized product.

2. It is necessary to ensure the tightness of the internal environment of the carbonization furnace to avoid the possibility of air leakage and unburnt charcoal and kiln.

3. It is easy to ensure the carbonization environment is large enough, and a reasonable spatial pattern also has an impact on the carbonization effect.

4. The operator should be familiar with the details of the entire carbonization process and be good at making timely and appropriate adjustments based on factors such as the color and smell of semi-finished products. To ensure the normal operation of the charcoal machine production machine will not bring accidents.

5. In the process of reproduction, one cannot blindly pursue fast speed. The carbonization curve is a problem that cannot be ignored. In the process of work, the moisture must be eliminated in time.

6. Another is the backwardness of carbonization tools. Users should purchase new charcoal machine equipment, keep pace with the times, and improve product competitiveness.

The significance and use of charcoal machine in the agricultural field

In recent years, many large and medium-sized enterprises have put their investment hobbies on charcoal machines. They are very popular with everyone. Shuliy charcoal making machines have gradually developed and expanded, and the business is booming, becoming a shining new star in the industry. Since the charcoal machine industry has achieved such development, what special meaning and use does charcoal have in the agricultural field?

1. Improve field soil: Charcoal powder and slag are added to the roots of wheat, corn, etc., which has good water permeability and enhances the aeration of the soil. Once the aeration of the soil is good, the oxygen will be fully supplied and the water will be good. Under the condition of nutrients, there are many new crops and crops, which can effectively solve the damage of pests to the heels.

2. Maintain soil moisture: Charcoal has the function of absorbing moisture. In the soil with a humidity of about 50%, it can absorb 20% of the moisture. When the weather is dry, charcoal absorbs the moisture of the surrounding soil and supplies crops to absorb and promote crops. Healthy growth.

3. Raise the soil temperature: During the growth of the crop, sprinkle some carbon powder on the roots and surface of the crop. The black carbon particles absorb solar thermal energy, which can increase the temperature of the land.

4. Slow-release agent of pesticides and compound fertilizers: The adsorption function of charcoal is used to keep the pesticides and compound fertilizers in a balanced state. Using this state to slowly release pesticides and waste materials and supply them for normal absorption of crops, thereby reducing the loss of pesticides and compound fertilizers.

The charcoal machine has brought a lot of help to the agricultural field and has confirmed the significance of its existence. The production of charcoal does not require the felling of trees. Straw, sawdust, leaves, and crop waste everywhere can be used as raw materials. This is its biggest charm. It is also the reason why many investors choose. Such rich conditions are inevitable.

What are the advantages of machine-made charcoal compared with ordinary charcoal

Machine-made charcoal is the use of machine charcoal machines to produce bamboo, wood sawdust, corner waste, peanut shells and other carbon-containing substances through crushing, drying, extrusion molding, carbonization and other processes to produce rod-shaped charcoal.

Compared with ordinary charcoal, machine-made charcoal has good mechanical strength, high carbon content, large calorific value, small ash content, long burning time (generally 2 to 4 times that of ordinary charcoal), and is smokeless and odorless. . According to the difference in carbonization process and closing temperature, machine-made carbon can be divided into low-temperature carbon, medium-temperature carbon and high-temperature carbon.

Low-temperature charcoal-charring with a closed flame temperature <420℃, lighter carbon, lighter mechanical strength, poor surface strength, more surface cracks, lower carbon content and calorific value, volatile content ≥20%, flame height ≥15cm when burning .

Medium-temperature charcoal–The flame-off temperature of carbonization is greater than 420℃, but less than 600℃. The carbon is moderate, weighty, specific gravity ≤ water specific gravity, mechanical strength is better than the former, less cracks and finer, carbon content ≥75%, calorific value ≥7200 calories, ash content ≤6%, volatile matter ≤15%, burning When the flame height is less than or equal to 10cm.

High-temperature charcoal–The carbonized flame is ≥700℃, which is made by refining. The carbon is hard, the specific gravity is ≥1 g/cm3, and it is submerged in water. High mechanical strength, steel sound when struck, most of them are conductive. Carbon content ≥80%, up to 90%, calorific value ≥7500 kcal, ash content ≤4%, volatile content ≤10%, the longest burning time, almost no flames can be seen.

Wood shredding principle

Shuliy wood shredder can process wood, wood and wood chips, etc., the investment of other raw materials, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, good economic benefits, use and maintenance advantages. Mushroom wood crusher, especially in wood processing of edible fungus culture medium, is mainly composed of cutting device, crushing device, and fan.

After cutting, the particle size of the wood can be sent to the place where the crushing device does not dry, and the wind device into which the finished wood chips are gathered.

Sawdust pulverizer can be widely used for grinding all kinds of granular feed materials and powder materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, fish feed. It is also suitable for crushing treatment of drugs, alcohol, solvents, and other industries.

1. Two-crush crushing design of the crushing cavity can increase the output by more than 15%, and the crushing particle size is more uniform.

2, Welded steel plate structure, install the motor rotor at the same base

3. The feed inlet is installed on the top of the machine, which is easy to operate.

4. Changing the position of the weight in the rotor can form two kinds of hammer screen gaps, respectively, for ordinary crushing and fine crushing, ordinary grinding, uniform crushing, and improve production capacity.

5. The smaller the gap between the hammer and sieve, it can be used for fiber crushing or fine crushing.

Common faults in the work of wood crusher

At present, many wood shredders appear on the market, which can not only break branches and leaves, but also scraps and small pieces of wood. It is a commonly used shredding machine on the market. With the prolonged use of the machine, the following faults often occur:

1. Weak work when crushing;

2. The pulverizer does not start or power on;

3. The output of the pulverizer has dropped significantly.

Under normal circumstances, it can be repaired by itself. First, check the power socket, plug, and power cord for oxygen drop and breakage. If not, you can plug in the power supply to test the machine. During the normal production process, if you feel that the output of the equipment is significantly reduced, you need to stop and open the upper cover of the equipment to check whether the screen of the grinder is loose. If not, you should check whether the hammer of the grinder is badly worn, if it is obviously worn .

If the distance between the hammer and the screen exceeds 10mm, the hammer should be replaced in reverse. After re-use, after replacing the hammer twice, if a similar situation occurs again, a new hammer should be replaced.

What are the advantages of charcoal produced by sawdust charcoal machine?

Shuliy charcoal machine manufacturers tell you that charcoal made from sawdust has many advantages such as high calorific value, regular carbon rods, high density, and not easy to explode. Let’s take a closer look at the charcoal characteristics that are closely related to our lives.

Machine-made charcoal, as a new type of coal-saving fuel, has become popular all over the world. Machine-made charcoal is mainly divided into four categories: white carbon, black carbon, activated carbon, and machine-made carbon. Shuliy machinery manufacturers today focused on the advantages of sawdust charcoal production of charcoal.

The sawdust charcoal machine uses the sawdust rod making machine to dry the sawdust after the sawdust raw material is extruded and formed by the rod making machine at high temperature, and then it is sent to the carbonization furnace for carbonization. The whole process of sawdust charcoal uses an environmentally friendly charcoal machine to achieve smokeless production. The finished sawdust machine-made charcoal has ultra-high carbon content and a calorific value of up to 6500kcal/kg.

In addition, the sawdust charcoal machine-made charcoal has a regular shape, reasonable structure and convenient use after being charcoal: it has a uniform length and size, and a hollow or solid structure, which is conducive to combustion and use. Domestic charcoal products are roughly the most common of the above four, and their comparability is also different. So besides sawdust can make high-quality charcoal through charcoal machine, can other talents also make good charcoal?

The answer of Shuliy charcoal machine manufacturers is yes, machine-made charcoal raw materials are very wide, such as rice husks, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, beanstalks and other wooden scraps; when used for barbecue, sawdust, wood shavings, Bamboo shavings, rice husks, coconut husks, etc. are the best materials for making machine-made charcoal.

What are the components of charcoal charcoal equipment?

There are many friends who want to invest in charcoal equipment to make charcoal. They all want to know what are the components of charcoal equipment. Today, Shuliy charcoal machine manufacturers will tell you in detail, what exactly is charcoal equipment?

What are the components of charcoal equipment?

The charcoal equipment production line is also composed of charcoal rod machine, charcoal dryer, charcoal machine carbonizer, and pulverizer equipment. Of course, the indispensable of this equipment is carbonization equipment and rod making equipment. Other equipment is based on the degree of raw materials. Equipped.

If your raw materials are irregular or messy, then we also need to install a drum screen for raw material screening. If your raw material humidity does not meet the technical parameters required by the carbonization equipment, you need to install a drum dryer or air dryer. Carry out the drying operation. If your raw material is large, it must be crushed and shaped by the crushing equipment before it can be carbonized. Therefore, charcoal equipment is not a device, but a combination of the production line equipment.

Carbonization machine charcoal machine equipment raw materials and uses

First of all, we all know that charcoal equipment is used to make charcoal, which is also called machine-made charcoal, fire rod, artificial charcoal, recycled charcoal, and smokeless clean charcoal. It is charcoal extruded from various wood materials containing biomass Quality sticks. China has a history of more than 2,000 years in the history of carbon production.

There are also many raw materials for making machine-made charcoal, such as rice husks, peanut husks, cotton husks, corn cobs, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, beanstalks, sawdust, sawdust, wood shavings, loose grain hulls, coconut shells, palm trees, sugar cane Slag and so on are the raw materials for making machine-made charcoal. But of course, as the highest quality raw materials, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, and rice husks are the best.

Machine-made charcoal is not only used as a supplementary fuel for boilers, its density is similar to coal, and its calorific value is 5500~7000 kcal/kg, but its ash content is significantly lower than coal. It is also used for barbecue, heating, and removing in our modern market Odor activated carbon, and so on.

How does the carbonization machine purchase the machine-made charcoal equipment?

At present, machine-made charcoal equipment technology is relatively mature in the market, and there are only a few real manufacturers. When purchasing mechanism charcoal equipment, users must go to the site to inspect and test the machine. Beware of the fraud of mechanism charcoal equipment. In addition, the price of charcoal machine equipment cannot be lowered blindly. Any commodity has a production cost. Some people use users to be cautious and care about the low price, but they are caught in the scam of buying mechanism charcoal equipment. Some small workshops do not have production strength. After receiving the order, they directly send the shell equipment to cheat. The charcoal machine manufacturer reminds the user again that they must inspect the factory and test the machine.

Which charcoal processing equipment is more suitable for environmental charcoal?

Which charcoal processing equipment is more suitable for environmental charcoal? If you want to invest in a charcoal project, you need to understand the charcoal machine equipment. If you choose the wrong equipment, you can not only start production, but also fail to make charcoal. Therefore, to make environmentally friendly charcoal, you must choose the right equipment. Shuliy charcoal machine today The manufacturer will talk to you about environmental protection charcoal equipment.

What is environmentally friendly charcoal?

Environmentally friendly charcoal is man-made charcoal made from the residues of agriculture and forestry (agriculture and forestry product waste) as raw materials, extruded, desulfurized, and decarbonized by charcoal machine production line equipment. It has the advantages of long burning time, strong firepower, no smoke, no smell, and no bursting during the combustion process. After testing by authoritative departments, the physical and chemical indicators of environmental protection charcoal are better than ordinary charcoal, machine-made charcoal is a kind of environmental protection charcoal.

The difference between environmental charcoal and ordinary charcoal

Compared with ordinary charcoal, environmental charcoal has the characteristics of smokeless, non-toxic and long burning time. Compared with traditional charcoal, it has greater fire resistance and environmental protection performance.

How to choose charcoal processing equipment?

Environmental protection charcoal is the general trend of the development of the charcoal market, and environmental protection charcoal equipment is a new type of mechanical equipment for this application. First of all, the prerequisite for making environmentally friendly charcoal is that you have raw materials, wood raw materials for charcoal, a large number of sufficient and cheap raw materials. This is the first condition for joining environmental charcoal.

Secondly, choose the machine. We should choose the appropriate charcoal machine equipment according to the type of raw materials. If you are sawdust, branches, bark, then Shuliy Machinery recommends that you use a continuous carbonization furnace automatic carbon powder production line. This equipment is smoke-free, Environmental protection, labor saving, fully automatic PLC electronic control system, automatic control of carbonization according to temperature, suitable for mass production.

Environmental protection charcoal machine equipment can only be produced in an environmentally friendly way. The main reason is that Shuliy Machinery is the first to upgrade the flue gas recovery device of the charcoal machine, which really improves the problem of charcoal machine smoke. Of course, if you have a small amount of charcoal, the usage is not large, and you are self-sufficient, we recommend that you use a small charcoal machine. The small charcoal machine is relatively cheap and has a small investment. It is also equipped with a grinder, 50 rod making machine, and carbon powder. Complete the charcoal machine production line equipment such as molding machine.

Method for reducing smoke emission of charcoal machine

Processing charcoal, the first face is environmental protection, how to solve the problem of flue gas emissions in charcoal production

The first is to completely solve the smoke exhaust problem of the charcoal kiln. This method is very thorough, without any flue gas exhaust. The disadvantage is that the investment is large, and the supporting equipment needs to be installed when the plant is built, but everyone also knows that anyway, thorough Flue gas recovery, the smell of burning wood is still there, basically can be smelled about 20 meters away from the charcoal kiln, but the smoke is no longer visible, so the most effective is to have an independent courtyard far away from the residential area, the effect is better, And the current Environmental Protection Agency also recognizes this method of flue gas recovery, can be described as once and for all.

The second method is to use biomass pyrolysis technology to produce charcoal. The flue gas produced by this method is more than 50% lower than that of traditional charcoal kilns. It is suitable for charcoal plants with independent courtyards far away from residential areas. Only a small amount of smoke is generated when the charcoal production equipment is ignited, and the smoke is very little after 2 hours, so this method can also effectively solve the current smoke problem in charcoal production.

The third method is how to solve the problem of flue gas emissions in the process of charcoal production. Because its solid wood charcoal has a certain difference between raw materials and production processes and traditional raw charcoal, we can optimize and carbonize the process according to the charcoal production characteristics and raw material characteristics Engineering reorganization to effectively solve the flue gas emissions of charcoal in the process of rod making and firing. At present, all charcoal production has undergone process reorganization and process optimization. The flue gas generated in the charcoal production process is lower than that of traditional charcoal production. More than 40%, and the production cycle of charcoal is shortened, and the yield and quality of charcoal have also been significantly improved.

Some details of daily maintenance of charcoal making machine

The maintenance of the charcoal making machine is an extremely important and regular job. It should be closely coordinated with its operation and maintenance, and there should be full-time personnel to check on duty.

1. The shaft of the charcoal making machine bears the full load of the negative machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the life of the bearing. It directly affects the service life and operating rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricant must be clean and the seal must be good . The main oil injection point of this machine

1.1) Rotating bearing

1.2) Roller bearings

1.3) All gears

1.4) Movable bearing, sliding plane.

2. Newly installed wheels are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.

3. Pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal.

4. Pay attention to check the degree of wear of easy-wear parts, and pay attention to replace worn parts at any time.

5. The bottom plane of the mobile device should be fixed with anchor screws to prevent movement, resulting in serious accidents.

6. If there is impact sound when the rotating gear is running, it should be stopped and checked immediately, and eliminated